Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Tokio Love ♥

I have discovered my love for Tokio Hotel again, it has actually been SO long since i sat down and listened to their music for about an hour or 2 and i did this some time last week and fell in love all over again. ♥

Gustav, Tom, Bill and Georg..i have missed you boys! :))
my favourite band member still remains the gorgeous Tom Kaulitz

Ahh, my favourite song of theirs at the moment, is "World behind my Wall" :)

Magazine Article

I usually buy my dosage of weekly magazines, and as usual i went into my nearby corner shop and brought the magazine "Company". I enjoy this magazine, as it has fashion, make up, celebrity gossip, real life stories plus some articles that make me giggle. In this month's "Company" theres an article i think i just have to share with the blogger world. Hope u enjoy it too. It made me giggle and smile :)

I've always done this thing with girlfriends, i imagine them pregnant. It normal freaks me right out because, while i love babies, it's children i don't like. Babies can't stick a jam sandwich into the DVD player or dial outer Mongolia on your mobile. They just sit there and gargle and giggle, and that i can deal with. I love holding other people's babies, though i look at every single one of them and wonder how many months before they'll be single handedly destroying a supermarket or screaming down a restaurant. On the bus, i can drown out most tantrums by turning up Kasabian on my ipod - well until last month, when a problem arose that i couldn't sort with music. I think i might be pregnant said my lovely girlfriend, Claire, Completely out of the blue. it's the one sentence that creates blind panic in men. inside our brains, sirens wail and red lights flash, and instead of saying, "Congratulations, Darling," or "Fantastic news!" we tend to say things like, "My life is over!" or, even worse, "We'll have to get rid of it!". But it's honestly not because we're being insensitive. It's because, unless your fella is 40, or already a parent, he's probably still living like he's 16 years old. And an unexpected pregnancy Can decimate our dreams and burst the bubble that is our Peter Pan like existence. I was on the bus when Claire rang me with the news. I was playing Sonic Hedgehog on my iPhone and i had the sound up at maximum because someones little darling was bashing out the theme to Postman Pat on the bus's bell. My life suddenly flashed before my eyes. I imagined a man from eBay coming round to get my Xbox, and me tearfully buying nappies with the cash. Instead of using my season ticket at Tottenham, I'd be taking the sprog to one of those ball Park places (which I'd secretly want to play in myself) and be spending my evenings up to my neck in vomit instead of lager. Plus my massive telly would only show weird purple characters speaking endless gibberish instead of The Wire. I think i said something like "But.. it's just not possible." But it was possible, Claire has been known to take a Tic Tac instead of her pill in the dark before, While her periods are so unreliable that you don't need a calender to check them off, but a bingo card. Add in the fact that we're at it most evenings (and some mornings), and you could actually confuse us with a couple actually trying for a kiddywink. Claire hung up on me and i stared out the window and prayed for god to get me out of this mess. It happened to a bloke at school called Peter when we were really 16. He shagged a classmate on the penalty spot on the football Field and, nine months later the girl went to hospital with cramps and came back with a baby. The school gave every boy in our year a bag of flour to look after for a week, as a lesson in how shit it would be to have a baby. Mine split and exploded into white dust after i used it as a goalpost on day one. Peter had wanted to travel the world, fly planes and go on adventures, but instead, he was lumbered with a living breathing bag of flour for life. It was when i thought of Peter and those bags of flour that i came to my senses. I'm 27 and I've been around the world, flown a plane and had my adventures. I'm not saying that my life is over, but perhaps I'm ready for a different adventure - one i can share with Claire. I think i grew up a decade in that moment, and the Xbox, football and my selfish life suddenly became irrelevant. So, when the pregnancy test came back negative, our baby instantly exploded into white dust and i found myself morbidly sad. That night i looked at Claire and imagined a big bump on her. And i caught myself smiling..

Haha, this article actually made me giggle and i loved it! :)
Writer : Jeff Maysh

Monday, 26 April 2010

Goodnight World, It's been Emotional.

Tonight has been a mixed night when it comes to emotions, i told Danny something, which doesn't mean anything to me, and doesn't mean anything in my head, of course it's something that can be taken the wrong way. I'm now left feeling, "maybe somethings are better off left unsaid". I hope he knows the truth. He said "we're all the same", i don't blame him for saying it, because that's what it must have seemed like, but i hope he knows, I'm not the same nor would i ever even think of doing anything of the same nature. It's just not me, because I've had it done to me, and i know what it feels like to be the fool.. so it's not something i would ever think of doing. I've explained it to him, i hope he understands, i hope he still trusts me. He wants to forget it, i want to as well, i just hope it doesn't stay there in the back of his mind..andd i don't want things to change. :''''(
I have work early tomorrow, so I'm going to bed now, a little sad about how this evening panned out. I'll blog tomorrow..!
Goodnight world.

