Thursday, 31 March 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday. 3.

Hello there gorgeous readers,
Are you ready for a  Awkward and Awesome Thursday!
I am, so..lets begin.

- Being told off for not having an activity out for the afternoon children, while the rest of the other children slept, "Urm, Miss Boss lady, they cant make too much noise with an activity, after all, there are over 30 other children sleeping in the premises.." D'oh.
- Running out of black ink for the printer, cant print any cute pictures of Bella, Grr.
- Trying to secretly log a work member out of facebook, from the actual work computer when in walks a parent ready for a chit chat with me, WOW.
- Going all the way to Tesco's to have a look at the doggie treats to buy Bella, when 3 minutes into the shop, Danny realises he has left his Mac Book in the back seat of the car, in full eye sight of the thieves of London. running back to the car as quick as..looking like thieves ourselves.
- Me and Danny wearing matching Portugal coats to Tesco's and Sylvia saying we look like a couple that goes jogging together.. urm GREAT :|
- Having to pay £2 for a birthday card, that should have been brought by someone who was just LAZY!
- Having my nails done in the salon, when this chavvy family were there, top it all off, my kid sister knows them:/ depressive stuff.
- Bella understands "Give me Hand" instead of "Give me Paw"..WHY? Danny's mum didn't know how to say "PAW" when teaching her it, so said Hand. Aww shucks.
- My Credit and Debit card bills..!! AWKWARDDD!

- Not having to go work tomorrow, only having to attend a training thing, woop dee doo...! Early finish for me.
- Its nearly the weekend, and I'm staying at Danny's with Bella. ♥
- Literally leaving the work place at 5 without caring or giving 2silly shits.
- Getting my nails done, even though I know I haven't got the money for it. :( ops.
- Having a lovely fruit salad from "Boots".. yummy.
- Making a fact file about puppies and dogs and actually reading it.
-Also having Sylvia help me make it.
- Receiving Bella's free pet insurance! :D

Whats your Awkward and Awesome Highlights..?

Monday, 28 March 2011

Meet The Newest Family Member.

Hello all,
Let me introduce you all, to the newest member of the family..

This is Bella, Mine and Danny's 8 week old Yellow Labrador.
Nicknames: Bubba or Bell..
Urm, so far she Chews alot, and when I say "alot", i mean..Alot like you wouldn't believe. Haha
More pictures to come soon.
That is all.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday. 2.

 Hey Hey mii dears, Guess what day it is?! That's right know what that means right? It's time for another round of Awkward and Awesome!! :)
(I'm going to try really hard to stick to this feature..)
Dont' forget where I first saw this idea, and thought it was good,  The lovely Sydney at The Daybook. Check her out.
So lets get started straight away..

-The fact I have needed to do a wee all day today, not just one, as if I've been holding it in all day..oh no, but as soon as I step out the house, I give it, 10 minutes before I need a bathroom again. Grr.
- Dropping all my cookies out of my locker at work and having crumbs everywhere, How can I cover it up? Flick the crumbs on the floor and blame the other staff.
- Going to the shops with my little sister Monica and trying on prom dresses just for the fun of it, actually loving the prom dresses and taking pictures, only for my camera NOT to save them, D'oh.
- Seeing the daughter of the boss in the shops doorway and completely ignoring her as if the shop was so packed I couldn't spot her out, from the 2 people in the doorway.
- Being embarrassed to try on any shoes, in any shop, due to the Ganglion on my foot and my paranoia of how BIG it must look to everyone else.
- Going to loads of different shops, picking stuff up to buy and then remembering I need to save, save and save more..for a car, for the holiday, and for summer! oh great. Shopping with no money, is so depressive.
-Failing an inspection at work and having to stay behind for an extra 2 hours to do more training to "better myself". urgh.
- The word "AWKWARD", I keep miss spelling it, argh, driving me insane.

