Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Missing Me?

Please don't be annoyed with me, for not posting on here like before, I just went back to my tumblr days, and I happen to love it!

Hope your all keeping well, and enjoying your Easter Break!

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

A blog?

I know its been ages since I last posted. I could use the excuse that there has been no time, or that its been really hectic.. but why lie?! Truth is, I've just been REALLYYY put off from posting. Theres something about the blogger world which is "Nasty", the way  people judge you based on the way your blog looks, the way people look to see how many followers you have to compete with you. Its almost like being back at school where everyone wants to be the popular kid, the one with the most. Some people write their blogs out of pure enjoyment and pleasure, they write it and don't make it sound like a task. Alot of the blogs I follow sometimes lack in posts and then feel the need to say their sorry and explain their reasons for slacking off abit, (I myself have done this in the past) but I figured if their doing that, then their blog has turnt into a little bit of a chore instead of a fun thing for them to just be creative with. I mean, c'mon if your having to apologise for not posting stuff to your followers, then you have made your blog a little sorta job. I mean I get that you may have 1000+ followers and suddenly they have gone from being your follower to being your public and its almost a responsibility of yours to post for your awaiting public, and if that's what your happy with then so be it. I just mean to say, that if your blog was your own little personal space on the web where you were free to say and write what you wanted and post as often as you wanted and now because of the amount of followers or views you've had you suddenly change it up and are suddenly saying sorry for not posting often enough, then I think you've lost sight of why you started a blog to begin with. There are many other blogs used as journals, literally, diary entries of the happenings of their days! I have to say I follow SOOO many blogs that its hard to keep up with, one thing they all had in come was "beauty".. and to be honest I'm sick of it. Not sick of following beauty blogs, but just generally sick of sticking to one type of blog...!! I'm going to venture out there and follow blogs of other topics. Each to their own of course, if your happy and content with your little space and it don't seem like a chore to you then woop, you haven't lost sight of why you may have started it.

- Just felt the need to get that out there...

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