Monday, 29 March 2010

Maybelline LOVE

Hey soo new things as i promised i would blog about.. :)

Purse, HUGE Blusher Brush, Compact Mirror, Maybelline KHOL Express Eye Liner, Maybelline Line Definer Liquid Eye Liner, Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express Mascara, Number 17 Lipstick, Sleek Lipstick

Maybelline Line Definer Liquid Eye Liner, Maybelline KHOL Express Eye Liner

My New Watch that Danny Brought me, I Love it and Love him ♥
& My New Handbag, it truly is can be a shoulder bag, handbag or even has a strap for you to turn it into a travel bag, and its hugeeee..

i really don't think the picture of the watch and the bag do it any justice, because they are amazing but in these pictures they don't look it! :| soorryyy

Sunday, 28 March 2010

A Quick Post

Sorry to not have blogged yesterday, i have a good excuse though..! hahaa i spent the whole day at Danny´s, and even though he has a laptop i could of used, there really was nothing to blog about. I spent the day with his family, Sabrina and my dad. The garden was getting fixed up and my daddy was there to help. I also met Jose´s girlfriend Rebecca. She has a beauty salon, which me and Sabrina both plan on visiting soonish! :) I have a picture of the garden, but i caught it while trying to be sneaky so none of the men who were working know it was taken, therefore it may be a little blurry. I´m on Danny´s laptop at the moment so i can not upload it, when i get in a little later tonight i will do. I also have the pictures to upload of the new bag and watch i got. I have not forgotten!
Clocks have gone forward one hour, which means we now lose an hour´s sleep .. greatt! Anyway i will do more blogging as soon as i get in, Much love till then.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Cartoon Films Summer 2010

I Loveee Cartoon films, the list is endless from classics such as "Cinderella" to more recent ones such as "Aliens Versus Monsters". My favourite cartoon film of all time has to be "Finding Nemo" but that's just off the top of my head, i could probably think of more, So it will come as no surprise that I'm super excited for 2 films this year.
Shrek; The Final Chapter - Forever After

And ..
Toy Story 3

In Toy Story 3 there will be new characters for us to meet and it's also 3D, the story focuses around the fact that "Andy" is now too old to play with his toys as he is on his way to college, i can not wait, it sounds like it will be amazing.
Now with Shrek, i haven't even watched the trailer to know what it's about, so i can't describe anything. Although I've seen all the Shrek films, so i can not wait to add this one to the collection too!
Summer 2010 Films, seem very good! :)


Hey Hey, So in the end the plans for today ran as smooth as they could just a little on the late side, tomorrow will be another busy day and we shall see how that turns out. We managed to do the garden stuff fine, My Daddy, Danny and his cousin Jose, i also wanted to go Wood Green with Liliana, but typical British weather spoiled that so i ended up going with Danny. I brought my amazing new bag, I'll take pictures of it tomorrow and upload them and then Danny brought me a watch, yes i know i was shocked too! :) I Love it, It's the White one i saw on Ebay and i couldn't believe it when i saw it on a little market kart in Wood Green, i got my purse out ready to pay when Danny told me to go and look for a coat for Jessica, (his niece; it's her birthday today) i went quickly to the shops to have a look if they had it in stock and by the time i came back he had brought me it! I was very veryyy happy :D I'll also take pictures of that and upload them. In the evening i went with the girls and Danny to Tesco where we did some shopping .. yummy yummy food! Then we came back to mine and chilled while watching Lee Evans. Ah it's been a nice day, Sylvia and Monica have Louis's party to go to tomorrow evening in Southgate and then me and Danny are gonna pick them up, and I'm also going with Sylvia to get her nails done in the morning and then to Danny's to help with the garden, i might try and fit some more stuff in there too, i could try and fit a driving lesson i suppose! :) haha, We'll see.. Kayleigh also sleeps over tomorrow, always fun! ;)

Photo Mix

Good Morning, Plans for today are so far not going according to plan, urgh i hate planning! Things never work out right like there meant to.

I'll blog later, see if the day improves! :)
Ciao my lovers;

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Picture Of The Day.. ASHLEY TISDALE

As i was scrolling along on as i do very often i came across the picture for today. Ashley Tisdale looks lovely and summery in this outfit, which is what i mostly love about the picture, the colours contrast well with her skin tone and she looks healthy and fresh, not to mention she has just dyed her hair back to brown, meaning her hair also looks fresh and healthy. Ashley is one of the few lucky people who can get away with brown or blond hair and i don't know which one i prefer her with, but in this picture her hair looks amazing. I love the pink top and and grey cardigan but my favorite thing has to be the ripped jeans, i love the colour of them and the effect.
The outfit alone makes me smile, simple and fresh.


