Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Book Review

Hello lovelies,
Bit of a different post for you today.. Book review..!
So as some of you are aware i got very sick on Friday evening and therefore Saturday was spent in bed, sleeping and reading. I found an old favourite book of mine called "A Perfect Match" by Sinead Moriarty and today is Tuesday and i have already finished it.

In brief, The book centers itself around a couple Emma and James Hamilton and their struggle to adopt a baby. It starts off explaining how hard the couple had been trying for 2 years to have a natural pregnancy and when that did not work, including using IVF and doing lots of tests and drugs, the couple have decided that now is the time to adopt. This book is a follow on from the best selling "A Baby Trail". I haven't actually read this but I'm going to be buying a copy come payday. This book however is the journey the couple have from start to finish about adoption, the fact that you have Emma's brother Sean and her sister Babs in the background causing all kinds of havoc with the stuff going on in their lives. As well as Emma's best friend Lucy who is marrying James's best friend Donal, all together there is more then one story but the book focuses mainly on the couple. I found it to be an easy read, kinda like a breath of fresh air, i found myself finishing one chapter and thinking why stop here? lets carry on to the next chapter. My favourite character has to be Emma, the main one. The story is told through her eyes and i just love her attitude to most things i love the way she gets over excited about things and they way she over exaggerates and panics, it all adds to the humor the book brings, i sometimes found myself having little giggles in between pages, there are some very funny lines and sections in this book as well as real life events you could actually picture happening on your road with the people you know all to well. I can safely say the book at the end had a little twist and if your one like me, i recommend you do not open the last page of the book and read it, quiet a bit is given away in that one page. This is a book i recommend to anyone who fancies some light reading and a little humor, also if your a true reader and love a good book, I'd say this is the one!! :) giving this one the thumbs uppp!
If you would like a preview of the book, why not read chapter one and see if you like it, if so then you know what you have to do..

What have you read lately?

Monday, 25 October 2010

Miscellany Monday!

I've seen a few of these type of posts on other blogs and i have for a while thought about doing them too, so today is the day i start. From now i will always have a post on my Monday's! :) I'm excited to start.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

I got this from the lovely blog belonging to Carissa. Head on over there if you too wanna join in a do this. here we go..!!


Council :
I have to go council tomorrow morning on my day off and ask them for help, i have too many money worries at the moment and with my father acting the way he is, i need support of some sort. Truth be told I'm scared their either gonna laugh me out of the council, be no help what so ever and tell me i gotta keep doing what I'm doing, or get the social involved. Worse case scenario. :(

Halloween :
I have no money for any sort of Halloween party or festive thing this year, and this fact is a little depressive to me, who really enjoys HALLOWEEN.

Half Term :
I hate that my sisters are on half term this week, which means no school or college and yet I'm still at work and I'm the only person in the house who's waking up at 6am, when it is still pitch black outside and kinda scary to be walking alone, not to mention FREEZINGGGGG!!, i hate English weather.

Inbetweeners :
I don't watch TV too much but one show that i do love to watch has finished and to i do actually miss it!



Payday :
OK this is a good and bad, as I'm super glad to finally get some money in my pocket, but at the same time, a lot of the money has to come out straight away for other bills. :/

Reading :
As a kid i was one of the few teenagers who knew there were amazing books in the school library were kept and i actually enjoyed sitting in the library reading a good book, call me a geek or whatever you desire but reading books is just amazing. The last full book i read was to do with the Twilight collection, so I'm so glad that my sister found an old book i brought from Tesco years ago, and yes I've enjoyed reading it once before but I've gone back and I'm reading it again. I seriously recommend everyone reads "A Perfect Match" by Sinead Moriarty. Thumbs up for this book.

Boyfriend :

I seriously am the luckiest girl alive, i don't care what anyone says, no one can compare to my boyfriend, he is just pure beautiful-ness, i understand some of you must be thinking please shut up with all the soppy love stuff, but lately..i can't complain and recent events have made me realise how amazing he is and how lucky i am to have him in my life.. i watched him while he slept a little today and i have to say i fell in love a little bit more.

The Future :
Not that i know what is going to happen tomorrow let alone the future, but what me and Danny have been talking about lately has really made me smile. I can not get those images out of my head, and i can't wait for it to be a reality instead of a vision! :)

Friends :
I do love my friends, all of them are amazing in their own sort of way and they each bring a little something different into my life, lately i feel like I'm having to choose between certain things, which I'm not too pleased about, but i think these things are minimal and can easily be sorted out.

And so that's my little ramblings for today, haha i enjoyed this post, let me know if you liked it and if your going to start doing it too..! :)

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Tattoos & Food Poisining

Hello, its been a lovely Saturday and i have been at home all day sleeping. OMG so i didn't have work yesterday as i had to go to the hospital with the boyfriends dad, that was OK and afterwards i finally hung out with fabz in wood green. I ate MacDonald's and a Slurpee, yeah bad idea. I've gone and got food poisoning!! :'( spent all of Friday night vomiting, and to make matters worse i was staying at Danny's so i vomited in his house from 10pm till about 3am. He kept having to go to the bin and empty the bags of sick and bring me new ones. Although what this little drama has actually done for me, is made me realise how amazing my boyfriend really is, down on his hands and knees cleaning all the sick off the floor with a towel. That's true lovee..! ♥ I've been eating grapes, bananas, and water all day, i also tried some rice! :/ I'm hungry but scared that whatever i eat wont stay down..!
Rightt on to the reason for this post, I really want another tattoo..! I have 2 and I've been thinking about getting another one, i always had it in mind and it was going to be a quote to do with my "mother" but i have decided that may not be the best idea and so i still want a quote tattoo, but i have to think about where on my body i want one and what i want it to say!
I already have 2 tattoos, and here they are

Made in Portugal, on my foot!! :)
Bad quality, sorry, old camera

The three hearts tied to one small heart bow. :)

But i want one more and a quote one.. here's some inspiration that i found on weheartit.

