Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Made myself sad tonight, and its all my own fault, there's not much i can write here, alot of this is just gibberish from my head. I do things and then want opinions from other people on weather or not i should have done it, thing is why can't i tell on my own, weather or not i should have done it. I'm a big girl, I'm old enough to know and i should be aware by now! Sometimes, i think what I'm doing, isn't bad and i should just carry on, but then i think after that maybe this might affect people around me, and i put myself in their position and that's when i go mad, because i know for a be so annoyed if they were to be doing it. HYPOCRITE! :(( so annoyed at myself. I always tell the truth, i figure why hide behind it, then it looks like your trying to hide something and if I'm not then why not tell the truth.. but sometimes when i do tell the truth then i think, did that person have to know that? or could i have kept that a little more to myself..!? Then i feel like if I'm keeping it to myself I'm hiding behind it again, And other times i think its not a big thing, not a big deal, not in my eyes, or at least i didn't think it was a big deal in my eyes at the time and only after did i think oh noo.. and i guess what i want now is reassurance that its OK, that it was fine what i did, but if they were to tell me they did the same thing and they were looking for reassurance from me then id go mad at them, i cant win.. I'm useless.. total loser!! :(

Saturday, 26 June 2010

The Perfect Shorts

I have been going to all the Tesco's i can think of looking for a pair of Shorts that a friend of mine Sabrina wore once a few weeks ago to a BBQ. Ever since i saw them i knew i wanted them too.. and so the hunt for the perfect shorts size 8 started. At long last after about 2 - 3 weeks of hunting, i have found them. They fit so nicely, are a cream colour and look amazing.

There the perfect shorts for this summer and will be one of my biggest wears for summer 2010.

Shorts : Tesco - £10


im at Danny´s at the moment, and he´s on the phone at the moment, trying to make an insurance claim because last night when we went out for our Friday date, we were involved in a car crash. We were parked perfectly still at the traffic lights in Finsbury Park when from behind us a car pulled up and crashed into us. Its was a loud crash and i swear i was proper scared. Danny got out, took pictures and started talking tot he guy, the guy was saying he was from Brazil and Danny said he was going to have to call the police to come, the Brazilian guy told Danny not to and that he would pay there was no need to involve the police, but Danny was insistent, and well the Brazilian guy then said lets pull over out of the middle of the road as we are causing to much traffic. Danny got in the car, and pulled over, the other guy got in the car, and drove off..running a red light and then turning off up to Higbury. We couldn't believe he had just left the scene of the crash and we called the police and reported it and then went to Tottenham police station and reported there, filled in some long form and then finally it was done. Now we have to wait while they investigate, hope he gets caught..silly twit.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Movie Night With the Sisters!

so I've just finished watch ROCKY II with my sisters, and i have to say I'm a very big fan of the ROCKY films, having watched most of them as a small child and not quiet understanding all the things behind the fighting i have to say, watching them now, they are one of the greatest collection of movies. It was so nice to See Sylvia and Monica both getting so excited and hearing them scream at the TV for Rocky to get up and knock the guy out. haha.

If you haven't already seen the ROCKY films, i suggest you try one and see if you enjoy it! I LOVEE movie nights with my sisters, we always eat too much junk food, and have the lights off and sound really high.. and we always seem to choose amazing movies to watch.. What films do you enjoy watching and with who?? :)

Hot Weather

Today has been a nice day.. hot in parts but cooler in others, i wore my maxi dress, which if I'm being honest i got out of the second i walked through the door.. it felt, a little uncomfortable especially under the armpits, a little tight. Next time buy a bigger size..i also don't like the length of it so it was OK to wear to work, but i couldn't wait to get in, take it off and get into my shorts and vest! ;)
Daddy is making some Cod Fish for us, and it's so hot everywhere even with windows open, that's the problem with England i think, even when it's warm or hot there's just no breeze. So it just feels like dry air. Not much happened today after work i went superdrug and brought more shampoo, conditioner and face wipes, i also re brought a mascara as mine has finished and it's literally just dry in there and then i asked my friend Bronwen to help me find a good razor and shaving cream for sensitive skin. She recommend i buy VENUS razor and cream, and so i have. Once i have tried it i will blog and let everyone know how it works and feels!
I'm now watching the Japan - Denmark World cup game on BBC One, and surprisingly to me Japan are winning. haha and that is all for now!