Sunday, 25 April 2010


Hello wonderful blog, i have some things i need to blog about, which in all honestly its been in my head for over a week and i should have already blogged about it. I also have a magazine feature i am gonna blog, i read it and just thought it was brilliantly written. :)) Today i have cleaned the house, and changed the beds, i have tidied clothes and hanged the new load up, (well dad helped with that) and he also painted the sitting room ceiling FINALLY! Last night i watched the film "Precious", i have to admit i didn't want to see this film and it was only because Danny convinced me too and there was no other options, He refused to let me sit happily and watch "Just Married" :(
a few tearful moments I have to say though, i was quite impressed with the film, having no idea what the film was about or based on, i didn't know what to expect, but what i did see was some amazing performances, especially from the lovely Mo'Nique. I recommend that everyone should watch this film, there'sI'm not gonna lie, i too cried towards the end, and also this film stars a Miss Mariah Carey, i have to say her performance was actually believable as a social worker and she too impressed me. Altogether, this film is a must see, and i must thank Danny for switching channels an putting it on. ♥ x.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Give & Take

Evening all, i still have not edited all photos from the party and park, i will do soon though! Sorry. Work today was a little better then yesterday, at least i didnt get yelled at the second i walked into the room for the room looking a mess, "urm HELLO i just arrived, thanks for the heads up!" Also today thought about buying from Ebay a 2005 DVD of "Cirque De Soleil - Alegria" which was about £9 but Danny came over and helped me download it, so i got it for free and i got it today! I already watched it with the family, and we all loved it, just as i thought, including dad, Danny however became tired half way through and went home, that boy comes over, watches some football and then falls asleep on my sofa! :| haha xD

I recommend everyone to watch it.
Andd to view the trailer for it, go here:

It's an amazing show.

P.S - You wont change for nobody, i know this already, you have explained this to me on several occasions, but i feel like its all give, give, give with you. At some point you have to realise that there is Give and Take, if you don't realise this, how is it supposed to work? You tell me not to moan, well then i suggest that you take a step back and think about what i have said and see if i am right, i think you'll find I'm not moaning, but simply stating the facts. Things have changed, and sometimes it feels like bad change.

Monday, 19 April 2010


Hey my lovelies.
For the past 2 days, the weather has been incredibly nice to us here in the UK therefore i have been going for random walks, and adventures, gone to the park and just walked up and down different high roads. It has been fun, and i have a few pictures to upload, i also have the pictures from Jade's house the other night. haha.
Here's the outfit from Sunday's day out at the park and then the adventure day:

I love my Tokio Hotel T-Shirt. ♥ :)

Monica, Sylvia and Me. :))

i have more pictures to edit from the park and the party and then I'll upload..!
Till Then. x.

Saturday, 17 April 2010


Today, i saw something and it made me go ew..

What did it make you guys do?
Zac Efron with a tash?! :) oh dear.

Afternoon people

Afternoon, last night i went to jade's for our little party thing, it was cool, minus the porn we watched XD haha the music and conversations were cool, and it was just cool to hang with my friends. I haven't seen them in so long. Lil also came over to give Sylvia her 16th birthday gift, its beautiful, a photo frame, with a photo of me, Sylvia, Monica and Shani on Christmas eve - Christmas day 2009 :) its so gorgeous. Danny dropped me at Joanne's and then we walked to Jade's and i finally found something to wear. I wore my little rara blue skirt, black leggings, white pumps and my new cream ruffly skirt. I shall upload pics of the night as soon as Joanne comes on MSN to send me them! :)) I didn't stay too long, Little Mia wouldn't settle properly and i became tired, that's what i get for only having 5 hours sleep and then working a 9 hour day! :/ haha. At the end of the night i chose to save my £5 and walked home instead of cabbing it, i was home at about midnight. :) This morning i woke up with my dad leaving the house, apparently he went to Danny's for the garden, i.. on the other hand have been chilling with my little lovelies.. :] i have a new picture i took this morning..

What do yous think?
I'll blog laterr..

P.S - You were a little bit of a let down yesterday, and have been for the past few weeks.

