Friday, 28 January 2011

A Thursday Update.

Holaa my lovelies,
Today is going to be a quick blog post, because i haven't really got any sort of plan for this one, I'm going with the flow and to see how it turns out.

Today's News:
  • Urm, it's payday today, finallyy.. and I'm planning on paying off one bill tomorrow for good and starting a new one (not so excited about that..) I'm also going to be doing something VERY VERY important, but i don't want to talk to much about it, at least not yet.
  • I have a new camera, and i still haven't taken a picture of "it" to actually show you guys, so i must do that, I'm also still trying to adjust to it, focusing it can be such a bitch pain. Grr, FuckSake.
  • I have a new Mascara which i tried and tested and have a little review to write about it but i haven't got round to it yet, sorry..(Also as I've said before, I'm terrible at reviews so this may be one of the reasons why i haven't done it yet, trying to put it off maybe?).
  • I have other posts in mind, which i have started and just saved as a draft to continue, hopefully they will be done soon,
  • On Saturday, i am planning a trip to an important tree to lay some flowers for an important boy! :(
  • My nails are starting to bug me a little.
  • Work is bugging me a little, OK.. OK A LOT!
  • The new season of "Skins" is crap, in my opinion!! Bummed out! :(
  • Oh, and while shopping in Ikea with Danny today, i happened to bump into Tulisa and Fazer from Ndubz.. randomly doing some shopping too! :) good times.
And that is it, sorry, nothing too new!! :( life is just passing by, no real new excitement!!
I'll leave you with a recent picture of me,

A faceshot.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Outfit of The Day 26012011

Hello gorgeous chicks!
So I've got an outfit of the day for you today, it's pretty basic and simple, (i need comfort when working with children) but when i put it on, i automatically instantly fell in love with it, perhaps its the colours, ah well.

Outfit of the Day:
(no clue as to why my face is so serious looking, O.o)

Boots: Primark.
Jeans: Bardo.
White Vest Under: Primark.
Mustard Colour Jumper: Primark.
Yellow Scarf: Market Stall.

I also managed to take another picture of my "Nails of  the week", in the light, hoping you would be able to see the glitter and the true beauty of this colour better!? Let me know if you can!

What did you guys wear today?

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Film: Unstoppable

I recently saw a film, maybe you've heard of it.. UNSTOPPABLE!
I was so excited to watch this film, since the first time i ever saw the trailer, for a number of reasons. One, Denzel Washington stars and he is one of Hollywood's best leading men, and one of my favourite actors EVER. Two, Chris Pine also stars, and that means there is some more man candy to dribble over, (not saying Denzel, ain't enough to dribble over..). Three, the plot seems so intense and the kinda thing that would have you jumping out of your seat and screaming at the screen. I was not disappointed, this film was pretty good, did make me smile (Denzel's smile alone does that..) but some of the heart touching moments made me smile, i also cried (even though, Danny took the mick out of me, and yes I'm a sap and cry at everything.. but towards the end, its very sweet.) I screamed at the screen in certain parts, and i hoped it would all work out in the end.

Theres also a sorta villain character that you get to hate more and more as the film goes on.
This film is intense, fast paced, and simply a must watch. For any fans of the main actors or any fans of fast paced, on the edge of your seat type films..then this is for you! Also if your a fan of the film "The taking of Pelhem 123" then you will like this, same director, same main man (Denzel) and sorta same theme (trains).
I'd give it between 7-8 stars! :D

What have you guys been watching lately?

Monday, 24 January 2011

Nails of the Day 24012011

Hello (:
Sorry i haven't blogged much over the last 2 days,i haven't been feeling 100% to be honest and i have had a very busy weekend, so blogging got put down on the list of things to do and it just kept moving further and further down the list. :/ Sorry.
Since my last post,things are still pretty shocking around here :(

Right, today I've got a nails of the day plus an outfit of the day for you!! :D
So i shall start with the nails, as this post is mainly about that.

"Barry M" #150 Red Glitter.

