Monday, 5 April 2010

An Update on an Easter Weekend

Hello, i really wish my phone would let me blog, but it just won't allow me, i tried to do some blogging yesterday and it went all funny. It would be easier if my phone did allow me, then on days when I'm going to be out of the house for a long period of time i could still blog, like this weekend. i promise i didn't forget to blog, its just.. its been Easter and a long weekend due to bank holidays and I've been pretty much out of the house all weekend! :/
It started on Thursday night when i went to Lil's house for our slumber party, i have a video to upload of that night and a few pictures. It was amazing and we managed to get 3 mattress's in her room for us to sleep on, by far the best slumber party ever even if we were all in bed by 1:30am. Friday morning, after waking up at Lil's i went over to Danny's with my sisters and we hanged there, i came home from his house rather late and just jumped into bed and fell asleep straight way. Friday was also the day where he called my sister "That name" and where he almost called me it too at night. :( Saturday i went over to Danny's in the morning after i got my nails done, and hanged out, then i stayed at his so we could take his cousin and her boyfriend to the airport at 4am. That was a fun journey, i was a little quiet in the car because of my lack of sleep. haha. Then we came back to his and we fell asleep again to then wake up at 11am and get ready to go spend Easter Sunday at his sister's house in Luton. So that was my Sunday spent at his sister's where his little nephew quickly became my new boyfriend, telling me he loves me all the time, bless him. It was a lot of fun though and Jessica and Luis are too cute, me and Jess had fun when Danny stuck Tiago in the bin and i also rode a bike up and down the roads of Luton, haven't rode a bike in years (extremely embarrassing, as i was wearing a dress and it kept going up for everyone to see, thank god i had leggings on.) Monday was bank holiday so no one worked so yet again i stayed the night at Danny's, this time i was much more worried about it, and i was right to be, half way through the night i woke Danny up and asked him to drive me home because i was getting maddd stomach pains and i thought i was going to throw up, he refused to take me home instead he lay with me, rubbing my tummy and then giving me some painkillers for the pain. He stayed awake with me until i fell asleep again and he looked after me. I have to say that was the sweetest thing ever, at 2am sitting with me rubbing my tummy. I was dreading Monday morning and with good reason.. It was a veryy embarrassing morning, but i got through it. Then Monday afternoon i spent with his sister and the kids and we went Wood Green to go shopping in Primark. I really missed Danny at that point.
This weekend has made me realise how much i Love Him, how attached i am, and how much of my life revolves around him, he's a huge part of my life now.


P.S - My boyfriend can be the sexist and the most romantic guy ever when he wants to, and i love that guy.. too bad he ain't him all the time..!

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