Thursday, 15 April 2010


Ok i have a weight issue going on in my head right now, so before, way back i used to be an English size 10, and the jeans fit right and they gave me a good bum etc. Perfect. I then started working full time, and all the running about that i was not used to, made me lose weight, also the fact that i spent alot of the time ill from catching whatever the children had, made me lose weight. I went from an English size 10 to an English size 8. So all my size 10 jeans were baggy and they had quiet abit more space in them, enough space for you to fit your manly package if you get what i mean..? XD not to mention the saggy bum they gave me. Since then everyone at work has been telling me I've lost More weight, now i know my body better then them and i thought that i was starting to put the weight back on, but if their all noticing me getting thinner i assumed i wouldn't have to be buying a bigger size for a while still. In this last month i have brought 2 pairs of jeans, one size 8 and i had to return and exchange and one size 10. I'm so used to buying the size 8 things i keep buying all my leggings, tights, skirts, shorts and jeans in size 8 and they end up not fitting. I'm not saying I'm a full size 10, but I've always had big hips, i feel like i have no bum what so ever, but my hips are there for everyone to see. Mum always used to tell me i was big hipped, so i think as i slowly start heading back to my original size 10 i have to always remember my hips when it comes to buying any sort of bottoms for me. :/

P.S - Thanks for thinking of me tonight.

Nothing to Wear.

Going to work in about 20 minutes, and i really don't want to go.. :) I'm kinda annoyed as i went shopping and spent like £50 and still don't know what to wear tomorrow night for Jade's! Great! I brought a blue little skirt which will go well with leggings, and i brought some amazingly cute tops, but there not party gear really. I also brought some jeans I'm totally not happy with minus the colour, Primark jeans always bug me, last time i brought a pair was winter 2007, so today i decided to give them another go, and again i feel like there's so much space at the front even though I'm a girl and clearly have no package there. Sylvia brought a cute strapless dress, it looks amazing and it was only a fiver, wish i had brought something similar. On a brighter note i brought my tutu for the holiday with the girls in July, brought an orange one, but I'm not sure if i want to be the White tutu-ed girl? :P ahh. Anyways off to work i head, be back later to blog more..! :) x.
*I miss him and hate it.*

Morning off.

Morning, its my morning off and i had to wake up super early to go and do a driving lesson. Now that its done, i got a busy day, I'm off to wood green to have a nose about in the shops, although i haven't got long to spend there, then I'm off to work at 2, and when i finish at 6 I'm babysitting Shani till 11:30/12:00 in the evening, all fun. I therefore have my night already planned, dinner when i getting, and then Eastenders with Shani on the sofa and finally watching a few episodes of "Lost" while hopefully she falls asleep with me. That's my evening, Tomorrow i shall be going to Jade's in the evening with Sylvia, Joanne and Kristy, i also invited Lil but i think she's going clubbing down to Ilford. I'm really looking forward to Jade's tomorrow, haven't had a night out in ages. :)) Should be fun. I've seen Danny Twice during the weekdays this week, as he had his football match and as i have my girlie night. It's what he wanted, I'm giving it to him. Be back in the evening to blog with Shani near me. :) x.

P.S - It's always the "Same Shit".. is it?? :/


Immensely tired today, I'm laying in bed..almost asleep, completely dead like. I have a driving lesson at 8am, so like in 7 hours, and I'm dead.. i think I'm gonna lay my head on my pillow and just sleep.. i will blog after the driving tomorrow.. Night world.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Brighton Pictures

Hey, so Brighton pictures, Let's get to it then:

Monica and Sylvia on the way there.

Sylvia and me in the Fish and Chip shop's toilet, they were disgusting and if health and safety were to come by they would surely shut the place down.

Sylvia gambling away, while Danny watches her, this machine we played on was broken, it was 30p a go and we had about 40 goes for 5p! hahahaha :))

The Brighton coast, its actually quiet beautiful. ♥

♥ I Love You Forever And Always ♥

"It's Love" :- Mine and Danny's hands!

The old burnt down pier..

My BabyBoy and Moi again :))

Danny looks so sad that he won one of these little things in that broken machine and yet Monica ended up taking it, because she claims it was her 5p in the machine at the time :| Aww poor baby

The Famous Brighton Pier..

It was an amazingg day and the first time I've ever been to Brighton, i defiantly think it's a place i want to go back and visit more. :D

P.S - Sorry for uploading pictures of you, without giving you any warning, i will show you them and if you dislike them i will take this post down. I personally think all the pictures look very good! haha :)

Hair, and General Chat.

