Saturday, 14 November 2009

Random People

There comes a time in life, when you look around at everyone, people you walk past in the street, people who sit next to you on the bus, just random people you dont know anything about. when that time comes you look at these people and suddenly stop looking at them just briefly and start trying to search through their eyes. my time came a while back, i just looked at this people and realised that they all had a goal. weather it was to get home from work, or go to the shops for the family.. they all had a goal.. one man was on the Phone telling his girlfriend (i assume) that he loved her, that it could work, that he was sorry and he was on his way to her to explain. When he hanged up the phone he sat there, staring out of the bus window and his face was full of panic, and confusion. Thats when i realised, in life everyone is having their own problems, and everyone is too busy thinking about what they are going through to look around or even care about what anyone else is going through.. life is full of little surprises.. and if you dont stop and look around you sometimes, you miss all the good things in life!
What i realised today is no matter how bad my troubles seem, everyone else is going through problems too..! thats just life!

Thoughtful huh!

The Boys Fashion

So you've had the girls, now its time for the boys..
And when it comes to style, there is also alot of hott guys with great fashion.. for example:
Chace Crawford

Chris Brown

Zac Efron

Adam Brody

BUT even with all that hottness, my favourite stylish guy has to be the one, the only..
Mr Aston Merrygold ♥

Simply gorgeous

Sexy Little Beast!!

Thats it..

Fashion The Girls

so i wanted to do a post on FASHION..
at the moment ive been searching trying to figure out whos style i really love and i have found them...!! ♥
there are tons of pretty amazing girls out there who have wicked style.. for example:
Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Olsen

Sienna Miller

Mary-Kate Olsen

BUT out of all these girls, i think my celebrity style icon is non other then the gorgeous..

She is simply amazing with fashion..

Simply Amazing

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Firework Night 09

Goooddd Afternoon,
here i am as promised with Photos from firework night 2009! kayleigh may have some more so until i get them, these will have to do.. here we go:

Me and Monica ♥

Me and Sylvia ♥

Sylvia and Kayleigh <3

Sylvia and Kayleigh on the funfair ride ♥

Me with the bunny ears!

It was an amazingg night, and im so glad we went, i can not wait for next years one! :)

Hope you enjoy the pictures

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

3 Months down the line.. ;)

Hey Hey my lovers, hows it all going?!
ive got pictures to upload because it was firework night, and me and the girls went to Ally Pally for their yearly firework display..We had an amazing time, and im soo glad we went there! i had a lot of fun, even though i did miss someone being there! ah well..
so ive just got in from work and im soo tired, for the past 4-6 days ive been going bed late, im in desperate need of an early night! LOL i will be having one soon, but tonight im off out again! :)
tomorrow is my half day from work, so i don't work until 2pm, but i have a lot to do, i have to call the council for my heater and for my bathroom wall and i also have my very first driving lesson with my new driving teacher David! im so very nervous about that and i don't know what to expect.. except that maybe or more then likely i will stall the car a good few times..!! ahh ;)
right im getting off this for now to paint my nails, and fix my hairr!! but tomorrow i will be uploading the photos of firework night! XD...!!
Also my childcare coursework is soo nearly complete, the whole maths part ios done so that's out the way i am very happy!! 1 month left till xmas! WOOOOOOP ;) im veryy excited for that... andd today is also 3 months since it started again! 3 months O.o wow that's ages, and its still going, through the fights and the laughter.. Hmm..! LOL

Goodnight for today.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Backk For Sure This Time.

Im Backkkkkk, and im back with a mission..
-To maintain this blog and keep it updated!! i have proberbly lost all my readers from before, but what can i do?.. Life has been too hetic lately, but now im back and i have huge plans for this little blog of mine!! :P
more information coming soon.. starting with a brand new header! :) which i happen to lovee! ♥

Feels good to be back :)
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