Thursday, 8 April 2010

Survey to make me feel better.

Hey, I'm a little hurt tonight, i have noone to cuddle next to, i have noone to hold me, to tell me it will all be okay..! I'm alone and hurting! I thought doing a silly survey might make me feel better! Let's see ;)

When you are stressed, what is the first thing you do?
Talk to myself, sometimes cry, and maybe write things down..on a notepad or this blog. :/

Does crying really make things better or worse?
Better, it lets it all out, you feel brand new.

What calms you down the most?
Laughing at my family and friends, talking things through, writing, and having that important cry.

Any kind of music that makes you feel better?
Urm, really depends on why I'm upset to begin with, if its love problems..not alot of songs help at all.

Are you generally a happy person?
Yes, until i feel things aren't going right.

What or who puts the biggest smile on your face?
Sylvia, Monica, Liliana, Shannon, Samantha.. and Danny.

Do you ever over-react on the smallest things?
Yes, but I'm a should be allowed.

Ever suffer from bad depression or anxiety?
not really..suffer from self worthiness.

Mad about something?
A little at the moment, cant help it.

Happy about something?
Suppose so..I'm off work :D

*Loving side*
currently with someone?
Yes.. ♥

happy about that?
Always happy about it, but at this moment in time, HURT.

how long now?
Coming up to seven months, could have been nine months though.

have you married this person or got engaged?

like to cuddle?
Yes, he likes it more though.

do you like sensitivity?
Yes ;)

is your partner open about their feelings towards you?
He says "I love you" alot, but i wish he was more open.

still in love?

does looks really matter?
I'd be lying if i said "No"..yes they do, its the first thing you notice on the opposite sex. So Yes.

who starts the most arguments?
Apparently me, because it must always be my fault.

*Friendly side*
have besties in your life?
Yes i have a few thanks.

who are they?
Shan, Sylv, Mon, Sam, Lil :)

do you see them alot?
Yes i love themm.

do they like the guy/girl you are with?
Yes they do.

which one lives the farthest away?
Sam in Preston, and Shan in Hemel.

do you get along with everyone?
Mostly everyone yes, If your not rude to me, I'm not rude to you. Always treat people the way you wish to be treated. (mum taught me that).

are you too nice of a person towards people?
YESS, read the blog post below.

would you give anything to someone in need of help?
Depends, on who, what i could give and how much help they needed.

would you consider ever getting a tattoo of your bff on you?
Urm, depends on what i could get..maybe something that symbolises us.

what about your partner?
Nah, i don't think im brave enough to tattoo somthing about my partner.

know anyone two-faced?
Oh of course ;)

*Physical Side*
are you a lover or fighter?
I enjoy being a lover.

ever been in a fist-fight?
Urm, little ones.

have you been in a abusive relationship?
Nope, thank god.

are you more to verbally fight or physically fight?
Verbally fight, for sure.

do you consider yourself in shape?
I consider myself to be "Okay".

. what features do you wish to change?
I want bigger boobs.. Mwhaha.

ever have anything from your body removed?
Hair..? when shaving and waxing?

*your weird side*
ever wonder what was on the “other side”?
Sometimes i do.

believe there is a heaven?
I'm hoping so.

seen UFO’S lately?
Nope, but i believe in them.

wander if animals can talk?
They can in their own way.

what about the lockness monster?
I want to know the truth about this one.

can you watch horror movies by yourself in the dark?
No Wayy.

is your doors always locked at night?
Front doors, yes.. bedroom doors nope.

ever sing in front of the mirror?
All the time.

name something you do that you normally won’t admit because it is strange?
Urm, Urm, eat raw peppers. Only green however.

ever believe that there was little green men that take your stuff and hide it while you sleep?


ever wander if stars are people we lost?
Only now, that i read this.. aww that's quiet sweet actually.

Yeaah, that killed some time and helped make me forget. Any questions you guys want to know, feel free to ask!? :)

P.S - You Really Really hurt me tonight, i know you didn't mean to hurt me, but i also know that you meant what you said. Just want you to know, it hurts. I will not show you my defeated side anymore, i will not let you see me hurt or in pain again, then i will only be one person for you, instead of one person one minute and a different person the next. ALSO please don't compare our realtionship to other people's relationships, even if you were only using it as an example, it's not nice to see how im-perfect our one is compared to others. Thank you.

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