Saturday, 17 April 2010

Afternoon people

Afternoon, last night i went to jade's for our little party thing, it was cool, minus the porn we watched XD haha the music and conversations were cool, and it was just cool to hang with my friends. I haven't seen them in so long. Lil also came over to give Sylvia her 16th birthday gift, its beautiful, a photo frame, with a photo of me, Sylvia, Monica and Shani on Christmas eve - Christmas day 2009 :) its so gorgeous. Danny dropped me at Joanne's and then we walked to Jade's and i finally found something to wear. I wore my little rara blue skirt, black leggings, white pumps and my new cream ruffly skirt. I shall upload pics of the night as soon as Joanne comes on MSN to send me them! :)) I didn't stay too long, Little Mia wouldn't settle properly and i became tired, that's what i get for only having 5 hours sleep and then working a 9 hour day! :/ haha. At the end of the night i chose to save my £5 and walked home instead of cabbing it, i was home at about midnight. :) This morning i woke up with my dad leaving the house, apparently he went to Danny's for the garden, i.. on the other hand have been chilling with my little lovelies.. :] i have a new picture i took this morning..

What do yous think?
I'll blog laterr..

P.S - You were a little bit of a let down yesterday, and have been for the past few weeks.

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