Thursday, 15 April 2010

Nothing to Wear.

Going to work in about 20 minutes, and i really don't want to go.. :) I'm kinda annoyed as i went shopping and spent like £50 and still don't know what to wear tomorrow night for Jade's! Great! I brought a blue little skirt which will go well with leggings, and i brought some amazingly cute tops, but there not party gear really. I also brought some jeans I'm totally not happy with minus the colour, Primark jeans always bug me, last time i brought a pair was winter 2007, so today i decided to give them another go, and again i feel like there's so much space at the front even though I'm a girl and clearly have no package there. Sylvia brought a cute strapless dress, it looks amazing and it was only a fiver, wish i had brought something similar. On a brighter note i brought my tutu for the holiday with the girls in July, brought an orange one, but I'm not sure if i want to be the White tutu-ed girl? :P ahh. Anyways off to work i head, be back later to blog more..! :) x.
*I miss him and hate it.*


sabrina said...

Accessories can always dress an outfit up and I also find wearing tight instead of legging makes the outfit more like 'Party gear.'
Can't you steal your sisters dress? And I hate Primark jeans to, the best jeans are zara ones and they can be really cheap I have some which cost me £10! X

Ana Cristina said...

yeah i like the tights with the prints, i brought a pair today, super cute. primark jens are so urgh i have no words, there just terrible. ohh zara jeans, ive never actually brought zara jeans before! :/ x.

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