Scrunch Bag & Leotard

Hey blog,..
i had a lovely morning off yesterday so i went down to Wood Green with my little sister, and i decided to do some shopping. In all fairness i didn't buy much, i looked around Primark, but i think at the moment the clothes it's selling ain't all that great, and unless i can find something i totally fall in love with, I'm not buying it. They did have a nice Clutch bag that i may have to go back for. Mostly i brought pumps :) black for work and white for everyday useage, i also brought some other nice white shoes, from Primark, i guess I'll blog about them soon. I did however find a lovely side scrunch bag. I've been meaning to buy one of these for a while, and i guess i was just trying to find one that i thought didn't look like such an odd shape and now i think i have found it. :)

While slightly open, it looks like this,..

When tightly Scrunchy Closed,..

I then went on to buy a leotard top, these are becoming quiet popular and I've seen a few in different shops, i kinda love this one..the Blue matches well with a high waisted skirt i have that i plan to wear with it. I wasn't too sure about the whole "Lace" pattern, meaning everyone could see my belly..but once i wore it out i actually liked it.


Covers the breast are, but also shows off a little skin too.

And finally.. my daddy went to a Portuguese cafe today to buy some Cod Fish..(which we're having tomorrow, YUMMY) and while he was there, he brought me a "Maria" magazine.. ♥ Really happy with this, i love these magazines and their very hard to find unless you know where to go.. so Thank You Daddy! :)


urm, Good day,.. weather has been beautiful and i have a job change coming soon..but for now i guess I'll go to sleep..gotta be up early! :D
Good night Blogger..

Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Hey Blog,..

Jeans - Bardo
Top - Primark
Braclet - Primark

i just love this picture, i liked the outfit and im showing my full support for my team.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

My Guy

My boyfriend makes me feel better all the time! :)


Everyone wants a new blog post from me, so here it is!
Prepare, I'm going to be honest about everything, so be warned.
I hate it here, life here and with these people, I've had enough, i blame everything on her, its her fault this is how i feel, its her fault that i don't trust people properly, shes a bitch my mother, not even enough of a woman to be called a mother, she just provided an egg to be mixed with sperm. i don't care if i never see her again, i hate her.. enough of my love has been wasted on her, I've cried enough for her wasted tears, not like she calls, not like she texts, not like she fucking even cares about us or whats happening.. Don't think you'll ever be allowed back into my life like you once was. My father HUH is that what you want to call him, yeah OK aren't you supposed to honer your father and mother, FUCK that shit, they wish.. they don't have respect for them selves why should i respect people when they treat each other and me like shit. Full of crap this man, wish he'd own up and be a man, you have 3 kids, did you forget you made them, well if you know then try and provide for them yeah, come on man up... grow a dick and have some respect, you want someone to be around you when your older to look after you then you better owe upp, and start acting like a dad, your the last thing the girls have and their the last thing you have too.. you wanna die cold then Carry on, you'll get there. And you, you try and your there, but your selfish.. i don't know if its me or if it really is you, some things are just too much, and sometimes when I'm with you i stop and have to think if this is right and if all of it is enough for me, call me a brat, say I'm childish..i don't care anymore, sometimes i stop..step back and look to see if what i got is right! and sometimes it don't feel right, then you say well if your not happy leave.. yeah i would but sometimes i think I'm scared of being alone.. screwed up right?! staying with someone because your scared of being alone is soo stupid.. but that's me! I'll end up alone, one day i know it, too bad.. life seems crap anyway maybe alone ain't a bad thing!!
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