Saturday, 25 July 2009

WOW - its been awhile

i am alive, and I'm so sorry for not blogging properly for the last god knows how long!!
I'm so sorry, but i have news and its special to me. i haven't been coming online much these past few weeks but i haven't been home much to be able to come online.
so whats new with all of you?? whats been going on? let me know your all still alive too yaa!?
theres so much to say, Tokio have chosen their new album name and i love it..I've seen the new poster for their acoustic performance and I'm not too sure yet. :/ theres new pictures of Bill and Tom and i am in Love with them, and then theres a new guy in my life called Danny. He's pretty amazing and important to me. ♥ We've been getting to know each other alot lately..going out places and generally being with each other. Its pretty much making me smile from ear to ear..! :D
a quick post just to let you all know that everything is OK and I'm happy!! :) I'll be posting moree soon..ima start posting like normal again!! :]


Thursday, 16 July 2009

Adventure time. JLS day.

mine and shannons adventure to amazing places to see JLS which turned into all sorts of things. lol

say cheese.


orange juice - yummmy.


shannon leigh.

information - help - travel advice.

say cheese part 2.


sad we were lost.

travel tickets.

looking drunk.

go crazy.


JonBenét Ramsey

Hey so I'm a little downhearted. Yesterday morning i woke up and started getting ready for work and the TV on in the background was playing a film.. called "Perfect Town, Perfect Murder". while getting ready i watched this film and it was a true life film..i think these types of films are amazing..there so dramatic and perfect for viewing. Well i really got into the story and i then i went online and looked up some more stuff about it and now I'm really into the story! its based on a little girl called JonBenet Ramsey..have you heard of her. She was a beautiful little girl who went missing on Christmas day in the year of 1996 and was found less then 8 hours later in her own home's basement. Mostly the story of her death became so widely known and publicly known, because of the length of the case and because her parents were suspects in her death for many years to come after.
Check out her wikipedia for more information on the whole case and story..its amazingly sad, and leaves you believing all sorts of things! :/

JonBenet Ramsey

she was a beauty pageant winner and you could see why! so pretty, but maybe a bit to much for such a young age, she was only 6 years old! :/

Shocked and Saddened

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Quero a minha casa.

Boa tarde meu lindo mundo, estou fazendo este blog em Português, porque neste momento estou com falta de portugal, eu não posso viver na Inglaterra por um período tão longo de tempo sem visitar a minha casa, a ultima vez que eu tive em portugal foi 2006 Por isso tenho imenso saudades! :( Hoje nao vale a pena esta a esrever sobre o dia..! Eu só trabalhei 4 horas e depois vim para casa para estar com a família, que e a coisa que eu mais adoro de fazer, e dias assim..4 horas de trabalho e o resto do tempo com a manas e amigos.
JA estou farta de inglaterra!! :(

I wanna go Home.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

New Hair

I got a new hairstyle, BUT i don't like it much!! its too blonde and i just don't like it, it don't suit me..i spent £65 sooo, ima have it like this for like 4 weeks and then I'm going to dye it dark again!! :/ soo not happy with it!! took one picture, and you cant see the full blonde-ness init..i will take more, but for now, I'm too disgusted with it..!
here it is for you to looky! :P

That's all

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Shopping Time ♥

I have been going on so many shopping trips and i keep forgetting to upload on my blog what i have here we are;

The Bands With Me Top
Flamingo Lounge Top
Superman Top
Heart Breaker Top
I ♥ London Top
Short Dungarees
My Badges (I ♥ Michael Jackson, Tokio Hotel Symbol, Nearly Famous, What Makes You Think I Give A Shit, If Found Give VODKA & Aston Merrygold)

There were more Tops but there now in the wash.. LOL

I also brought a Michael Jackson Top and then
Sylvia brought one too, i liked hers, and she liked we swapped. MINE is now the blue one.. ♥
We wore them on his memorial day.. :) and i sometimes sleep in mine.. xD

That's all for now, will blog in a bit, because i have new hairrr..! :)

There are so many celebrity babies at the moment, and i think alot of them are super cute.. heres my absolute favourites though..

