Sunday, 31 May 2009

Camden Here i come.

Hey my loves, Happy Sunday..i cant talk much, i just got make up on and im dressed..and im on my way to go meet Monique. We are going Camden today! anyone else going?? anyways i'll be back a little later to blog my lovers! :D

Till Then..

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Riri And Chris

Back when they were happy together!...

How times change..

Goodnight now.

Diversity WONNN & Summer Fun.

Pictures From Today;;

The Yummy Cake For Monica That Daddy Made.

Cake = Yummmm.

Shannon And Moi In The Park During The Tanning Session.

Sylvia And Shannon - Check Out Sylvia's Weird Hair Piece, Haha.

Shannon And Monica, They Finally Got It Right.

Sylvia, Me And Shannon Tanning.

Doing The Peace Sign Is Not A Trend, It's A Way Of Life.

Monica And Shannon Peace Posing.

Sylvia's Ass is SOOO Comfortable To Just Stand On.

The SHORTEST and GEEKIEST video ever made..
Us saying hello in different languages.
Sylvia - German.
Shannon - Italian.
Monica - French.
Ana - (i have no idea, it's a mixture of Cockney English and Australian). :)

That is All My Lovers..BUT before i go, tonight was Britain's Got Talent.. and DIVERSITY won!! :D so happy they did it, they are amazing...!


It's a FUCKING MUST WATCH & check out their other videos!!! :)

(I also Want pierre luc kiely, as my child..The little boy with the afro and glasses! Lol) :D ....


Today was HOTT;;

Lame posting update recently. Sorry. Been a bit busy and that. whats new with all of you??


I love Saturdays, i really doo, weather i stay in or go out..Saturdays are so peaceful and beautiful, maybe thats cause im not working. lol. so Shannon came round to sleep yesterday, and today we didnt get our way and she couldn't stay..she had to go to the party..i miss her already :( I wish she was closer by alot more of the time..! She watched "Twilight" for the first time last night and shes in love with EDWARD, like her tummy gets this special feeling every time hes near by as she keeps saying! haha, so funny the effect that film has on people. she kept staring at the poster we have of him in our room and daydreaming, it was rather amusing to watch. she also watched the "Tokio Hotel Zimmer" DVD and she loved it.. [Oh georg, every time that boy opens his mouth, something funny comes out of it... TSCHUSS HERMAN]. i woke up this morning with such a bad sore throat, i just know i gonna get ill. great. i woke up so early even though i went to bed at like 3 in the morning because i knew the council men were coming to clean the heating, and the one that came was gorgeous and called JOSH! he was soo hot, he had tattoos all down one of his arm's, and he listened to "Green Day" while he worked! :D After he had left Me, Sylvia, Monica and shan got ready and went to wood green..HmV only have 2 t-shirts left of tokio hotel! :) i also brought a pair of shorts lol :) then we bubbled around for a little bit and went to the park in wood green where some polish guys tried chatting us up. :/ then we decided to come back to our own area and tan in our local park..We did that and there was some German/polish guys playing football right near us too..not good looking in anyway, besides we were more interested in watching the other 10 boys playing football. :) we tanned for about an hour, then came home quickly and cut Monica's birthday cake.. then we took shan to Nicola's house and we came home and did some tidying up..! :D phew what a day, pictures are coming soonish.

P.S - I really want a pair of these, but they seem so hard to find in my town.urgh.

Long Length Dungaree Shorts;

Pics coming..

Thursday, 28 May 2009

I have it.

The T-shirt.

Showing Tokio Hotel my Love..
Supporting Aids & HIV..
My T-Shirt is soo pretty..
Ich Liebe Es..

(P.S - There were about 10 shirts altogether, and huge posters of them.. LOL :D, just before going home, we looked in the shop again, and there were less shirts xD, Woop more fans.. i hope..! Although the woman at the till didnt know who they were.. :/ -)


Happy Birthday Munchkin..!

Woo, Yo Wadd up my lovers, German Blog time noo?! lol

Heute morgen bin ich aufgewacht und ging zu Wood Green Für monica's geburtstag, Sie ist jetzt 12 Jahre alt. Für ihren Geburtstag ich bekam ihren die tokio hotel t-shirt und einer laptop. sylvia bekam ihren einige bücher und ein murder mystery spiel, Ich bin wirklich freuen uns zu spielen es. Dann musste ich zur Arbeit gehen, bis 6 :( und wenn ich fertig und kam hause ich setzte sich vor der Laptop bis 8 zu setzen sie es bis. jetzt bin ich hier sitzen und ich bin sehr müde, ich bin fast fertig für Bett. Gehen, um etwas zu essen und dann schlafen. Darüber hinaus der Mann, der verkauft mir den Laptop, würde nicht mehr aufhören Flirt mit mir, es war WIDERLICH. Sein name war JIDE! (Albern mann), er war alt genug, zu sein meinem Vater. Ich habe eine Marilyn Monroe-Poster zu, die ich liebe.. und eine neue Kamera-Tasche, die so funky..! ♥ ok, ich bin jetzt sehr müde, ich essen und dann schlafen, ich arbeite am Morgen, Shannon wird etwa in den Abend.. Und die COMETS sind hiere. lol. Das ist alle meine Leser.. :)

