Thursday, 15 April 2010


Ok i have a weight issue going on in my head right now, so before, way back i used to be an English size 10, and the jeans fit right and they gave me a good bum etc. Perfect. I then started working full time, and all the running about that i was not used to, made me lose weight, also the fact that i spent alot of the time ill from catching whatever the children had, made me lose weight. I went from an English size 10 to an English size 8. So all my size 10 jeans were baggy and they had quiet abit more space in them, enough space for you to fit your manly package if you get what i mean..? XD not to mention the saggy bum they gave me. Since then everyone at work has been telling me I've lost More weight, now i know my body better then them and i thought that i was starting to put the weight back on, but if their all noticing me getting thinner i assumed i wouldn't have to be buying a bigger size for a while still. In this last month i have brought 2 pairs of jeans, one size 8 and i had to return and exchange and one size 10. I'm so used to buying the size 8 things i keep buying all my leggings, tights, skirts, shorts and jeans in size 8 and they end up not fitting. I'm not saying I'm a full size 10, but I've always had big hips, i feel like i have no bum what so ever, but my hips are there for everyone to see. Mum always used to tell me i was big hipped, so i think as i slowly start heading back to my original size 10 i have to always remember my hips when it comes to buying any sort of bottoms for me. :/

P.S - Thanks for thinking of me tonight.

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