It looks very cute in the bottle, and as soon as i picked it up, it reminded me of Christmas. The red glitter just has that effect, i brought it at £2.99 from Superdrug to see if i was going to like.
To be fair this picture doesn't do it justice, its VERY sparkly once applied and dried, and is so noticeable because of how bright it is, but that's about all i like from it. Firstly i don't like the feel of it once its on, feels like glitter.. Obviously but sorta rough and scrappy?!. Second, the first coat i applied looked see through, like i had just dabbed some red glitter from nursery on a finger nail. It needs 2 coats for sure, to actually look anything like nail polish. Lastly, i had to use a topcoat of clear "Barry M" polish, because it felt too rough and like the glitter would actually fall off the nail. :/

Maybe it's because it's the first time I've tried a glitter polish, but i weren't too impressed with the whole application of it.
Now that its on my nails, it does look good and shiny, but i know its going to require a lot of nail polish remover to actually remove all the glitter from the nails (not to mention the hands, this glitter gets EVERYWHERE!)

Have you guys tried a glitter polish and liked it?

Next up, outfit of the day, nothing too special as i was at work and so had to be comfortable.

Ignore the crappy pose and face :/ oh god i still look ill, CRINGE CRINGE!

Jumper: Used to belong to my mother, has no label in and is a few sizes to big for me, which is the look i was going for. (have no clue where she purchased it or how long ago..).
Skirt: HnM.
Tights: Primark.
Shoes: Primark.
Necklace: Peacocks

I felt really comfortable and warm in my large jumper and tight skirt, this is such a cute look and i absolutely love my little skirt!

What have you guys been wearing lately?

Friday, 21 January 2011

Knife Crime, when will it stop?!

Hola my lovelies,
Today's post is gonna be a little different, and i feel like a few of you might not like it so much, if not, then feel free not to read tonight! I'm going to explain as best as i can without mentioning names out of respect for the people i love.

I work with this amazing girl, shes been a friend for almost 2 years, she helps me whenever I'm down, gives me cuddles, she tries to understand points from everyone who is involved in situations, makes you smile when you need it and stands up for you when you deserve it. She is an inspiration, even though she wouldn't say as much. Right now shes suffering, and i don't know how to make it better for her, you see, someone very close to her passed away yesterday while she was working, and i don't think it has sunk in yet for her. Her little brother of 15 is now gone from this world, taken from her and the rest of the family, in what has grown to become almost acceptable in our society a stabbing. Whenever i am sad, down or feeling like i need someone to talk to, she knows exactly what words to say to brighten my day and lift my spirits, and yet here she is with this tragedy and i have nothing to say to her because nothing seems enough to say. She came into work today, i couldn't believe it, and yet she never once showed what she was feeling, or thinking, and for that i commend her and think she is a very strong person. I know this weekend is going to be hard for her and her family, and the best thing i can offer her and do for her, is let her know i am here if she ever needs to talk or ever needs anyone, but even that doesn't seem enough. Her little brother had an amazing smile, was not yet a man, and was in the middle of his GCSE's. He stood up for one of his friends and this thus ended his life. Left for dead, stabbed in broad day light, in front of tons of witnesses by what has been described by the media as a man with mental health issues. I of course, don't know the ins and outs of the story as i was not there, i can only say what has been detailed in the media and what she herself knows. As far as we are aware a 33 year old man has been arrested and is being questioned. Meanwhile one mans actions have caused so much heart ache and pain to a family, she went to the crime scene this morning before work and left flowers for him, yellow ones i think. I kinda feel like i want too as well, in a way this might give me closure as to say, I'm here to help your sister get through this! I don't know!? Don't wanna seem like I'm imposing.
I hope she knows how special she is, and how her little brother loves her and is watching over her from up above. He was obviously needed in heaven for something.

Things like this, make you realise how lucky you are to have what you do, i know when i got home today i gave both my sisters cuddles, as tomorrow is NEVER promised..!
Make sure you tell your loved ones how much they mean to you, and remember to remind them every day!

I'm so sorry for your loss :(

Sorry this post was very emotional and totally different from my usual ones, but this is my personal blog and i feel like i had to write something about it, to make me understand it a bit better! Thank you for reading, if you did!

Have any of you known or had someone close to you die because of knife crime!?


Do you think knife Crime has become almost something which isn't as shocking anymore in our society and maybe not so much "acceptable", but maybe people are very used to it now and so turn a blind eye!?

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Maybelline - The eraser.


how are we all?