- Having a half day off work, basically finishing at midday and knowing tomorrow when I go in, I wont see the boss, as she's gone away.
- Being able to spend the whole afternoon with my kid sister and having her talk about boys for about half hour non stop. Wow that chick, can talk.
- Enjoying my seafood medley when I got in from all our window shopping.
-Watching Heath Ledger films again, "10 things I hate about you" has been on 3 times so far.
-The weather, the sun has come out to play, and I am so excited, Spring is finally here, I can't wait for the time change and then it will be complete.
- Getting paid this Monday, although that means having to suffer the whole weekend with no money. Boo.
- Having completed quite a few projects the boss wanted me to at work. Yay me.
- My little key child coming back from Poland on Monday, Yess, Kaleve i have missed you. ♥
- Going shopping for the WHOLE afternoon and spending less then a tenner while out. :)
- Trying on prom dresses with my little sister, plus going into every single shop we liked and trying clothes on then saying "Nope, it's not quite right, I'll leave it thanks" and walking out feeling like a Gangsta..!!
- Going Mothercare and choosing baby stuff with my kid sister for our future babies.. haha.
- Urm, One day till the weekend?! Wooop.

As you can see, the Awesome overwrite the Awkward this week, oh yeah.. What a good day!
Whats your Awesome and Awkwards?!

The Past Weekend.

Hello, my dears, I know it's been ages..almost a week to be exact and that is terrible. I really need a kick up the butt to make sure I do some more posts, even if they are scheduled for a later time, at least they get done. I'm sorry. Over the past weekend it was my Middle sister's Sylvia's birthday and she turnt 17. The big 1-7, as in..I'm almost a full adult, my last year of being a "non adult" as she put it.
So Friday, the 18th was her birthday and I spent it at work and she spent it at college with mates, I then also spent some time in the emergency room but that's a whole different post to do with my little sister,Monica who got her hand crushed at school. :( In the evening we watched comic relief and chillaxed.
Saturday was her day, where she hanged out with her friends in Nandos and went ice-skating, Finally Sunday was the family party, where we all went over to Danny's house and ate the cake,, (that our daddy made, i may add) chilled a bit and she finally got my gift to her, a new Notebook HP Laptop. :)
The pictures you are about to see, are from that day!! :)

Picture 1: The cake, that daddy made for her. :)
Picture 2: An embarrassed Sylvia while we sing happy birthday to her.
Picture 3: Daddy and Sylvia cuddles part one.
Picture 4: Daddy and Sylvia cuddles part two.
Picture 5: Family snap, and Danny can not focus my camera at all.
Picture 6: Family snap two.
Picture 7: I gave up and asked for the camera back.
Picture 8: A nice focused photo taken by Monica, haha at Sylvia.
Picture 9: Birthday girl, cutting the cake.
Picture 10: Greedy daddy with the first slice.
Picture 11: Daddy had to help cut the cake in the end, Sylvia wasn't good at it.

Sorry for the picture overload!
Are you guys having a nice week so far?

Friday, 18 March 2011

First Feature Post: Awkward & Awesome Thursday. 1.

HeyHooo. So recently I have been having writers block or in other words, lack of inspiration for posting. I am sorry for that, but I also realised that I don't have any features on my blog, which is a good thing and a bad thing. For one I don't have to make sure I post a certain post on a certain day, but on the other hand it would be great if when I did feel like this, you know with the writers block, if I had a little feature post to do, then I might have something to help fill the void. So I have decided to start my features on Thursdays! It shall be called.. AWKWARD AND AWESOME THURSDAY. I got this little idea from a blog I adore, The Daybook. The lovely Sydney writes there, if you haven't checked her out I seriously suggest you do. Anyways, on to the post, it's pretty simple really..

- The huge spot on the back of my head, which is making it painful to lie down, tie my hair up or even brush my hair, Grr, with all due respect Mr Spot, please bugger off.
-The fake "Hi Emma" to my boss at work, didn't want to say hello, but felt awkward because she was starting to moan already, thought it was quite smart on my part to divert attention away from moans.
-Boyfriend and Father in front room, doing some male bonding, (this I like..) however the male bonding over football is driving me insane. In fact Football on the whole, kindly disappear for a while, my Boyfriend ain't the same since you've been here.
- The moment you take something off a child, and she starts to scream the building down, just as mum walks forward a lot of explaining the situation before mum thinks otherwise.
- Your boss telling you about the new lock and that it should be used properly, and you say that, your thinking of locking work mates in there as a joke, thinking she will see the funny side, cue.. no laughing or amusement, in fact more moans directed at me for even thinking such a thing! :/
- Biting your nails too far low that now its sore, stupid temptation. In fact, biting your nails FULL STOP.
- Buying flowers in the shop for your little sister and the checkout man grabbing them, smiling at you and saying "Thanks their really nice, you shouldn't have.." "Urmm.. PARDON?!" that's all I came out with.
- Going to buy bits for the time of the month, and buying the wrong size, commence going back a few hours later and being served by the same person again..she must be thinking " urm wow, you must have a heavy flow..".