Love is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a decision, you have to work out whether your roots have become so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part, because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal Passion. This is just being "In Love" which any of us can convince ourselves we are. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned way, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident. Your mother and i had it, we had roots that grew towards each other underground and when all the pretty blossom had fallen from our branches we found that we were one tree not two.

Thomas sent me this a few weeks ago, The best thing I've read in a very long time.

P.S - I am too tired to continue playing silly games, therefore i give up and you win the internet war.

AVON Body Moisturizer

Hi, I got a new AVON book today, as i have brought from Avon before i decided to see if there was any new products, and besides that, some of my old tried and tested products are close to finishing so i need to replace them, but when i got the book home and flipped through the pages i was shocked to see a lot of the stuff was the same as before, except maybe some of the packaging had changed a little bit, although the one thing i wanted there to be so i could top up on was not available. GREATT! :| I Love the product "Skin So Soft, Fusions Dual Softening Body Moisturizer" .. I've had it for a while now and use it daily as i come out of the bath/shower, it's non greasy and leaves my legs, arms and pretty much my whole body as soft as ever with an amazing long lasting smell too. It truly is gorgeous, but this Avon book that i have now is not stocked up on it, that means i have to find another Body Moisturizer when this one finishes. Bad Times, I'm not looking forward to that.

What will i do when you finish on me, what can replace such an amazing body Moisturizer..?

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

L'Oreal Elvive Full Restore Hair Masque

Hey, so after my post about how my hair has been annoying me and i needed a quick way to make it work, i decided to purchase L'Oreal Elvive Full Restore Hair Masque.

You can buy it in any shop from your local high street, i got mine from Superdrug and for £4.99 which i thought was quite good. I tried it tonight, did the usual, wet hair, shampoo, rinse etc .. then instead of using the conditioner like i would next, i applied the hair masque and left it on for a good 10 minutes. I then combed through my hair, and rinsed it all out. I have to say this product felt very soft on my hair, but due to me having such long hair, I've had to use quiet a bit to get the full effect, and that means i may have to be buying more rather soon. While my hair was still damp i applied my usual hair mousse and applied it in the same way as i always do to See if i notice any change. I instantly began to feel my hair curl more, but i think that was due more to the mousse, i think in order to see if this product really works i will have to use it a few more times. I give it 2 weeks and then I'll update on how my hair is doing. Although I'm seriously considering getting a bit of a haircut when i get paid in roughly 2 days! :| hahaaa ;)

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Look Of The Day

Olaaa, hows your evening going? i got in from Lily's a little while ago and I'm in bed ready for sleep. This morning the weather was beautiful, but by this afternoon.. typical British weather had to come back and rain which meant one thing for me.. FRIZZY HAIR.. Greatt! :| At Lil's today she did a lot of her work for the course shes going to start and we chilled all about, it was fun. We took no pictures as my hair looked a mess, and therefore i looked like a homeless person. haha Anywayss..

haha and that is basically it, back at work from now on, Total and utter crappness, feel free to save me at any point from this hell hole, And oh i felt rejection again today, in a different form .. all i gotta say is, "your right, i don't know you, so why should you, it's for the best, i don't need you anyway!" haha
All Better;

Monday, 22 March 2010


Helloo, Helloo, How is everybody and everything today..? I've got to go to work very soon, and I'm not too excited about it, back to reality. I really really hate work at the moment, i have now come to see this. The day today is so very sunny, I'm very excited the clocks are going to change soon which means at 8pm it will still be day! :) i love that .. summer time is coming, and spring is officially here, it looks beautiful that even Sylvia and Monica didn't take their coats to school today. There is no need, the weather it hotting up, One thing though, that all this weather is making me miss, PORTUGAL! i really miss my beautiful home more and more now.

Ah i don't even know if I'm going there on holiday or not, i need to make my mind up and fast..ahh have my heart! ♥ ;)

P.S - Show NO Love Feel No Pain, KINDNESS IS WEAKNESS!
That is also the last time i try and do something nice, now i feel like I'm not welcome and i don't want to go back with any of my family or stay there past a certin hour. :|

Sunday, 21 March 2010


Helloo, I'm in a mood today, i can't quite explain it and i don't know if i really want to, but apart from this mood .. the sun is shining, and I'm with my 2 favourite people in the world Sylvia and Monica! :D they bring smiles to my face!
Monica earlier on.. "RETARD" haha that was so funny the way it came out of her.
This has been one of them boring ass Sundays, that if i was still in school i would have had plenty of time to catch up on all coursework, but since I'm not in school and the house is completely clean due to Sylvia's party yesterday there really has been nothing to do. Haven't even seen Danny today but that's not the end of the world. I i have been at home with my sisters and there have been some very funny jokes, the latest??

