Wednesday, 7 April 2010


I'm in a very angry mood, and i probably shouldn't be writing about this on the internet as people can read it, especially family and close friends, but whatever. So annoyed at one tiny little phrase it's unreal. I am too nice and I'm always doing things for others and have nothing done in return .. this weekend was NOT my idea, i did it to please someone i love, and in return i get crap..! WHATEVER.. im not doing it anymore, being taken for a's unreal! This weekend was fun, so i cannot complain but then to stand there and say something so pointless, and ruthless..yeah thanks, remind me never to do anything for you again.
To family and friends reading this, pay no will all be better later, i just had to let it all out! :|
ALSO all of this, should be in BOLD! ;]

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