- The Boyfriend on his way home, sweeping me off my feet and putting me in the car and going for a little drive with me anywhere, I had no shoeies on or anything, I love when he's like this.
- The football match I had with the kiddies at work today, pure excitement to try and get the ball away from me, an adult, who is clearly stronger and faster then all of them, the result.. I had about 94% possession of the ball.
-Getting money out of the bank because you think you owe your dad and then when you go to give it to him, he says's "no, that was for you remember", whoop more monies for me.
-The fact it's little sisters birthday, right now, as its passed midnight, Happy Birthday Sylvia, I love you X.
-The father turning around to me and saying, "If I didn't have you girls to look after, I would go down to Japan and help them do all the rebuilding and stuff..", I didn't know father was so touched by world disasters like the Japan one.
-Finishing work 5 minutes early. Whoop, go me.

Have you got any awkward and awesome things?
If you guys decide to do this, post your link below, so I can have a read..

Monday, 14 March 2011

This past weekend.

Hello blogging world,
So how was your weekends? I spent mine really ill with a fever and a stuffed nose as well as a sore throat. Couldn't eat, swallow or taste anything. I still managed to have a little barbecue with the family, Ribs, Ribs and more Ribs, what more could a girl ask for?.. except maybe a clear nose to be able to breath and good taste buds to be able to taste all the delicious foods. Anyways, here's some pictures of the food! :) Yumm!

What did you guys get up to this weekend!?

Thursday, 10 March 2011

A ramble, and a shopping ban.

Hellooo, So today i have been to the doctors as my foot has been hurting me for a while, and i've noticed a smallish bump on my right foot on the right side, Well acording to my doctor i have a ganglion. I have to make it soft by applying cotton wall to it and tapeing it down over the bump or getting cotton wall and placing it in my shoes. If in a month it has not cleared up, surgery it is. :| great, they remove the skin over it and then get rid of the actual ganglion and then sitch the skin back up! I'm soooo scared of that, Help?!
I'm not on my way to an appointment in Wood Green and after that, i will be left with all the shops, i have to try my best to not waste money in any of them, as i have to save for summer and also my little sister's birthday next week. Besides i spend way too much on beauty related products so its time for a ban. For lent this year im giving up shopping for unnessary things, i am afarid i will proberbly go into WHSmith and buy some storage bits and bobs.. :( once again Help!?
Anyways, this post is a small catch up and a little ramble, i was also messing around with my camera today, trying new lighting.. wana see the pictures?

What have you lovely ladies been up to on this windy morning?!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

February Favourites.

Hey, trying to do this post while me and Danny have the Barcelona vs Arsenal game going on in the background! All i can say is, Barcelona have won and Van Persie should NOT have had that red card. On to my gorgeous post.

My February Favourites!
(I realise this is a teeny bit late, but better late then NEVER?! Right?)

  • Charlie Chic Body Spray. I love the smell of this and it costs next to nothing.
  • LUSH products. From bath bombs to bubble bars, im obsessed.
  • Maybelline - The Eraser. Used this all through February and now we're in March i have officially finished it. I have quite greasy skin and although this is a great foundation because it gives me great coverage, it isnt matte, therefore half way through the day, the shine would appear again.
  • MUA Lipstick shade 11. I have been wearing this lipstick to work everyday, it's one of them shades thats very wearable on a day to day basis.
  • 17 Blusher - First Kiss. This is the perfect colour for rosy cheeks.
  • Collection 2000 Exterme mascara in Black. The wand to this brush is very good for my eyelashes, i dont have amazing eyelashes to begin with, but i have found that this mascara makes it look like i have much thicker and fuller eyelashes then i actually do. I like this mascara soo much better then my January favourite one.
  • My red Gloves from Primark. It was so cold all throughout February and if your like me, and have to wake up at the crack of dawn for work and only finish late into the evening when its the coldest part of the days, then you will understand my Febraury favourites of GLOVES. I love mine.
  • Patrick Swayze's autobiography. I read this book in a total of 2 days, Danny couldn't believe it, but once i got into it, it was very hard to put down, it's such a great read on his life and his family including his lovely wife. If your a fan of him or his work i would recommend this book, was great to find out little things about my favourite ever film "Dirty Dancing" and another great one by him "Ghost". Psst, did you know Patrick wanted to be a ballet dancer and not an actor, it was kind of a last resort thing because of his knee?! ya see, go pick it up and read. Excellent.
What have you guys been loving and hating in the month of February?!