So i thought i would do a review on the foundation i purchased yesterday, bare with me as i have never really done one of these. (I kinda feel like, who wants to listen to MY opinion when they can go out there and buy their own and try it for themselves.) Either way i shall try to do one!
I brought "Maybelline - The Eraser" (It says its for anti aging :| i wasn't impressed, but it also says it's the perfect cover foundation, so that made me feel LESS old!) It retails for £9.99 and i personally LIKE it.

It has this little roller brush at the top. You twist the top tip to the left a few times until you hear a few clicks, then you apply to face and start to blend it in a circular movement around the face. You will instantly see the colour start to appear on your face as well as feel it.

I used the shade 040 Fawn.
When i applied it, it felt fresh yet the more i applied the more i felt like it was going to be to heavy on my face, or it was going to make my face feel clumpy and look very Orange.

I was however wrong, once i had applied, i used a blending brush i had (just because i felt like i needed to, and I'm used to it now) to blend it all in, by the time i had fully finished all my make up, the foundation felt light less, and like nothing was there. This little roller brush is quite good at blending it in too, once you've used up all the foundation that has come out from the twists you did in the first place.

I would recommend this foundation to you guys, its not the usual one i go for, but now that i have tried it, i do like it. I feel like you should try it just to see if its your thing though!

I hope i did OK, as a be perfectly honest, its not really my strong point, writing reviews, and i don't know if I'm going to do more, for the simply fact that i think everyone should try the products themselves and not just take on broad my opinions.. i mean (who am i to say weather its good enough for you or not??) - I mean i know it's just an opinion, it's my opinion.. but depending on what i write here, it could put you off from going out there and actually buying it to try it for yourselves..
(Which isn't the plan..)

Let me know if you guys actually buy it and try it?
and sorry for my rambling on abit on this "review".

P.s - i used my sisters camera, as hers is clearly BETTER then mine, as you can see by the pictures.

New Blouse

Hello lovelies,
It's very late, I'm aware, well at least here in the UK it is.. :D
I'm heading straight to bed after this post is done, so I'm sorry its up so late in the night, but its the only time I've really had to come on the laptop tonight. My day has consisted, of worries, happiness, annoyance, and all together tiredness. I did do a little shop today, but for nothing to interesting, just the essentials, like shampoo and body spray. Ohh, i did pick up a new Foundation.. but I'm not sure weather to do a review on it, as I've never done a real one properly!? :/ (Worried much?)

Do you guys think i should?

Anyways, I'm hoping to wear it for work tomorrow, so come to the end of the day i guess i can say a little something about it! :) The only thing i picked up today that I'm truly happy with, was a lovely little blouse. It was brought on a whim, kinda like.. "Hm i don't really know if it's going to suit my body shape?" kinda whim, but my sister convinced me to get it and so i did..Lets just say once i got it home, and tried it on..i fell in LOVE! :)

The pretty pattern all over it.

The bow detail at the front of it.

TAA DAA, ignore my face and focus your eyes on the blouse, i LOVE it!

What do you guys think about it!?

Blouse: Peacocks, on sale for £9 (but my sister, being a student got 20% discount, so grand total of £6.20p):D

What have you guys been buying this week so far?

I did also get to go food shopping with my dad tonight, which i haven't done in forever, and i have to say..i had so much fun! Dad makes me laugh, i forgot how much i miss those little father - daughter moments. ♥

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Nails of the Day 180111

Helloo (:

How is everyone so far this week?
I have been so tired, i don't know if its lack of sleep or just feeling weak. Either way, i think an early night is needed for sure..!
Right, so time for a "Nails of the Day"

I used "Barry M" #306 Pale Blue, I've had this shade for ages, i brought it last summer and overly used it at the time, and i thought with all this horrible and miserable weather we've been having here in London lately, i thought i would make my nails a little more cheery and colourful, so this blue is perfect for my mood right now. As always "Barry M" have made another gorgeous shade that needs only one coat and lasts for ages without chips! :D Oh, "Barry M", you do make me happy!!

What shade have you guys been wearing lately?

Monday, 17 January 2011

Portsmouth, Night Out.

So Saturday evening, i spent time in Portsmouth..Do you want to see the photos we took, not that theres many, and we mostly look silly!! ;D
So here we go..

Me and Danny, on the beach in Portsmouth.. :D I Love this picture.

