Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Easter Pictures

So pictures of how my Easter Sunday was spent ..

Me, My mini boyfriend Tiago, Luis and Belle the dog :)

Me and my babyboy .. Love You .. ♥

Me and the little man Tiago..!

After we had eaten, the kids had gone to the park, i had rode a bike and everybody had watched the football.. Me, Jessica and Tiago went upstairs to read magazines and just chili out. Tiago started "PRETENDING" to hump me and squeeze my boobs, he kept saying he loved me and i was his girlfriend, so i called Danny LOL
It was so funny and me and Jessica were in stitches watching Danny and Tiago play fight.. haha in the end, Danny had enough and stuck Tiago in the bin. His poor little legs couldn't reach the floor therefore he was stuck, however it was very amusing! :) These 2 pictures are the result.

My Easter Sunday was spent nicely..!

P.S - Today i almost felt used again, but then i saw how stressed you got, and i felt bad..although as i said to you, you really can't complain, theres always a way. However the day felt a little wasted on your behalf.

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