Monica: Can We Open A Window, I Really Am Hott?
Sylvia: Here's An Idea .. Instead Of Opening A Window, Why Not Open It And Throw Her Out Of It..!

Oh my goodness, these girls are too funny. Anyways I'm going to go see what else there is for me to do.

Me right now, laughing way at my sisters.. paha.
Till next time.

P.S - Your SNEAKY-NESS will only come back and haunt you, i find it funny how you hide things, when theres no need.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Look Of The Day

GoodNightttt.. i have not got much to say tonight, except Danny and his cousin Michael did come over to watch the Newcastle game and this gave Michael's girlfriend Sabrina and me a chance to talk too. She has a blog too if you would like to follow,
Her blog is a beauty blog which i follow and which she updates all the time, also please remember to FOLLOW either through blogger or bloglovin, she would love 1000 followers, so get clicking. haha
Anyways, i have asked her to test, if she can, i mean if it's at all possible, for her to test some of the "Models Prefer Make Up" that i have known about for a while but never been brave enough to actually buy. haha :)
Sylvia's party thing was "immense" as kayleigh put it, and i enjoyed meeting Sylvia's friends and hanging out with them, she said she loved it and it was the best birthday ever, therefore in my eyes i am truly TRULY happy. :)
Anyways I'm off the bed for the night, been a busy and long day. I shall leave you with today's outfit.

It was raining all day, but the weather was not cold at all, therefore this outfit was prefect just add my leather jacket.

P.S - Please do follow me through blogger or through Bloglovin, they are both on the right hand side of my page.

P.P.S - I don't really like people who use others, or only come to them when they need something, Today, i have to say.. i felt a bit useless, but also a bit used .. especially tonight. :(

Ana Needs To Go Shopping!

Heyy, I'm blogging while i have a moments peace, I've had Sylvia´s friends here all day. They have been playing X-Factor, dancing about like maddo's and now their playing Wii. haha it has been a fun afternoon though, I'm going over to Danny's for a bit now i think, but will be home shortly, to watch the Newcastle game with him and i think Danny´s cousin Michael and his girlfriend Sabrina are also coming over. I know that i have party pictures because Louis has been taking them all afternoon so they shall be uploaded maybe later tonight or tomorrow. I have been looking at my accounts and money wise i have not got enough for the new make up that i need to get nor all the clothes i´d like to get. Spring is on the way and i hate that prices are going up for everything, food, bills, fact the only thing that is NOT going up is the wages we get paid, so unfair :( payday is this Friday coming and i can not wait.

wait let me repeat this, i can NOT wait to be paid and go shoppinggg...!! :)

My Hair Annoys Me

Good Morninggg, what a very ugly and grey day outside today. I've been awake for at least an hour, I've had breakfast and I'm going to get dressed and then head to the shops to buy some party food. When i get in however i want to have a shower straight way. My hair is killing me this morning. I have quiet thick bushy hair that's very frizzy and none of them frizz easy products work, they just make my hair much more greasy. I straighten nearly all the time and because of this my sister said she noticed my hair thinning out, i was quiet happy, id prefer thin hair to thick..but suddenly people at work started noticing too and that's when i started thinking maybe i should cut down the straightening and just stick to the natural way. When i was young, id have a shower and when id finish and my hair was still damp I'd put hair mousse in and then let it dry naturally, the results were amazinggg curls, then i had the blond highlights in and that's what started to ruin my hair, made it very dry..But even now when i put hair mousse in, my curls no longer exist now its just waves, which I'm not to keen on. What i have noticed though, is if i put hair mousse in, let it dry and then about 2hours later try and straighten it, the process takes me a mare 20 minutes, my hair feels think and looks thicker, it's got shine and it's beautiful and feels so soft. This is a very LONGGG process though to get the hair i would like daily don't you think?
Here' what my curly hair used to be like

and that was using some very cheap hair mousse which is now longer around.. now I'm older and I'm using Vo5 for my hair and its still not doing the job!

You see what i mean, my curls have died down a lot, and my hair just always feels weak..even though i use the shampoo "Elvie Repair 5 Solutions" :( It's like I'll spend an hour straightening it and by the evening it will be all wavy again, like what is the point..?
Do you guys have any suggestions on what i could do?