So today has been a waste day, a laze about day, a pj day, a no make up day if you want. Apart from going with Sylvia to open her a bank account and going to do some shopping, there has been no point in wasting my make up today. Ive been here on my laptop for a little bit, I've downloaded "Harry Potter and the half blood prince", I've eaten quiet a bit, and text every now and then. Whats new with you guys? I don't even have anything new to blog about..i mean its been 7 months with Danny now, and I'm happy, and we also went Brighton on Friday with my sisters, i guess I'll upload pics of that soon! :))
Apart from that, life has carried on going nicely, quietly, but nicely, oh yeah I'm back to work tomorrow, WTF? already, i so don't want to go back there! I'm actually dreading it, urgh.
8:45am start and 6pm finish.
I went park with Joanne, Jade and the kids on Thursday..i hadn't seen them in a while and i was missing them, i also wanted to forget about stuff me and Danny has discussed the night before. The park did put a smile back on my face, now I'm missing Lil and Shani, i have to arrange to see them too. Maybe tomorrow! :)) Lil doesn't work in the evening and I'm not seeing Danny as he has the Newcastle vs Reading match to go to..so why not..?!
In football news, Newcastle have been promoted which equals a very happy Danny,
Manchester united Lost to Bayern Munich which equals a very angry and annoyed Ana,
and Also Benfica lost to Liverpool which equals a gutted Danny.
:/ so urm yeah.
Yesterday i went to a barbecue round Danny's with my whole family, and as Danny and the men worked in the garden, me and my sisters played COD upstairs, and we're pretty good at it, until Danny's cousin Michael came over then we played PRO, and all i gotta say is..
"yeah fuck you, yeahhhh"
LOL :)
"Anyways"..have you seen Jessica Simpson's new hair..?

What do you think about it, i think it makes her look older, and i prefer the side shot if I'm honest!? What about you guys? :))
Ohh Dinners ready, gonna eat then blog about Brighton.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Excerise Time

P.S - A little video of Sylvia and her exercise ball. You gotta love yingg and yangg! :))

Enjoy giggling at it!

Good Morning

Good Morning blog,
i woke up today after having such a strange dream.. i can't remember the whole thing, but the end was basically me eating dinner with a lot of people, my mum was there, Danny, my sisters. Just a lot of people. Anyway, i had brought a can of paint and it was supposed to be white but in dreamland you just buy paint without choosing the colour so i brought yellow. After dinner i got up and said i was going to return it, and asked who wanted to come with me, mum said she'd go so we set off to the shop to exchange the paint. Down the road from me pushing a buggy i saw girl who i recognised but didn't know where from, she was shorter then me, a little chubbier and had brown hair and a funny little face. She also kept looking at me like she knew me.. as i reached the shop i understood who she was and looked back at her and said, "It's you right, your name is C_ _ _ _?" and she replied with a yes. As she replied i thought it was strange she would even talk to me, then i said to her "I hope your happy and you enjoy yourself" to which she said "Same for you". and then i carried on in to the shop where they suddenly stopped selling paint.
Point of this post was that it was soo strange to have had a dream about her, and she was nice and friendly as apposed to a total bitch. Still made me feel uncomfortable though.. ah well. I think i dreamt of this as I'm still hurting by what happened 2 nights ago..i really can't seem to get it out my headd.. :( Bad times.
Gonna go do my hair and get dressed, the weather today is absolutely gorgeous, and its the hottest day of this week and next so I'm going to enjoy it :)) blog soon.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Survey to make me feel better.

Hey, I'm a little hurt tonight, i have noone to cuddle next to, i have noone to hold me, to tell me it will all be okay..! I'm alone and hurting! I thought doing a silly survey might make me feel better! Let's see ;)

When you are stressed, what is the first thing you do?
Talk to myself, sometimes cry, and maybe write things down..on a notepad or this blog. :/

Does crying really make things better or worse?
Better, it lets it all out, you feel brand new.

What calms you down the most?
Laughing at my family and friends, talking things through, writing, and having that important cry.

Any kind of music that makes you feel better?
Urm, really depends on why I'm upset to begin with, if its love problems..not alot of songs help at all.

Are you generally a happy person?
Yes, until i feel things aren't going right.

What or who puts the biggest smile on your face?
Sylvia, Monica, Liliana, Shannon, Samantha.. and Danny.

