Monday, 12 April 2010

Hair, and General Chat.

So today has been a waste day, a laze about day, a pj day, a no make up day if you want. Apart from going with Sylvia to open her a bank account and going to do some shopping, there has been no point in wasting my make up today. Ive been here on my laptop for a little bit, I've downloaded "Harry Potter and the half blood prince", I've eaten quiet a bit, and text every now and then. Whats new with you guys? I don't even have anything new to blog about..i mean its been 7 months with Danny now, and I'm happy, and we also went Brighton on Friday with my sisters, i guess I'll upload pics of that soon! :))
Apart from that, life has carried on going nicely, quietly, but nicely, oh yeah I'm back to work tomorrow, WTF? already, i so don't want to go back there! I'm actually dreading it, urgh.
8:45am start and 6pm finish.
I went park with Joanne, Jade and the kids on Thursday..i hadn't seen them in a while and i was missing them, i also wanted to forget about stuff me and Danny has discussed the night before. The park did put a smile back on my face, now I'm missing Lil and Shani, i have to arrange to see them too. Maybe tomorrow! :)) Lil doesn't work in the evening and I'm not seeing Danny as he has the Newcastle vs Reading match to go why not..?!
In football news, Newcastle have been promoted which equals a very happy Danny,
Manchester united Lost to Bayern Munich which equals a very angry and annoyed Ana,
and Also Benfica lost to Liverpool which equals a gutted Danny.
:/ so urm yeah.
Yesterday i went to a barbecue round Danny's with my whole family, and as Danny and the men worked in the garden, me and my sisters played COD upstairs, and we're pretty good at it, until Danny's cousin Michael came over then we played PRO, and all i gotta say is..
"yeah fuck you, yeahhhh"
LOL :)
"Anyways"..have you seen Jessica Simpson's new hair..?

What do you think about it, i think it makes her look older, and i prefer the side shot if I'm honest!? What about you guys? :))
Ohh Dinners ready, gonna eat then blog about Brighton.

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