Sunday, 25 April 2010


Hello wonderful blog, i have some things i need to blog about, which in all honestly its been in my head for over a week and i should have already blogged about it. I also have a magazine feature i am gonna blog, i read it and just thought it was brilliantly written. :)) Today i have cleaned the house, and changed the beds, i have tidied clothes and hanged the new load up, (well dad helped with that) and he also painted the sitting room ceiling FINALLY! Last night i watched the film "Precious", i have to admit i didn't want to see this film and it was only because Danny convinced me too and there was no other options, He refused to let me sit happily and watch "Just Married" :(
a few tearful moments I have to say though, i was quite impressed with the film, having no idea what the film was about or based on, i didn't know what to expect, but what i did see was some amazing performances, especially from the lovely Mo'Nique. I recommend that everyone should watch this film, there'sI'm not gonna lie, i too cried towards the end, and also this film stars a Miss Mariah Carey, i have to say her performance was actually believable as a social worker and she too impressed me. Altogether, this film is a must see, and i must thank Danny for switching channels an putting it on. ♥ x.

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