I just have no clue where and what to get, I'll keep you updated with the process, of deciding lol.

Have any of you got tattoos? if so where?

Monday, 18 October 2010

Another Monday.

hello lovelies. So another Monday down, nothing interesting happened, just work..which to be honest was very tiring, and I'm really not looking forward to tomorrow, work is just gonna be hard!! :( greatt. I came home as soon as work finished today, and to be fair i haven't done much, watched TV and sat on my sofa, I'm a little sad my boyfriend fell asleep on me today, i doubt that it happened so early on..but i think he drifted off as the evening wore off. I also managed to take picture, but beware in this picture i do not have a lot of make up on, so its a little Natural and i had just done a 9 hour shift at work, so tired ain't even how i was feeling.

How has your Monday been? what have you done!?

P.S - I'm sorry this post was done yesterday but instead of clicking publish post i clicked save now and it never got published for you, although in my head i thought it had been published! :( soo sorry it seems like I'm behind! haha

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Christmas List!

Hellloo gorgeous readers,
all how has your weekend been? Mine has been a typical weekend of sorts, I've been with the boyfriend, Done my weekly shop and had my driving lesson..i guess the biggest thing that was out of the ordinary to happen to me this weekend, was having a new instructor. Instead of the lovely David, i now have the direct speaking Harry. I'm not gonna lie, i miss David big time, but I'm hoping with Harry i can pass my test first time round and hopefully by February. So that'sthat's new with me, what about you guys whats new with all of you?
There's about 69 days till Christmas and I'm already planning on what i want, truth be told though..I'm broke and after adding up all my calculations for what I'm getting friends and family, and paying the bills, I'm left with hardly any money to treat myself. :( sad times, but we'll see how much i can afford.
So for the Christmas list..

A pair of skinny light blue jeans size 8..hopefully from Topshop.

An Aviator jacket, Brown and cream..warm looking for sure! :)

I also want some new knitwear that maybe i can wear over skinny jeans! :) such as jumpers, all warm and cosy, I just haven't been able to find anything that i seriously want! :)
What do you guys have on your Christmas list for this year so far?
Lastly here's a picture of me and the boyfriend, chilling at his house, while i wrote this post and he watched the football.

Sorry for the terrible image quality, my web cam from my laptop is just SHHIT to be honest!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


in celebrity land there's always people getting together and then breaking off really quickly. Some manage to stay together and some form relationships in awkward and very disrespectful ways, but i was so shocked to hear of two splits in the celebville today. For some reason i just assumed these relationships would actually go the whole yard. First up..

Courtney Cox and David Arquette:

and the second couple is..
Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman:

These 2 couples are the last ones i thought would have split..but just goes to show, hold on to the one you love and keep communicating!!

Monday, 11 October 2010

A Little Snippet & I'm Back

Hello Dears,
First off, if you stuck we with me thank you, i am now back and can get back to normal blogging, semi normal! LOL i had a very busy 2 weeks, where in which i had to go to court for some stuff, and i also had my theory test, which if your asking, i PASSED!! :) *Funky dancing* anyways back to blogging, i have done some shopping and cant wait to test out all the products to then review them!! SOOO whats been going on with all of you while i have been gone?! For me, apart from life becoming pretty hectic and i still have 3 more things I'm not looking forward to this month.
1. Hospital appointment.
2. Council coming round to fix house,
3. Paying the fine..(Dad has to give me the money)
I actually can not wait for October to just go away, this month has been non stop madness..!
then next month its about saving for Xmas and the following month its Christmas and then new year and finally January in which i have my baby boy's birthday and we start saving money for our future! :))
Hasn't 2010 gone by so fast..? this yer sort of whizzed by, i quiet like that! :)
so any new gossip for me..??
and once again thank you for sticking with me, i will now resume the blog!!

Sunday, 3 October 2010

A quick note

Hello Lovely ladies,
I'm at my boyfriends house at the moment, and i have had a very busy week which would explain why the blog stayed UN-updated. I also have another busy week coming up, with me dreading the Wednesday and the Friday. I shall explain more as the days draw in closer, but for now..just know i don't want them to happen! :( Anyways because of this busy week ahead, it will again be less posts then normal, and i do apologise..but stick with me my lovely followers! :)
how have you all been by the way? I've noticed I've got some more followers, so i just wanna say a huge HELLOOO *waves* :) Also to let you all know that i am trying to fix up this blog at the moment, its taking longer then i first thought but again bear with me. thanks! I've already started with the blog banner..what do you all think of it? Anyways just a quick post to let you know i haven't disappeared and I'm still thinking of my fellow bloggers!! :)

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