Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Terça a noite - feliz aniversário.

Good afternoon, evening.. whoa what a day i'm knackered. i feel ill, my throat hurts, my teeth hurt, my right ear hurts in fact the right hand side of my face hurts. ive got to sort all this out before i get time off for easter, i don't want to be ill on easter break. I think im weak, dad says i got low blood pressure, so i might book an appointment with the doctors tomorrow to do a check on me, and see if theres anything he might recommend me to do, besides stop working and sleep more! LOL Apart from being ill, today has been not worth it if you know what i mean, total DUD. One good thing about today, Georg turns 22..

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag..
Happy birthday, little sex beast..
(oh, how you have changed) xD

i woke up this morning to this lady and i got to say..everytime this woman comes on the screen she amazes me, i find her very inspirational.

Just amazing in my eyes, she dont do no wrong.. teehee. i have alot more courseowrk to do tonight, so i doubt i'll blog back, but you never know! :P

Till Then

Monday, 30 March 2009

No One Tells Me Anything.

Talvez hoje nao e um dia bom para mim, talvez eu nao quero falar sobre hoje, mas em fim.hoje o dia nao e nada bom! :( estou agora a fazer o resto do meu curso, porra ja estou farta dele. eu ja estou aqui a 1 hora e ainda sou estou na pergunta numero 1, : tanto tempo, e a outra gaja do trabalho ja fez 10 perguntas..urgh. Ainda por cima e que eu tenho cerca de 30 perguntas a fazer e que todos eles têm que ser entregues na quinta-feira ou quarta-feira, ainda nao sei bem! Porra Merda..estou farta de tudo agora. para hoje ja chega, eu nao consigo pensar mais.. :/..tipo de perguntas que eu estou a fazer..

what are the legal requirements covering the way you relate to and interact with children?
How to negotiate with children according to their age and stage of development?

blah blah blah, etc etc.. mesmo chato. Sinto-me como é a vida esta a passar por mim e eu estou a perder tudo o que e de bom...como estas a ver.. hoje nao foi nada um dia bom para mim.. talvez amanha seja melhor.. vou para a cama.. esta aqui o bill e tom para eu sorrir um bocado antes de me adormecer..

Ate Logo

Sunday, 29 March 2009

An Annoying Morning

Woke up this morning and thought it was 11am, WRONG..12am to be exact. this whole time thing is annoying, i bet i'll be late for work tomorrow. Talvez porque eu nao sei se eu e para estar la as 8 ou 9 da manha..! lol, mas pronto. Right i have spent much of this morning blogging away, for it all to then get deleted..urgh silly blogger. Bem hoje tenho estado a ver sapatos, e ja sei que eu quero umas botas como estas, sao simplesmente belo, e eu adoro..

I also want some gladiator sandals..and i think i know the ones i'm gonna get..White and studded, totally beautiful! :) i'm listening to Christina Aguilera - Hurt and its making me think of mum! In other news Kay gave us 6 of her old Kerrang Magazines, and even though their old, im buzzing from having them to read!! haha, i do love that kay :) After alot of searching online i found some boots that are nearly the same as the ones above... not quite but.. :)

I love them, im off to go count my money and see when i can afford them! LOL :P



Hello, New Blog huh.. i think i needed and wanted a change. Hopefully this blogger wont be as big a downer as the last one :P although i will keep all the posts from the old one, for memories in the future. So OLA, boa noite a todos! i thought i may as well start this post with a little "About me" love, sim? ok boaa! ;)

Name: Ana Cristina
Age: 20 years young
Birthday: 4th August
Sex: Are You Offering??
Hair Color: Brown with Blonde streaks
Eye Color: Brown
Weight: hm, your guess is as good as mine ;)
Height: 5 ft 7
Siblings: Sylvia, Monica & Shannon
Best friend: As Above..PLUS Joanne & Nadine
Favourite Food: Pizza
Favourite Drink: Coke a Cola
Favourite Shop: PRIMARK & New Look
Favourite Quote: Be yourself, or who else is gonna be you..!
Favourite Website: Blogger, Myspace, Youtube & Facebook
Favourite TV show: Skins, The Inbetweeners, THTV ;)
Favourite Movie: Dirty Dancing & Pretty Woman
Favourite Band: Tokio Hotel, if you haven't heard of them..get google-ing them

Favourite Actor/Actress: Heath Ledger/Johnny Depp - Charlize Theron/Kirsten Dunst
Do you smoke?: Nope
Do you do Drugs?: Nope..
Do you Drink?: Yes ;)

All done with the survey for now.. woop
Blog laterr for you.

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