Tuesday, 30 June 2009

New Pics

Final post of the night.. i took some pictures about 3 days ago.. for you all to see what im looking like at the moment.
Recent pics of me..

Haa Enjoy; - 13 Days Left..

My Thank You And Rare Pics

Wooopp ok amazing news, Wiinky made a VideoBlog and i am mentioned in it! :) *sighs* aww its amazing..soo cute and i love her for it! :) thankkk youuu very much hunnie! :D
do you wanna see her blog..??? of course you doo.. heres the link, check her out :P


There is not much to report about, these last few days have been kinda like...blahhh..and then the Michael Death came and it became even more Blahh..its been a very emotional week so far for me.. :/
soo I've got another VideoBlog from the Zoo to upload..and i have a video with no music (YouTube took it out) *grrr* of rare pictures of me and my sisters from last year and the years before! LOL so you can all have a giggle att..!

Rare Pictures Of Me, Sylvia, Monica and Shannon (my sisters) - ENJOYY! :)

Zoo VideoBlog 3 - Sylvia feels better now and is ready to explore more of the Zoo.

That's all for now..

Sunday, 28 June 2009

The Aftermath..

So Guten abend all..! boa noite..! Good Evening..!
lets see today had consisted of me, MSN-ing, Facebooking, Twittering, Blogging, Ebaying and Cleaning..All while Michael Jackson hits played int he background. I also tried to learn how to do the moonwalk. Yeah that FAILED! :P And i now want to watch "Chicago" badly thanks to Peyton! :) so i changed my profile song today. HEHE i love this new song too :) tell me if you like it?!! I also added a header to the page, but don't worry I'm going to change it again soon, i just wanted to see if it worked and it does..I'm so good with my technical HTML stuff! :) I'm going to change the stuff fin my sidebar soon too..soo i have a lot to do to this blog! :] haaa.
ohh "Beat It - Michael Jackson" just came on..I'm jamming to that now! HAHA i may make a video of me and my sisters dancing to Michael music..and then upload for you all to laugh at. i still have more Zoo videos coming too :P **sorry its taken so long** :) and what else is there..Hm i finally found my dungarees, i will post a pic soon.. and i have the most amazing new shirt, even if it does show my bra a little, its gorgeous. I'm waiting on a new top and a book (very old book) to come from Ebay :D and theres not much else to report.
I got a nice comment the yesterday..it was confusing but good..! They didn't leave their name, whoever it was soo i will never know, but i answered them back on my blog comments! If your reading this..What did i teach you? lol - They left me a little phrase, which i liked..here it is..

life sucked on Monday,
life's great today,
nothing changed,
go figure

Peace Pictures, Images and Photos

until next time,

Friday, 26 June 2009

A Sad Day To Remember 25 june 09

Words are not enough to describe the pain and emotion I'm feeling at this time. If there was ever a time where i have felt lost for words, this would be it. I have known pain and i have known suffering..what i am feeling cant even compare to what family and friends of his are feeling. i would of course be talking about the one and only MICHAEL JACKSON. It pains me to even have to say this, and it's something i thought i would never have to say, But Michael Jackson has Died Aged 50. This man changed music as we all know it by mixing pop with rock.by creating his own style, by exceeding boundaries. He is an inspiration to so many, he will forever be the king of pop. As one man once said about him "people like Michael don't just come around once in a decade, or once in a life time, people like Michael come around once." i feel honoured to have been around and experienced his music. From early in my life, Michael was present, always singing in the background. i can not choose one song i like of his the most, the truth is i know most of the words to all his songs, and i can name you at least 20 that i love. There will never be another like him, and the world seems so much more quieter and dark without him here.
In recent years he had become more known by the media for his eccentric behaviour and allegations made against him, but to me and millions of others, he is Michael the greatest musician of all time. That is how i will remember him..for his music and not what the media liked to portray him as. For now i would like to say, that to some he was a musician, to others a public figure to mock..but to 3 people in this world, he was plainly DAD. My wishes and prayers go out to his mother, father, brothers, sisters, extended family, friends and mostly his children who have not lost a public figure but have lost their father.. And so the man who invented the "moonwalk" will now be able to finally rest his amazing dancing feet, while me and millions of others try to get over the shock of his sudden death and try to remember the amazing things he did..! a True legend to join, Heath Ledger, Marilyn Monroe, Freddie Mercury, Farrah Fawcett, James Dean, James Brown, Anna Nicole, River Phoenix and many others.

