Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Give & Take

Evening all, i still have not edited all photos from the party and park, i will do soon though! Sorry. Work today was a little better then yesterday, at least i didnt get yelled at the second i walked into the room for the room looking a mess, "urm HELLO i just arrived, thanks for the heads up!" Also today thought about buying from Ebay a 2005 DVD of "Cirque De Soleil - Alegria" which was about £9 but Danny came over and helped me download it, so i got it for free and i got it today! I already watched it with the family, and we all loved it, just as i thought, including dad, Danny however became tired half way through and went home, that boy comes over, watches some football and then falls asleep on my sofa! :| haha xD

I recommend everyone to watch it.
Andd to view the trailer for it, go here:

It's an amazing show.

P.S - You wont change for nobody, i know this already, you have explained this to me on several occasions, but i feel like its all give, give, give with you. At some point you have to realise that there is Give and Take, if you don't realise this, how is it supposed to work? You tell me not to moan, well then i suggest that you take a step back and think about what i have said and see if i am right, i think you'll find I'm not moaning, but simply stating the facts. Things have changed, and sometimes it feels like bad change.

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