Monday, 12 April 2010

Brighton Pictures

Hey, so Brighton pictures, Let's get to it then:

Monica and Sylvia on the way there.

Sylvia and me in the Fish and Chip shop's toilet, they were disgusting and if health and safety were to come by they would surely shut the place down.

Sylvia gambling away, while Danny watches her, this machine we played on was broken, it was 30p a go and we had about 40 goes for 5p! hahahaha :))

The Brighton coast, its actually quiet beautiful. ♥

♥ I Love You Forever And Always ♥

"It's Love" :- Mine and Danny's hands!

The old burnt down pier..

My BabyBoy and Moi again :))

Danny looks so sad that he won one of these little things in that broken machine and yet Monica ended up taking it, because she claims it was her 5p in the machine at the time :| Aww poor baby

The Famous Brighton Pier..

It was an amazingg day and the first time I've ever been to Brighton, i defiantly think it's a place i want to go back and visit more. :D

P.S - Sorry for uploading pictures of you, without giving you any warning, i will show you them and if you dislike them i will take this post down. I personally think all the pictures look very good! haha :)

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