Do you ever over-react on the smallest things?
Yes, but I'm a girl..it should be allowed.

Ever suffer from bad depression or anxiety?
not really..suffer from self worthiness.

Mad about something?
A little at the moment, cant help it.

Happy about something?
Suppose so..I'm off work :D

*Loving side*
currently with someone?
Yes.. ♥

happy about that?
Always happy about it, but at this moment in time, HURT.

how long now?
Coming up to seven months, could have been nine months though.

have you married this person or got engaged?

like to cuddle?
Yes, he likes it more though.

do you like sensitivity?
Yes ;)

is your partner open about their feelings towards you?
He says "I love you" alot, but i wish he was more open.

still in love?

does looks really matter?
I'd be lying if i said "No"..yes they do, its the first thing you notice on the opposite sex. So Yes.

who starts the most arguments?
Apparently me, because it must always be my fault.

*Friendly side*
have besties in your life?
Yes i have a few thanks.

who are they?
Shan, Sylv, Mon, Sam, Lil :)

do you see them alot?
Yes i love themm.

do they like the guy/girl you are with?
Yes they do.

which one lives the farthest away?
Sam in Preston, and Shan in Hemel.

do you get along with everyone?
Mostly everyone yes, If your not rude to me, I'm not rude to you. Always treat people the way you wish to be treated. (mum taught me that).

are you too nice of a person towards people?
YESS, read the blog post below.

would you give anything to someone in need of help?
Depends, on who, what i could give and how much help they needed.

would you consider ever getting a tattoo of your bff on you?
Urm, depends on what i could get..maybe something that symbolises us.

what about your partner?
Nah, i don't think im brave enough to tattoo somthing about my partner.

know anyone two-faced?
Oh of course ;)

*Physical Side*
are you a lover or fighter?
I enjoy being a lover.

ever been in a fist-fight?
Urm, little ones.

have you been in a abusive relationship?
Nope, thank god.

are you more to verbally fight or physically fight?
Verbally fight, for sure.

do you consider yourself in shape?
I consider myself to be "Okay".

. what features do you wish to change?
I want bigger boobs.. Mwhaha.

ever have anything from your body removed?
Hair..? when shaving and waxing?

*your weird side*
ever wonder what was on the “other side”?
Sometimes i do.

believe there is a heaven?
I'm hoping so.

seen UFO’S lately?
Nope, but i believe in them.

wander if animals can talk?
They can in their own way.

what about the lockness monster?
I want to know the truth about this one.

can you watch horror movies by yourself in the dark?
No Wayy.

is your doors always locked at night?
Front doors, yes.. bedroom doors nope.

ever sing in front of the mirror?
All the time.

name something you do that you normally won’t admit because it is strange?
Urm, Urm, eat raw peppers. Only green however.

ever believe that there was little green men that take your stuff and hide it while you sleep?


ever wander if stars are people we lost?
Only now, that i read this.. aww that's quiet sweet actually.

Yeaah, that killed some time and helped make me forget. Any questions you guys want to know, feel free to ask!? :)

P.S - You Really Really hurt me tonight, i know you didn't mean to hurt me, but i also know that you meant what you said. Just want you to know, it hurts. I will not show you my defeated side anymore, i will not let you see me hurt or in pain again, then i will only be one person for you, instead of one person one minute and a different person the next. ALSO please don't compare our realtionship to other people's relationships, even if you were only using it as an example, it's not nice to see how im-perfect our one is compared to others. Thank you.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


I'm in a very angry mood, and i probably shouldn't be writing about this on the internet as people can read it, especially family and close friends, but whatever. So annoyed at one tiny little phrase it's unreal. I am too nice and I'm always doing things for others and have nothing done in return .. this weekend was NOT my idea, i did it to please someone i love, and in return i get crap..! WHATEVER.. im not doing it anymore, being taken for a mug..it's unreal! This weekend was fun, so i cannot complain but then to stand there and say something so pointless, and ruthless..yeah thanks, remind me never to do anything for you again.
To family and friends reading this, pay no attention..it will all be better later, i just had to let it all out! :|
ALSO all of this, should be in BOLD! ;]

Easter Pictures

So pictures of how my Easter Sunday was spent ..

Me, My mini boyfriend Tiago, Luis and Belle the dog :)

Me and my babyboy .. Love You .. ♥

Me and the little man Tiago..!

