Our Story.

Hii (:
So as you may know I'm Ana and here I'm about to write how me and my boyfriend Danny first got together and all the ins and outs of us thus far. I of course don't really expect anyone to really read this, it's full of things that might make no sense to you, or that you might not care about but to me they mean EVERYTHING..its where it all started..so i don't mind if you don't read it, but for my own little pleasure i want this jotted down, so i can read it back later on in life.

So It was in June that i think we first ever saw each other, and when i say that i mean he saw a photo of me on facebook and added me, i accepted and gave him one month to chat or i would delete him (As i do with everyone). He did chat, (Lucky him, i guess) i had a status update about "One Tree Hill" and how the new season had come out and i was beyond words at how excited i was for it, he of course loves the show too, so commented on this status and that's how we got chatting. I have The CRAZY NANNY in Tree Hill to thank as our conversations starter. Haha. Anyways, we chatted and then i guess it was a month before we talked again. This time he updated his status about going to see "Bruno" in the cinema and i commented saying how i wish i was going.. he replied saying "Come then.", but i took this as a little joke. Within days of this he asked for my MSN and we chatted on there for ages, we talked about how he was from Madeira (a Portuguese island, Portugal is where i am from) and how he had a job, how he lived round the corner from me..literally 10 minutes away. We chatted about everything and then there came one night (Friday) and it was so late at night, and i had been working that day so was sooo tired, and i was getting ready to watch "Head over Heels" with my sisters to dribble over Freddie prince Jr, when he asked for my number, (Now i had never met him, and we had only talked via the net, and i certainly don't encourage anybody to do what  i did next) but i gave him my number. I totally sent it without even realising it, i was so tired, i was almost asleep. It wasn't till he said, "I'm going to call you..!" that i thought but how can he?, he hasn't got my number..i scrolled the conversation up and saw i had sent him it. The next few things that run through my head were mad, from "why did you do such a thing?" to "oh god hes gonna have a big accent and I'm not going to understand him" and even "Great now I'm going to miss my film and Freddie..Grr". So he called and i went to the bathroom to answer the phone, so my sisters could watch the film. We talked for hours, he said he had work at 5am, i kept saying you shoudl go to bed, he kept saying i don't want to end this conversation. I put towels in the bathtub, and laid in it. My sisters moaned for me to keep the noise down as they were watching the film, they eventually fell asleep..and i carried on talking, my dad got up to go toilet and asked why the towels were in the tub, i acted like i knew nothing about it. He finally asked me if i wanted to hang out with him on Sunday, maybe go cinema, i agreed and could not wait. We finally hanged up at 4:30am. He sent me a text saying he weren't going to sleep, no point and that he couldn't stop thinking about me and he was excited for Sunday.
So was i :)
Sunday 19th July 2009 came and he picked me up in his car from my house, he got a little lost on the way there (bless him) we went to see "Bruno". We arrived too early so went around the shops first, then back to the cinema and we watched the film. We shared our first kiss in there. I didnt like the film as much as i thought, he of course LOVED it and couldn't stop laughing..i still say it was gay porn that he took me to watch for our first date. The journey home was also exciting ;) we took some pit stops, and the best one, was when we went to the park and walked hand in hand and talked. (Loads of bear hugs too).
From then on i had a boyfriend called Danny.
One of our first pictures together..
 I met his parents a few weeks later, and his family, we were also involved in a car crash that day! :| not so much fun. Then August came and he was going away on holiday to Madeira. Then the trouble came, while there on holiday we had less contact and he was starting to act weird, but there was hardly anything i could do, if he wouldn't even answer my calls. Eventually we broke up..i say that as if it was easy but it weren't..it really hurt and was very hard for me to have my heart broken. My friends took control of my life and made me realise that i didn't need him to be happy. I wrote a blog about how it felt here. I moved on, then he came back and was now ready to talk to me, i ignored him. In fact i was very proud of myself. I had lots of fun with my friends and even went on trips (London Town) with them to take my mind off him. He came to my work and begged for a chance to talk and explain..so i listened. We spent the day together in Camden Town and i enjoyed myself as did he. (Even though he got a fine for parking the car. Haha.)

When we went to CamdenTown "that" day this is where i took him.
It was the 11th of September 2009 and we decided to give it a go, with no more secrets. It is now the start of 2011 and we're still together, don't get me wrong..we have had to overcome a lot. Insecurity from me and recently from him. Trust, a lot from me when we first got back together, and again recently from him. The small arguments and the big fights, the ones we don't like to talk about because we're ashamed to admit that sorta stuff happened between us. The fights that our parents have witnessed.. the fights that complete strangers have seen. We've cried and laughed together and we have fought to get here and to still be standing here.

Our first road trip to Brighton!!
I love him, this man who makes me laugh and understands me, this man who thinks I'm a super strong independent woman. This is the man that i want to be with, and I've realised how scary and hurtful it is to lose him or to feel like I'm losing him. We've had so many battles and i don't claim our relationship is the best in the world, like all couples we fight, but we try to make things work..and we're still standing together today. I am excited for our future and because of recent events, I've realised how much he means to me..I'm so excited to start saving money for our future together. :D
I'll keep you posted.
This is us in London on a Night out! :)
This was our first holiday together to Madeira in 2010, yes we're GEEKS!
I LOVE this photo of us, in Madeira..! ♥

Love you Baby.
Around the Christmas period 2010.
New Years Eve 2010/2011 :)

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