Monica and Sylvia, even though you can hardly see their faces, thanks to all of Monica's hair.. LOL - Yes they were cold.

The tourist sign.. hahaa.

Portsmouth...!! i Shall visit again soon.

Andd, then comes probably the worst EVER outfit of the day,
but the flash rebounded off of me, giving me a ghostly white face, and the lighting was so bad, that you couldn't quite see what i was wearing so i had to "expose" a bit on the photo editor and the finished result is this.. :/
Soooo not impressed.
So, again, sorry for the quality..

Leather Jacket: Market Stall.
Dress/Top: Primark.
Jeans: Bardo.
Shoes: Primark Wedges. (my faves at the moment).
Bag: Primark.

Do you like my pictures like this, in this bigger size?

Face Of The Day 17012011

So after my lame attempt at a vlog, i shall proceed on to regular posting again.
Urm, its Monday morning and i don't have to be in work till 2pm. Whoop, :)
I have a little post to do on Portsmouth, which i went to over the weekend, and i have a face of the day! I was considering putting them together in one post but since I've lacked in a few posts over the last few days, i may as well make 2. So here we go..

Face Of The Day:-

Andd a little close up of the gorgeous lip colour!! (;

Foundation: Dream Matte Mouse #026 Honey Beige.
Concealer: Beauty UK Blemish Perfect Shade Nude.
Powder: Make Up Academy Pressed powder Shade 2.
Blush: Collection 2000 #2 Bashful.
Mascara: Natural Collection Shade Black.
Eyebrow Pencil: Rimmel London #004 Black/Brown.
Lipstick: Miss Sporty #020 Strip-Tease.
Lipgloss: Natural Collection Juicy Lips.

How are your faces today?

First Time Vlogger.

hello my beauts!
i know I've been a tad lame for 2 days straight with no update, but the weekend kinda took over and so i haven't really had a lot of time!
So i figured the best way to explain what I've been up to these past 2 days was to do a VLOG. This is a big deal to me, as i hate the sound of my own voice, and just the thought of you guys actually sitting there watching and listening to it, makes me shudder! o.O but i feel as i have been a little bit of a bad blogger, then i guess punishment has come..!

Sorry for the quality, although i have to say, its a lot better then my last laptop..LOL
So what do you guys think of vlogs?
was mine annoying, and maybe "NEVER do it ever again" type of thing!!?
If you watched till the end, then thanks for putting up with it for 7 minutes, haha.
Although it was very weird to me to film a vlog, (being the first time i have properly done one) i think if i could think of a different kind of format to do..then i may try some more.. lol
Let me know what you guys think..

Also, i have made a few changes to the blog, i have made the actual post section bigger, as I'm hoping that my pictures will be uploading in a bigger size, instead to the size they have been at the moment. More changes will be coming soon, but as i haven't been on blogger a lot this weekend i haven't had the chance to do it all.
If your a new follower, feel free too come and say Hii to me, i love talking to you guys and finding out a bit more about you..!

So what did you guys get up to this weekend?

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Face Of The Day 13012011

I'm super tired, and i had a little list of some posts i wanted to do, but work killed me today, so I'm gonna do this post quickly, which wasn't even written down to be done..but here goes anyway. (and just so you know i have finally managed to book time off work, that was the best thing about today from work.. so from the 12th of February till the 20th i don't have any work..!! oh yeah - Do you think i said the word "WORK" in that sentence too much, hahaa, i do!).
It's a "face of the day" post, nothing too interesting, and may even be a bit boring to you all. Earlier today while waiting for Danny to decided weather he really did want to go and get a big mac or not, i was busy taking pictures of myself for this, now, my camera batteries ran out so i used my phone camera, therefore..bare with me about the quality and terrible lighting of these images. I tried to expose the picture more so it became clearer for you to see, but then i looked ghostly.. Don't ask!? nice! :/