He was only 50.
August 1958 - June 2009
R.I.P (Peter Pan).

Least we not forget, Farrah Fawcett also died yesterday, she lost her battle with cancer after a long period. Her death may have been overshadowed by another, but Farrah y wishes go out to your family and friends..May you rest in peace..Heavens newest angel..

She was only 62.
February 1947 - June 2009
R.I.P Beautiful.

We let a balloon go up at work for you today Michael with messages of love, we hope it traveled safely to you. x


Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Zoo Part 2

Hey a quick hello before i go to work and some more Zoo photos, im going to try and upload all the ones that are left kay!! :P here we go..
Me near the kangaroos, looks like I'm in Australia. :)

The emus.. they had fun playing together.

Scary EMU :/ hahaa

Even scarier looking snake..EWW

Sylvia and Monica Munching on food.. LOL @ sylvia's face

Me and Sylvia.. DOPEY COWS

The 3 of us, food time yummyyy! :D

The biggest OINKER!! ever ¬.¬

Monica and the sheep.. ;)

Sylvia's first time in the petting part for children! ;)
Ants carrying leaves, amazingly strong creatures.

Giraffe.. HAHA @ its legs!

New favourite animal! :]

ME and my favourite animal! :P

Ice-Cream time for me and Monica.. YUM!

Harry Potter Scene was filmed in The London Zoo! ha, =)

This animal (whatever it was..) did that hugee POO and then walked away..ew, sylvia said..
I just realised they don't wipe their bum after! how gross..! :P hahaaa

HAHA sylviaaaa... why?!! lool

Exit - Home timee - Fun day..!

Picture spam overr.. and the Zoo pics are done, most of them anyway..sorry for the longgg post! Videos are still to come..but that will take time to upload! :/


Tuesday, 23 June 2009



Surprisingly today I'm better then yesterday, i hope it carries on. i get the occasional "PENGGG" feeling but then it subsides and i get better again! :/ i wonder how long it will last.


The new Pair

The new shoes i brought yesterday..

SEXY HEXY huh?!! (WOW that hurt) i love them..♥


Monday, 22 June 2009

My New JLS link.

Bonjour, im feeling a little better today, its still not fully gone, the feeling i have..but i don't think that will go away any more now. Its here to stay, forever engraved in my heart. Theres no way to escape it now..! i feel like i still have so much to post here about the ZOO and its driving me crazy, i have photos and videos and urghhh too much overload. This Wednesday i will do a big post with all the zoo things, if youtube allows me to upload the videos. i needed something to cheer me up..because i have been a bit miserable lately so today i went out and brought a pair of shoes. picture coming soon. They are lovely..! ;)
Remember i also told you about a video to do with JLS where they remind me of Tokio Hotel. well.. I'm going to post that now..

Watch JLS nearly miss their flight, because they are getting everyone's food in Wagamamas!

JB is so much like Gustav..already there, on time, bright and early..!!
Marvin is so much like Bill..Panicky and worried they will miss the flight..!!
Oritse is so much like Gerog..Stays behind and giggles the whole time, not at all worried..!!
Aston is so much like Tom..With Oritse (georg), taking the mick..and bless his trousers keep falling down..!! LOOL

Anyways, these boys always make me smile.. *You might wanna rub that in.. - Rub What??* LOL so funny ;) ima leave this blog here for now..i need to take a pic of the new shoes!

