Friday, 9 April 2010

Good Morning

Good Morning blog,
i woke up today after having such a strange dream.. i can't remember the whole thing, but the end was basically me eating dinner with a lot of people, my mum was there, Danny, my sisters. Just a lot of people. Anyway, i had brought a can of paint and it was supposed to be white but in dreamland you just buy paint without choosing the colour so i brought yellow. After dinner i got up and said i was going to return it, and asked who wanted to come with me, mum said she'd go so we set off to the shop to exchange the paint. Down the road from me pushing a buggy i saw girl who i recognised but didn't know where from, she was shorter then me, a little chubbier and had brown hair and a funny little face. She also kept looking at me like she knew me.. as i reached the shop i understood who she was and looked back at her and said, "It's you right, your name is C_ _ _ _?" and she replied with a yes. As she replied i thought it was strange she would even talk to me, then i said to her "I hope your happy and you enjoy yourself" to which she said "Same for you". and then i carried on in to the shop where they suddenly stopped selling paint.
Point of this post was that it was soo strange to have had a dream about her, and she was nice and friendly as apposed to a total bitch. Still made me feel uncomfortable though.. ah well. I think i dreamt of this as I'm still hurting by what happened 2 nights ago..i really can't seem to get it out my headd.. :( Bad times.
Gonna go do my hair and get dressed, the weather today is absolutely gorgeous, and its the hottest day of this week and next so I'm going to enjoy it :)) blog soon.

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