Monday, 7 March 2011

Outfit of the day 07032011 (Fully Primark).

Hello lovelies, Got an outfit of the day. I woke up this morning with the sun shimmering through my curtains and so decided on wearing a skirt to work. I quickly put together this little outfit and went on my way. Little did i know, that i would get little compliments all through out the day. So in my opinion Thumbs up for this little outfit!

Ignore the face expressions and the body stances, it has always felt weird awkward to me, to stand there still and sort of model show off an outfit, and for some reason the quality of these images isn't very good either, not enough focus perhaps!?
Cardigan:  Market Stall.
Top/Dress: Primark.
Skirt: Primark.
Tights: Primark.

A close up of the belt and necklaces.
Belt: Primark.
Heart Necklace: Argos.
Pocket Watch: eBay.
Braclet: Primark.
Hairbands: Superdrug.

Me newest love. Brought for a bargain and so cute. I love this, reminds me of the olden days and my dad said it reminded him of grandad! :) My very own Pocket watch in a necklace style.

Have you guys brought anything new recently that you absolutly love?!
What did you think of the outfit?


Friday, 4 March 2011

Goodbye February & Hello March.

Hello Dears, now that the month of March is finally upon us, I was expecting a little change in the weather. I wont say I was expecting sunshine throughout the whole day, or the type of weather where people can have water fights, but I wasn't expecting to have to wear my gloves out every morning and evening to and from work. I seriously can not wait for a little spring to come for us. I personally need the sun, it makes me happy, makes my skin look healthier and fresher, makes you more excited to face the day and helps with life's biggest challenge of all. The process of getting out of bed in the morning. I have to be awake between the hours of 6:30am - 7:30am, and most mornings, its grey, cloudy, dull and lifeless outside, not to mention freezingg. It's no wonder I love the snooze button on my phone, I press it practically every morning. With weather and a sight like that, nobody wants to be getting out of the bed. Getting up is one of life's hardest tasks, so why make it even harder?!
The point of this point, is I can not wait for a little sunshine to come out from behind all that grey. It wont make getting out of bed early feel amazing or nothing, but the sun shining into the bedroom has that certain feeling that makes you want to get up and greet the day with a little smile on your come on, Spring and Summer.. Please hurry, we're dying over here because we miss you so much!! :)
Visit Soon.
Image [via]

Image [via]

Me in Madeira Summer 2010.

Are you missing the sunshine as much as me?!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Soo sorry, and i mean that.

Hello my cuties,
I have to firstly apologise for my lack of posts recently. I have no real reason, mostly procrastination, you see, I will start a post, or get an idea in my head that I feel I need to post something based about or around it, but suddenly and I mean so suddenly I will randomly come across something else on the net or in my life and then there goes the motivation for the blog post! Sorry :$

Next I want to say a big HELLOOO to my new followers, :Waves: thank you for taking the time to check my blog out, don't forget to leave me your name and the country your from in my comments, so I get to know a little more about each of you! :)

Now I would also like to say a huge thank you to Sabrina, this chick mentioned me in her blog and therefore got me a few followers.. "Thank you doll, cant wait till the next time we hang out". Check her blog out HERE if you haven't already!

Now on to today's post, I have a February Favourites I need to post, but I haven't got round to actually taking the pictures for it, to be fair I have hardly taken any pictures lately!? I also have a post to do about my bags, but again I need to take the pictures which I still haven't got around to doing! :)
Although what I have taken a picture of, is the amazing letter I got in the post, from my amazing friend/big sister Sammie. She sent me 6 pages of beautiful words, pictures and cute little stickers, which brought back so many memories. She also sent a mix CD which I am in love with, it has all the songs that our friendship has lived through. Anything from Paramore to Dolly Parton. We have decided to put pen to paper more often and write little letters to each other, as everyone now a days seems to text, phone, twitter, email or facebook each other. We're going old style and lining up in the post office to buy stamps and then finding a red post box to post them to each other, as I live in London and she's up in Preston!

Do you guys write letters to friends or family often?
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