After we had eaten, the kids had gone to the park, i had rode a bike and everybody had watched the football.. Me, Jessica and Tiago went upstairs to read magazines and just chili out. Tiago started "PRETENDING" to hump me and squeeze my boobs, he kept saying he loved me and i was his girlfriend, so i called Danny LOL
It was so funny and me and Jessica were in stitches watching Danny and Tiago play fight.. haha in the end, Danny had enough and stuck Tiago in the bin. His poor little legs couldn't reach the floor therefore he was stuck, however it was very amusing! :) These 2 pictures are the result.

My Easter Sunday was spent nicely..!

P.S - Today i almost felt used again, but then i saw how stressed you got, and i felt bad..although as i said to you, you really can't complain, theres always a way. However the day felt a little wasted on your behalf.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Video at Lil's Slumber Party

Thursday night was sleepover night at Lil's and we made a videooo. So enjoy :)

oh yeah we're amazing!

I Miss Her

Afternoon, I'm feeling inspired and creative, lets see what i can come out with today as soulful words.

-Tuesday 11th December 2007-
Song Playing : Right Here Waiting
Mood : Distraught

I wonder what it's like where you are,
I wonder if you think of us at all,
I wonder if you ever regret your decision,
Do you want me to forgive you? or forget you?
Do you know how hard it is for me to trust anyone now because of you?
Question is : Do you even care?
I don't want answers,
I don't want excuses or explanations,
Of course i have questions .. But i don't want to hear the response to them,
Did you ever think "Time will heal their hearts",
Because i have news for you, it didn't heal mine,
Not now .. Not ever.
I wonder what people say about you,
I wonder what path your life has taken anew,
I wonder what it's been like without us,
Do you miss us?
Do you know how you affected us?
Question is : Do we care for you anymore?
I have news for you,
I have something i need to tell you,
I have lots of exciting things to share with you .. but i don't trust myself to tell you any..
I guess all i want to say is "I Miss You"

Monday, 5 April 2010

An Update on an Easter Weekend

Hello, i really wish my phone would let me blog, but it just won't allow me, i tried to do some blogging yesterday and it went all funny. It would be easier if my phone did allow me, then on days when I'm going to be out of the house for a long period of time i could still blog, like this weekend. i promise i didn't forget to blog, its just.. its been Easter and a long weekend due to bank holidays and I've been pretty much out of the house all weekend! :/
It started on Thursday night when i went to Lil's house for our slumber party, i have a video to upload of that night and a few pictures. It was amazing and we managed to get 3 mattress's in her room for us to sleep on, by far the best slumber party ever even if we were all in bed by 1:30am. Friday morning, after waking up at Lil's i went over to Danny's with my sisters and we hanged there, i came home from his house rather late and just jumped into bed and fell asleep straight way. Friday was also the day where he called my sister "That name" and where he almost called me it too at night. :( Saturday i went over to Danny's in the morning after i got my nails done, and hanged out, then i stayed at his so we could take his cousin and her boyfriend to the airport at 4am. That was a fun journey, i was a little quiet in the car because of my lack of sleep. haha. Then we came back to his and we fell asleep again to then wake up at 11am and get ready to go spend Easter Sunday at his sister's house in Luton. So that was my Sunday spent at his sister's where his little nephew quickly became my new boyfriend, telling me he loves me all the time, bless him. It was a lot of fun though and Jessica and Luis are too cute, me and Jess had fun when Danny stuck Tiago in the bin and i also rode a bike up and down the roads of Luton, haven't rode a bike in years (extremely embarrassing, as i was wearing a dress and it kept going up for everyone to see, thank god i had leggings on.) Monday was bank holiday so no one worked so yet again i stayed the night at Danny's, this time i was much more worried about it, and i was right to be, half way through the night i woke Danny up and asked him to drive me home because i was getting maddd stomach pains and i thought i was going to throw up, he refused to take me home instead he lay with me, rubbing my tummy and then giving me some painkillers for the pain. He stayed awake with me until i fell asleep again and he looked after me. I have to say that was the sweetest thing ever, at 2am sitting with me rubbing my tummy. I was dreading Monday morning and with good reason.. It was a veryy embarrassing morning, but i got through it. Then Monday afternoon i spent with his sister and the kids and we went Wood Green to go shopping in Primark. I really missed Danny at that point.
This weekend has made me realise how much i Love Him, how attached i am, and how much of my life revolves around him, he's a huge part of my life now.


P.S - My boyfriend can be the sexist and the most romantic guy ever when he wants to, and i love that guy.. too bad he ain't him all the time..!

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