Friday, 19 March 2010

Busy Busy

Hi, today has been a busy day where i have not been at home much to be able to blog, and the beautiful sunshine from 9am didn't last very long, by 11am it was raining, and i had to change outfits. grr. Typical British weather! I met up with Danny and spent the whole day with him, we went to buy my sister Sylvia's birthday cake for her party tomorrow, we went to the Portuguese cafe and then back to his to watch some movies. We came back to mine after and started season 3 of "Lost" and yeah so far i don't understand why "The Others" are doing what they are doing. :| I got a little angry at my dad today, for NOT ordering the cake like I've been asking him to do for this whole past week, trust me I'm starting to learn to depend on myself and no one else even more now. If i had just done it instead we'd have the cake i wanted, but oh well i tried to find the nicest one for her, and i hope she likes it. So disappointed in my mum for not even txting Sylvia to say Happy Birthday, but seriously what was i expecting..?

P.S - Jealously happens to us all, and if it happens it shows you care. It happened to me literally 15 minutes ago :(


Good Morning, 9am and i am fully wide awake. i need breakfast in me though, but there's a small issue of having no milk in the fridge so I'm going to have to make do with toast i think. Last night was the first night in a long time where i have felt rather warm under the covers, even without the covers on me it was still quiet hot, could this mean spring is starting to arrive for real, oh i do hope so. Right i am off, to have an early shower, straighten my hair and eat some breakfast. I hope to see Danny a little bit later in the day as he has no work today. :) I'll leave you with a picture of London at 9am on the 19th March 2010. ;D

A little bit of the English sunshine to brighten up your day!

P.S - Today happens to be my Uncle Tino's birthday too.. PARABENS TIO! :) ♥

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Mr Tim Burton In New 3D Film.

Ok, as a huge Tim Burton fan..i have pretty much tried to see as many of his films as possible. I love the unique-ness he brings to life in his films, and i love the way you feel like its total magic in the lands he creates. Its no surprise that's my favourite actor happens to start in many of Tim's films. Johnny Depp is astounding in my eyes, not just for his looks, his charm and his way, but as an actor this man totally involves his whole soul into a character. He is now known and will be forever known as a character actor and i think he blows everyone away in every film he's in. The latest from these two geniuses was "Alice in wonderland", i was never a fan of the story growing up, you know, young girl falls down a rabbit hole and goes to tea with some weird characters, none the less i went with Danny to watch this film.. it was just as i expected, story was not the best but the way the film was done was beautiful. Other films that i have enjoyed from Tim are:

*Corpse Bride,
*Charlie and the chocolate factory,
*Sleepy hallow,
*Ed Ward,
*Edward Scissorhands..
*Big Fish,
*Sweeney Todd,
*Pee-Wee' big adventure,
*beetle juice,
*Batman returns.

So imagine to my surprise while flicking through gossip sites what i read.. Tim Burton is thinking of doing another 3D film, just like the "Alice in wonderland" and the film is none other then,
"The Addams Family."
I don't know about you, but it seems like the perfect thing for Tim, and i can see johnny in the role of "Gomez".. now this is all speculation but if there turns out to be a little truth to this story, i want tickets and fast! Looks like it could be an amazingg film. :)

Nothing to Watch - New Layout

Hey bloggers, i have spent the best part of 4 hours sitting here and deciding what kind of header i wanted for my blog, to then realise i would need to change the whole template. OMG :| It's taken me forever and the header is still not how i would have fully liked it but it will do, it's simple enough for me. Today is the final "Skins" and i couldn't watch it from the start, daddy was watching his team Sporting lose, so i will have to watch it either on DEMAND or E4+1, either way i hope facebook doesn't become so full of status's that i know what happens before I've even seen it. I also can not start watching season 3 of "Lost" as Danny has not transferred it from his laptop onto a DVD Disk for me, and seeing as i finished season 2 last night, i have nothing to watch. Oh well i will have to make do with whatever i find ;)

18th March - Happy Birthday BabyGirl.

Heyy Afternoon,
today is a great day, today is an amazing day, today my little sister turns sixteen! ;D I'm so proud of her, i could burst..still remembering when she was a tiny annoying thing and now shes a young adult! aahhh.. i got her an ipod and she has some amazing friends, they all got together for her and got the BIGGEST card i have ever seen and all of them signed it and then kept it hidden underneath their teachers desk at school. she got given it in Assembly today and apparently she was very embarrassed when her 2 best friends came in holding a huge envelope and then went straight up to her. hahaaa bless her.
the changing faces of my sister.

She's about 12/13 years old here.

about 14 years old here

and finally 15 years old here.. ♥

And from today onwards she's 16, she makes me feel old..! :|

i just want to wish her a very happy birthday and i really hope she enjoy herself on Saturday! I Love you BabyGirl. :)
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