Monday, 26 April 2010

Goodnight World, It's been Emotional.

Tonight has been a mixed night when it comes to emotions, i told Danny something, which doesn't mean anything to me, and doesn't mean anything in my head, of course it's something that can be taken the wrong way. I'm now left feeling, "maybe somethings are better off left unsaid". I hope he knows the truth. He said "we're all the same", i don't blame him for saying it, because that's what it must have seemed like, but i hope he knows, I'm not the same nor would i ever even think of doing anything of the same nature. It's just not me, because I've had it done to me, and i know what it feels like to be the fool.. so it's not something i would ever think of doing. I've explained it to him, i hope he understands, i hope he still trusts me. He wants to forget it, i want to as well, i just hope it doesn't stay there in the back of his mind..andd i don't want things to change. :''''(
I have work early tomorrow, so I'm going to bed now, a little sad about how this evening panned out. I'll blog tomorrow..!
Goodnight world.

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