Blog back in a bit

Sunday, 21 June 2009


I feel the need to blog right now.
i dont know how to feel, i mean im torn, im hurt, im upset and mostly im confused. I hate "IT" but i have no say in "IT". What can i do, apart fro sit here and feel silly. How could i let it effect me this much..but as i think about it, its still NOTHING to how i felt on the 22nd of January 2008, i guess that says alot about everything. i have nothing more to say, at the end of the day..its my own fault for allowing myself to get so caught up in "IT" that now i feel like this. WORST thing is, im just gonna do it all over again, im gonna allow myself to be swept up in the next thing, and then i will end up feeling like this yet again..and as always, i will blame myself and say i should have known better when i really did, bu ti didnt care..at the time it was perfect. :/
i still feel it though, i wont be able to stop it.. :(


For Ana & Wiinky

Hello World, so i have been asked by Ana and Wiinky to do a video blog for them, wiinky wanted me to speak a little English, because she loves my accent, and Ana wanted me in Portuguese so she could understand me a little! LOL so i did both and its all mixed up into this..;;

Hope you enjoy it and I'm sorry for any mistakes! :/ hahaa

Sorry for the quality of the camera, its my laptop one NOT my digital camera, because that one takes tooo long to upload on youtube. LOL so sorry for the quality. Hope you like it! :)

Till next time

Friday, 19 June 2009

Zoo VideoBlog2

Sylvia got ill during our trip round the zoo, watch and enjoy watching me and monica annoyed and sylvia feeling ill! :)

More Coming Soon.


Hello World, i can blog a little today. woohoo i have some time! firstly I'm going to make 2 new links on my sidebar, One called Twilight and the Other called JLS. more labels for y posts, although i cant really be bothered to go back through all my posts and arrange them into those 2 labels, so I'll start from now on. When i post about twilight or about JLS they will be under the links. Moving on..hows everyones week gone?? i have soo many neww visitors, this last week they have been coming from all over the world. So HELLLOOOO to you all who are abit shy to leave me a comment and let me know you have been here..don't be afraid, i answer everyone back and i love hearing from all of you! :P In other news, im so ecited for the meeting with JLS. i am literally praying shannon will come down, it will be fun..me and her getting lost while trying to find the boys. ha ;)
Tomorrow is carnival! so excited, i need to go wash my hair for it..!

Blog soon..

Thursday, 18 June 2009

An update; SORRY!

Hello my lovelies.
I have to say sorry to anyone, who wrote to me and i took a very long time to reply. i have been so very busy this week. The ceiling in my bathroom is gone. We had alot of rain a few days ago and it made the ceiling weak, i called the council and they came and knocked it down. so now we just have a huge hole up there. The carnival is also coming so I've had to fix things for that, so i am sorry for the LACK of updates and posts and I'm sorry that it may have taken me awhile to get back to all of you! :) Soo here's an update...Tokio Hotel have had 2 songs leaked on to the Internet, supposedly..ive heard them and im excited for the new album soo much, "pain of love" sounds like its gonna be good! ;) that is IF it is their songs.. LOL.
NEXT i have recently become addicted to JLS again, like i was back in 2008 Christmas time, i missed them and Aston. I cant wait..for JULY! ;X i have a video to upload of them all, which reminds me of the Tokio Hotel Boys. For some reason, Aston reminds me of TOM, Oritse reminds me of GEORG, Marvin reminds me of BILL and JB reminds me of GUSTAV. When i upload the video and you watch it, you will understand why they remind me of them! :) i promise! haha
Hers a pic of my bathroom ceiling at the moment..its so scary to shower in there at the moment;;

the hole is so huge that my dad can fit in there;;

Its so awful!! i hate it!! :( And notice the rest of the ceiling is patchy black, because of the rain..i want it all gone..!! :/ going to have to get the council to come and fix it!

This is why i have been so busy recently. :/ tis not good. ill leave this blog there for now. Also youtube is being a wank and not letting me upload all my zoo videos! tut! PFTTT!


Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Zoo VideoBlog 1

In the Aquarium;;


Zoo Part 1


(on the way there.)

(the restaurant.)

(the Aquarium)
(Sylvia & The Fish.)

(The Piranhas.)