Click the images to see them in bigger!!
  • Foundation: Collection 2000 perfect Finish, Number 5 Honey.
  • Concealer: Beauty UK blemish perfect, shade NUDE.
  • Bronzer: Beauty UK Bronzing Pearls.
  • Eye Shadow: Make Up Academy Eye Shadow, shade 11 Pearl.
  • Mascara: A mixture of - Collection 2000 EXTREME LENGTHENING Mascara & Natural Collection, Shades black.
  • Lipstick: Sleek True Collection, shade 843 Vixen.
  • Lip gloss: Just a touch of ColourWorks to the pout to make lips look shiner.
  • P.S - Today i totally didn't wear blusher :/ or eye liner :/ hm.
I have to say i REALLY hate the second image, i don't know why, on my phone it looked better then it does once uploaded, but I was so tired i refused to stand there taking more pictures, and ignore the background effect, i just think the room i was in, looked messy! haha.
As you can see by the pictures, my eyebrows clearly need to be threaded and shaped, poor them, they need some TLC, and quickly..hopefully before Saturday Evening, as I'm off out! :)

Have you tired any of the make up i used today?

Nothing To Wear

Yo Yo,
Today was grim, the weather, work and even the people, only good thing about today was my friend Monique came to visit us at work, and that only lasted an hour. I'm really starting to hate work right miserable and moany. Nothing ever changes. The weather was horrible too.. all grey and damp and rainy..! :(
January depresses me!!

This is how it looked on the way to work this Morning in London, at 8:45am, so cold and lame!!

Moving onn.
I'm having one of them moments right now, where you have self loathe, i hate my body, at this moment in time, why am i so slim! urgh.. seriously having one of them moments where no dresses are looking good on me, therefore i hate myself. By tomorrow i should be better, and this may just be because its 1am and I'm still awake, (WHYY am i still awake?) therefore i am tired.
I am going out this Saturday night, and i haven't been out in a while, so i intend to look beautiful..! *sighs, dreams on* but at the same time, remain comfy and semi warm in this British weather. I have no cash to spare for a new outfit as i have rent to pay for the next 2 weeks, therefore the only option is scrummage around my wardrobe and find an outfit or manage to put a little something together. NOT EASY.

Attempt One;
Open wardrobe doors, looked inside, shut door and walked away with an empty feeling of knowing.."i have nothing to wear"!!

Attempt Two ;
5 minutes later and 2 tweets later, open wardrobe doors, look inside, sigh and start searching.. pull out a tight white dress, look at it and think "Maybeee?!" try it on, look in mirror, look for negatives and things i don't like about it.
  • quite short.
  • ew, are those my arms :/
  • makes my legs look thinner.
  • can you see my bra straps?.
Gets sister to take picture of her in dress to see how it looks later (when this mood of "i hate my body and all the little kooks it has" has gone.) Puts dress back in wardrobe, closes doors and walks away thinking.. "not sure, still not right!"

Attempt Three;
5 minutes later, and another tweet later, opens wardrobe doors, looks inside, has the attitude "I MUST FIND SOMETHING!!" pulls out a pink dress, goes to the mirror and tries it on. Does a spin and automatically decides "this dress is NEVER leaving this house.." gets sister to take picture of her in it, for later just in case. Takes dress off puts it back and mutters "makes me look horrible, why did i ever buy this?" Closes doors, walks away and thinks "maybe the dress i brought for New Years Eve".

Last and Final Attempt.
Attempt Four;
Goes to sisters wardrobe and looks through her dresses, (desperation has now set in..) looks at a greeny dress and decides straight away "no, i don't want boob tube or nothing like that." Closes doors, walks back to bed and says "maybe a high waisted skirt and a top?"

Sitting on bed, and still has nothing to wear for Saturday Night. Disaster has struck!!

P.S i have a twitchy eye at the moment, and its been here all day, so annoying, what does it mean when your eye can't stop twitching!?

Andd a big HELLOOOO to all my new followers! :D Welcome.. X

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Whats In My Bag? (image heavy)