Harlow Winter Kate Madden With Daddy (Joel Madden) & Mummy (Nicole Richie)

Nahla Ariela Aubry With Daddy (Gabriel Aubry) & Mummy (Halle Berry)

Kingston James McGregor Rossdale With Daddy (Gavin Rossdale) & Mummy (Gwen Stefani)

Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt With Daddy (Brad Pitt) & Mummy (Angelina Jolie)

To join these, i think Matilda Rose Ledger, Romeo James Beckham, Honor Marie Warren, Paris Katherine Michael Jackson, Isabella Damon, Jaden Christopher Syre Smith, Leni Klum and Henry Klum.

Chat Later..

Thursday, 9 July 2009

The Little Prince.

As far back as i remember, He was there, he was a part of my life even if he didn't know it, There were times when his words helped heal a broken heart, times when his words were said in a perfect way and times when he spoke so profoundly that every listener was attentive to what he was saying! He had this way with people, and yet he seemed to think that he was no good at the social part of life. His laugh was Intoxicating, his body movements were mesmerizing, his voice was like heavens angels singing in a choir and his heart was full of good, pureness, love and compassion. There will never be another like him, He was the one and only to ever grace this earth. We look in our hearts for reasons as to why he had to leave so soon, and the only one that makes any sense is that maybe his time here on earth was done, there was nothing left for him to achieve and the lord needed him more for far more greater things in the heavens!

"What moves me so deeply,
about this sleeping prince..
is his loyalty to a flower--the image of a rose shining within him like a flame within a lamp,
even when he's asleep.
And I realized he was even more fragile than I had thought.
Lamps must be protected.
A gust of wind can blow them out."

"We need to look up, where he is undoubtedly perched on a crescent moon, and we need to smile."

He had a meaning to live, He had a reason, He was put on this earth for a purpose, And now that his work is done and he has full filled his mission in his destiny, He can now return home, He can now gain his wings and roam around freely in the heavens above, With no one judging and ridiculing him anymore.

In our darkest hour
In my deepest despair
Will you still care?
Will you be there?
In my trials
And my tribulations
Through our doubts
And frustrations
In my violence
In my turbulence
Through my fear
And my confessions
In my anguish and my pain
Through my joy and my sorrow
In the promise of another tomorrow
Ill never let you part
For you're always in my heart


Monday, 6 July 2009

Michael Home Movie


^.^ MJ makes me laugh so much..haa.. i love and miss him! ♥
haa, happy Sunday. I'm a little weirded out today, probs no biggie..I'll let ya know how i feel about the situation in a few days! LOL :) what did you guys do today?? let me know. i did ALOT of cleaning, i threw out so much old clothes and did a big clear out of the junk in this house as well as doing the laundry and Sylvia doing the hoovering and finally some childcare coursework! : shit day really. What did you guys doo??

watch at 1:05.. OMG Hes so funny and cute! ♥

G'Night. Boring Post.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Today's Day.

Hello Gorgeous People. Man I've have had a tiring day, I got up at around 11:30 because i knew the AVON woman was coming at about 12, so i got dressed in case she came..had breakfast and nothing.. no one had come yet. By 1 o'clock, i said to Sylvia, today is gonna be great..we don't have to go out anywhere, so we can stay in and relax. I'm not one to usually like being in on a Saturday but I've been so tired lately, that a bit of relaxation was just what i needed, But Monica trunt round and said she needed to see where the 6 form place was, as she was going to be having lessons there on Monday. Urgh. We got dressed, did our make up and hair and by 2 o'clock wee ready to go..still no AVON woman. I told dad what to do in case she came, and then i decided i really wanted to find "Moonwalker: Michael Jackson" on DVD, and that shouldn't be too hard, since his passing I'm sure all Michael Merchandise has been brought forward a great deal. I asked dad where there was a HMV around here and he said try the shopping center in Edmonton Green. (OK firstly i didn't even know this shopping center existed) haha, but i got on the bus and went off on my journey to the shopping center. We got there and it was pretty pointless, no HMV, a superdrug and lots of shops selling Indian Clothes (dresses.. etc) and lots of places selling meat, i would call it more a market then a shopping center but whatever. We went superdrug for Monica to get what she needed and then after walking about for an hour we went to Asda, brought lots of yummy crap and then we went Lidi, mostly because it reminds me of Portugal and it was so lovely and fresh inside! lol we then caught the bus and were stuck int he worst traffic jam for about 30 minutes, on the the most annoying bus of all time with the most annoying teenage girls ever..talking really loudly about the guy they saw on the bus last week being really "sexy". Hmph. We got off the bus, and showed Monica the form and then i had no more money to take the bus home so we walked through Bruce Castle Cemetery, it was eerie and really silent, Sylvia kept looking behind us in case weird people came but i felt mostly relaxed walking through it. it didn't occur to me until we were at the end of it, that we had been surrounded by so many dead people, although while walking through there i did my R.I.P's to who i needed to. we came out of there and had an ice cream, yummy and then came home..where i started to work on my new blog header..its up and i love it

