Thursday, 15 April 2010

Morning off.

Morning, its my morning off and i had to wake up super early to go and do a driving lesson. Now that its done, i got a busy day, I'm off to wood green to have a nose about in the shops, although i haven't got long to spend there, then I'm off to work at 2, and when i finish at 6 I'm babysitting Shani till 11:30/12:00 in the evening, all fun. I therefore have my night already planned, dinner when i getting, and then Eastenders with Shani on the sofa and finally watching a few episodes of "Lost" while hopefully she falls asleep with me. That's my evening, Tomorrow i shall be going to Jade's in the evening with Sylvia, Joanne and Kristy, i also invited Lil but i think she's going clubbing down to Ilford. I'm really looking forward to Jade's tomorrow, haven't had a night out in ages. :)) Should be fun. I've seen Danny Twice during the weekdays this week, as he had his football match and as i have my girlie night. It's what he wanted, I'm giving it to him. Be back in the evening to blog with Shani near me. :) x.

P.S - It's always the "Same Shit".. is it?? :/

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