(Sylvia & the Piranhas.)

(Me & the Piranhas.)

(Monica & the Piranhas.)

(We found Dory.)

(And Nemo.)

(check out the size of them fish?? LOL.)

(To the Amazon Aquarium.)

That is the Aquarium pat of the zoo done, more photos to come to do with the other animals. Hope you enjoy them.

Fun Time.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Too much Bloody Rain

Hi people, i promise to upload pictures tomorrow of my Zoo outing. Today work was work,then in the afternoon it proper pissed down, i mean i haven't seen rain/hailstones like this is yearsss!! The ceiling in our bathroom was affected of course, proper started to fall on us, dad cleaned the guttering outside a bit to help the water move along, but that did nothing. I mean our bathroom is sooo old its probably 100 years if not older. its disgusting..we try to keep it as neat and clean as possible but the ceiling and the walls have to go, there damp and mould is now there. there really thin too, as you can literally punch it and you will have the biggest hole ever. I called the council and they said they couldn't do anything about it today, even though it was an emergency and the ceiling could fall on us at anytime. dad was trying to move the ceiling up a bit with the end of the broom, when suddenly the broom went right through the thin ceiling and now we have a hole in the ceiling as well. Dad stuck a bag there to stop any little mice we might have in the loft escaping, but its gross and disgusting. The council man said they may come tomorrow and they will be taking the ceiling down. GREAT!! so i end up with a nice big hole to stare up at while having a bath!! :/ i don't know. we'll see what happens tomorrow and if the problem gets sorted! :( i really hope so. i don't want a big hole where mice, foxes and other woodland creatures may come traveling down from. I'll be here alone fixing it up.. Grrr..!
Let me leave you with a nice video to cheer ourselves up, :D

The Contestants of The X-Factor 2008 being the judges;;

Look out for Aston Pretending to be Louis, How AMAZING is his accent?? lol
2:18 - Its a yes from me......SHREDDIES!! LoooooooooL
♥I lovee himm ♥

Till tomorrow.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Im Team Blue..What are you!?

I have another obsession, to add to Tokio Hotel, Tom Kaulitz and Twilight..i can now add..JLS (Jack the lad swing) or even more specific... Aston Merrygold..! For all the British readers of my blog, they may have heard of him and the group, if you are not British they will be NEW to you! JLS were a group of boys that auditioned for the "X-Factor" here in the UK last year, as well as wowing the judges they captured girls hearts up and down the country. the members are;

ASTON, ORITSE - (pronounced... O-REE-SHAY), MARVIN & JB - (Jonathan Gill)

Each boy on the show would wear their own colour, and pretty soon girls up and down the country were choosing what team they were on based on the colours of the boys,

BLUE was Aston
RED was Oritse
GREEN was Marvin
I am of course Team BLUEEE :)
The boys did amazing on the show and came in second place, missing out on winning to Alexandra Burke. The boys have been recording for a while now and they have just come out with their new video. Now..the video to me, is very cheesy and reminds me of "Blue" circa 2001.. :/ BUT i doo love the song for some reason, it is also not the usual type of music i listen too..But its good! (Y) i liked them when they were n the X-Factor and i still like them, and Aston Merrygold is amazingly SEXYYY..

Astonn ♥


Aston Merrygold.

So what do you guys think?? hes so gorgeous in my eyes!! ♥


Sorry i suck.

Olaaaaa Blogger Mundoo.
I Have 20 minutes where in which i need to post a little bit of 2 things, and then when i have more time i will delve into the issue more!! :P firstly, how is everyone? great I'm hoping? and how was your weekend..? Right mine has been non stop busy, which would explain the lack of updates on this blog, and I'm sorry for that, usually i try and keep everything updated!
lets see, Saturday was an OK day, nothing much happened..except long walks, shopping, and really hott weather, today however i spent the whole day in London Zoo and at Camden, so i am exhausted from that. i have so many photos to upload, a few videos will be to upload as well, but i have o get through all of this when i have more time, as am soo tireddd..!

Another update coming..
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