This morning i woke up and went to wood green for monicas birthday, She is now 12 years old. For her birthday i got her the tokio hotel t-shirt and a laptop. Sylvia got her some books and a murder mystery game, i'm really looking forward to playing it. Then i had to go to work till 6 :( and when i finished and came home i sat in front of the laptop til 8 to set it up. Now i'm sitting here and i'm very tired, i'm almost ready for bed. Got to get something to eat and then sleep. Furthermore the guy who sold me the laptop, would not stop flirting with me, it was DISGUSTING. His name was JIDE! (silly man), he was old enough to be my father. I got a Marilyn Monroe poster too, which i love.. and a new camera bag, which is so funky..! ♥ Ok, i am now very tired, i eat and then sleep, i work in the morning, shannon will be about in the evening..And the COMETS are here. lol. That is all my readers.. :)

Meine Neue Kamera Tasche.. :)
My new Camera Bag.. :)

Und meine Schlafanzüge, Ich bin bereit für Bett.. :)
And my pyjamas, im ready for bed.. :)

Eines Tages wird mein Prinz kommen.. :)

Some day my price will come.. :)


Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Have you ever been so afraid of something, even though it will only bring good into your life..?

Have you ever been afraid to let someone in,
Someone who you have not known for long,
Someone who you may have known once,
Someone who could hurt you,
Someone who could destroy you,
Someone totally and utterly new.
Have you ever been afraid to let them completely see you at ease,

To let them completely know you,
To completely let them into your darkest secrets and deepest desires.
For fear of getting hurt,

for fear of not knowing what might happen,
For fear of what..?
What are we afraid of..?

Afraid of getting what we want, and not being happy with it.
Afraid of not getting what we want, and knowing it's our own fault for putting up a wall and blocking anyone from entering past it.
Mostly we're afraid to give our hearts away,
we're scared that the person won't look after it right,
we're scared that after years of protecting it, we hand it to someone else and they smash it up.
We are scared of Love, but most of us want to be in it....

Walled Up Pictures, Images and Photos

I'm scared.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

People Change..

Hey there Bloggers, i'm feeling RANDOM so i thought i would post some random pictures, get ready for SPAM..but also enjoy! :D

Celebrities Before & After..

Marilyn Manson..

Tom Cruise..

Michael Jackson..

Freddie Mercury..

Jennifer Lopez..

Kate Moss..

Marilyn Monroe..

Leonardo DiCaprio..

Arnold Schwarzenegger..

Angelina Jolie..

Kate Winslet..

OMG how some of them have changed, i guess Angelina always had those sexy lips. :P
Marilyn Manson & Tom Cruise = HAHAHA
and oh dear Michael, you really have CHANGED!! :)

Funny things

My Bitch..

Shannon Und Ich..

Dass Die Liebe..!

Fruit Salad :/

Good night one and all.
I have finally finished my unit 1.1 woop :) so fucking excited..! now moving onto unit 1.2 urgh so fucking not excited! :/ how was your Monday, here in the UK it was a bank holiday meaning an extra long weekend, i love these days, and would have really enjoyed today if, the weather was not shit and i didn't have so much coursework to finish!! URGH so not impressed. now I'm shitting myself, because tomorrow i gotta make a fruit salad at nursery with the children's help..OMG lord Jesus save me or at least give the help tomorrow. im so not looking forward to tomorrow i have to be in at 7:45am and everything! BLAH! Moving on though, i have started to think of things to do for my 21st birthday party this august, i might rent a hall out and have a big party, that is if i can afford to pay to feed everyone..they can bring their own drinks..! And also the thing about 11 year old's and 26 year old's partying together might be a turn off, as well as dad hating all the music i will have chosen, anddd none of my friends liking Tokio Hotel music except maybe about 6 of us including me and the sisters! urgh, what to do!?! lol
on an brighter note, Shannon should be coming to stay over this Friday and hopefully she'll stay till Sunday! (if we get our own way) woop woop! ;D i miss her. Watched the whole Tokio DVD today, omg uber amazing, *sighs* aw Tom, 2 hours of pure perfection.. Right, I'm off to go and paint the nails for work tomorrow and then try and sleep, even though i am not tired and I'll probably have nightmares about fruit salads! lol Goodnight. - I'll just let you dribble over him a bit too.