Hows everybody today?..its been one of those really wasteful days, you know the kind right? i mean i can't be the only human who experiences them. The days in which nothing remotely interesting or funny or even cute happens so it seems like a waste of such a beautiful day. It's my own fault for not making something out of it i guess, but i had a 9 hour shift of looking after little kids..urgh can't blame me, and YES i am exhausted today.. i can't wait till my head touches my pillow in a bit..*Sighh* The one thing that happened today that is still imprinted in my head is that i want or need to take 2 weeks off in the summer, and someone else in my room also needs to take 2 weeks off around the same time because of their child! I know the boss wont let us both be off, but it was the same for me last year and that's unfair, 2 years in a row.. that takes the piss..! I'm going to book my tickets regardless and if i get fired, then so be argument is fair, and the place i work at is very unfair, different rules for everybody..! The fact that everybody in my room was aware of the time i wanted to take off and said it was fine, then my boss changes things around and moves someone new into the room who had also spoken to her room about the time off and they said it was fine, but now as she's part of our room..its different and whats happened before does not count. BULLSHIT (pardon my French)..i follow the rules in that place like nobodies business and i get it in the neck all the time, also I've never gone to any union and complained about the unfairness of my work place or about the total lack of confidentiality but continue the way you are and i may think twice about it..(no threat, just "FRIENDLY" banter).
Anyways, enough rambling.. i thought i may as well do a post on "Whats in my bag".
So here we go.

Firstly the bag;
This bag may not be the prettiest, but its huge, when i say huge i mean HHUUGGEE! So its great because it fits everything i need on a day to day basis, plus.. some food for lunch time at work andd my hat, gloves and scarf if needed. It's from Primark, so very inexpensive about £6-£8 and theres also the colour black.

First thing in my bag, my purse. It's light pink, and quite spacious, you can fit about 8 cards and its got a place for coins and a place for notes. Again, Primark and I'd say it retails at around £4.

Four of my cards, rent and council tax, national insurance number and debit card.

Some of the other cards i had stored in there, my provisional licence (still having lessons here..), My oyster card, my Iceland bonus card, My NANDOS loyalty card, and a little sister card Lili gave me at Christmas.. :)

I got this little black notebook as i mostly love to write and wherever i am, if i ever need to jot something down, i need a little notebook with me at all times. I got it from Wilkinson's for about £3.

Inside i have already started to fill stuff in, i have made little lists ( I LOVE LISTS) about what posts i need to write and as i do them i highlight them off. Whenever i get an idea for a post or anything i jot it all down to remind me later.

The next thing in my bag is my 2011 Dairy, i need one of these bad boys, for work so i know when i have time off and when others have time off, i also like to write down whats happened during the day, make a little note to remind myself. I got this from the pound shop for, you guessed it.. £1 :D

As you can see inside the dairy, it's literally day by day of what i do and have done.

Next up is my iPod, Danny got me this for Christmas 2009, its blue and got a blue gel protector cover over it, it's engraved on the back with my name, date of birth and a little love message from Danny. The Case is my leopard print one i brought from Superdrug and it came in a pack of 3 for like a fiver. I put the iPod in the case and then into my bag just to protect it more.

Then we have my phone, now it looks fancy because it flips out and has a keyboard, but its really not that great and I'm even going to discourage you from buying it. This is my 3rd Nokia 97, the first got stolen and the second just stopped working on me, and wouldn't turn on..theres so many kooks with this phone, can't wait for my upgrade in may..So far away.

Then the only piece of make up i found in my bag today was this lipstick, i guess i took it to work and that was it, Its a Make Up Academy one which retails in Superdrug for £1 and the shade to this one is 11, i have to say its my favourite shade of lipstick at the moment. I can wear it all day.

I can not say enough words about how amazing this product is (to my hair anyways.) I brought it out of desperation as i could not find something that would keep my curls in without frizz and without making it sticky, oily or greasy. I saw this, brought it, tried it and fell in love. It makes my hair feel exactly the way i want it, and it keeps the frizz at bay. i cant remember how much it was but i will be buying another one when this one is finished for sure. "Curl Expertise Curl Definition Creme with anti static for killer curls and salon styled waves". From Superdrug's own range.

Next i have this little beauty with me, It's my Victoria Secret Perfume, smells sweet, which I'm not usually drawn too, but this little one was a gift all the way from America and i do love a few spritz of it before i leave the house, this one or my favourite Givenchy - Very Irresistible. (where would i be without that one)

I have some handy Highlighters in my bag, no real reason, i just use them on my little notepad these days, you can get them from any pound shop for, that's right.. £1.

Lastly i have my Glamour magazine, i love my magazines and I'm an avid reader of Glamour, and Cosmo. At £2 its so worth it! :D

And there you have it, my bag post..sorry for the image heavy post, but i guess i had a lot of things in my bag. I hope you enjoyed it, and i hope every ones having a good week so far.

What do you always carry in your bags with you??
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