The Cemetery, Which i found to be peaceful and beautiful.

Edmonton Green Shopping Center OR MARKET as i say.


HOT Boys

Hello world..i think its time for an Aston and Tom Blog..

Aston Picture Spam;;

Tom Picture Spam;;


Thursday, 2 July 2009

My Songg

Michael jackson's song for me.. :)

Annie Are You OK?
Will You Tell Us That You're OK?
There's A Sign In The Window
That He Struck You - A Crescendo Annie
He Came Into Your Apartment
He Left The Bloodstains On The Carpet
Then You Ran Into The Bedroom
You Were Struck Down
It Was Your Doom

Annie are you ok?
Are you ok Annie?
Annie are you ok?
Are you ok Annie?
Annie are you ok?
Are you ok Annie?
You've been hit by..
You've been struck by..
A Smooth Criminal

Love You Michael

The Pointless Blog

Olaaaa Boa noite.
I have so much to tell you, oh no wait...i have nothing. seriously Fuck all has happened recently. I'm rather depressed, that this may be my life from now on...! humph. sooo Joanne is pregnant..and i knew about it for a while but now the world can know too!! :P haha..shes gonna have her second baby! :) I'm so excited and i really wanna see her through this pregnancy a lot more then i did through her first one! :P which should be easy since i never saw her once through the first. What else is there..hmm..umm..oh yeah work is going to drag this next week.. i can tell..GREAT. I'm actually not looking forward to it at all. PFT. um..Tom's blog should be coming this week, I'm so excited for this and yet have seen nothing..! i do wish he would hurry up. Also cherrytreerecords say they have a video to upload tonight at midnight (my time) of tom, i wonder what it will be about, for some reason i just picture him there with his cornrows saying.."yes I'm going to be blogging soon!". i really hope not, because we kinda already know that, tell us something useful. :) Today i lost £10 in the shop while i was buying cakes for the nursery, i was not impressed to go back to the spot where i think i dropped it and find an old lady on her hands and knees picking something up..ARGH why me?
lately i have been losing everything.. my mobile, my anklet that was made specially for me, my silver bracelet..which i later found, my sunglasses..which i later found.., my "Che" badge! i need to start focusing on things happening around me, otherwise I'm gonna lose everything. its so annoying!
finally, i have done so much shopping lately and have not uploaded any pics, Ive got so many new tops, its disgraceful..Ive been buying on eBay so i got badges, and I'm still waiting on an old classic book! :) urgh life at the moment is so pointless to blog about, i don't even know..! the heat here has been killing me, its so hott and i like it but its also too hott.. and i hate it! :P I'm never satisfied! haaa this whole Michael Jackson not being here any more is really rather saddening. i remembered the name of the film i saw of his when i was smaller, its called "Moonwalker" and when i was little i thought it was amazing, i watched it yesterday with the girls and even though it looks so fake its proper funny to watch and i lovee it.. its saved as a favourite on my youtube. lool. after watching it, me and Sylvia made a tribute to the "King Of Pop" haha
watch it and enjoy;; (Sorry for the quality of image AGAIN, its the laptop camera..)

Right all that's left to say is..;

Goodnight SKIPPER
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