BOOO Tom;;
OH - SHIT. Pictures, Images and Photos
I'd Tap That, Bump That, Grind That, and even Bang That!!

Lights out.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Traffic Free Day 2009

Hello All. My day yesterday in Pictures.
Welcome To London - "Traffic Free Day On Oxford Street!"

The Street was ÜBER packed.

Monica and Sylvia near the dinosaur from "Night at the Museum 2"

The Drummer was behind me ready to RAWRRRR at me! O___o

Ich, Monica und Sylvia..! ♥

Sylvia and Monica in the Park, after the ice-cream (relaxing) :)

The bags, handbag full of clothes, HMV bag full of clothes, Primark bag Ripped, could not fit all the clothes in there! :/

Sylvia and Monica home from the long day out! :D

Hunnie i'm Home!


Tokio Hotel Zimmer DVD = THE SEXX

Get The "LONDON" Look.

The new party dress and shoes..! That is love! ♥

the sexiest shoes!!

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, well then you have plenty of words there my loves!


Can i touch you??

I'm exhausted today, even as i write this. We woke up and weren't really sure if we wanted to leave the house, i mean the weather was nice but our beds were so comfy, and we were so tired we couldn't pull ourselves away. When we finally rolled out of bed, me and Sylvia went to watch some music videos upstairs, we left Monica still asleep. We watched them for about 30 minutes and then i got THE call. It was dad asking if we were still home, he was coming soon and wanted to bring Millie (the girlfriend) - HINT: we leave the house for a couple of hours. I told him we'd be ready in 45 minutes, then i ran to Monica, woke her up, put the straighteners on and started to make breakfast. i fixed my hair did the make up and ate as did the girls. Dad came home just as we were leaving, but there was no Millie..i didn't even ask what had happened, just grabbed my bags and headed for the door. we had to go post office first and pay some bills, and then we walked to the underground, got the train..not before we had a few words with N.LENORD! lol got off at oxford circus, and it was a non traffic day in oxford street. NO buses, NO cars, NO taxis..nothing, instead you had people walking in the middle of the roads and you had live entertainment, the theme "Night at the museum 2!" so there was dinosaurs, and people in costumes and Big plasmas with scenes from the new film..all good i enjoyed it!! :)
we waffled about for ages, taking pictures, seeing the sights, taking everything in, then we went HMV and brought "Twilight" shirts..a team Edward one and a normal twilight one. i asked the man at the counter if he had a nena CD and he said normally yeah but they weren't in stock, so we asked for a Tokio DVD and he said yeah downstairs, we ran and yep there it was the Zimmer DVD! so we got that xD also there was about 6 SCREAM CD's! lol :) next we went to "Marks and Spencer" to buy socks fr Monica, as her feet were starting to get blisters, from all the walking.. and then finally we went to "Primark"..3 hours & £100 later, we came out and walked to hyde park, we sat down eating our ice-creams and just chilled..! we relaxed for ages trying to avoid the 6 o clock trains. About 1 hour later we went back to the underground and made our way home. had pizza and watched the DVD! now everyone is sleeping but me, and im so tired that im about to hit the pillow too.. Pictures coming tomorrow. what a fun day out!

.The pierced guy at HMV and Sylvia flirting.
.Excuse me - YES - Can i please touch you?.
.The hanger man at primark.
.Police watching us eat.
.Beautiful but expensive Marks and Spencer dress.
.RAWRR to the drummer.

.The primark bag ripping.
.A huge parcel in the street = Goodie bags.
.Couples everywhere.
.Shoulder in pain from bag.
.Man coming out of the tesco toilet.
.All the weird pictures im probably in from other peoples cameras.
.Monica's jeans not fitting, and having to fix them for Sylvia.
.Monica's crying.
.The dieting and the vomited tomato.
.Dad's story AGAIN.
.Family portrait by Pink.


Saturday, 23 May 2009

1 Year, 4 Months..

The Late Heath Ledger..
heath ledger Pictures, Images and Photos

Heath Ledger Pictures, Images and Photos

heath ledger Pictures, Images and Photos

heath ledger Pictures, Images and Photos
I'm an Idiot, and im sorry.
Don't forgive me, its happened twice now.
"I Wish I Knew How To Quit You..."

Miss You,
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