Friday, 26 March 2010


Hey Hey, So in the end the plans for today ran as smooth as they could just a little on the late side, tomorrow will be another busy day and we shall see how that turns out. We managed to do the garden stuff fine, My Daddy, Danny and his cousin Jose, i also wanted to go Wood Green with Liliana, but typical British weather spoiled that so i ended up going with Danny. I brought my amazing new bag, I'll take pictures of it tomorrow and upload them and then Danny brought me a watch, yes i know i was shocked too! :) I Love it, It's the White one i saw on Ebay and i couldn't believe it when i saw it on a little market kart in Wood Green, i got my purse out ready to pay when Danny told me to go and look for a coat for Jessica, (his niece; it's her birthday today) i went quickly to the shops to have a look if they had it in stock and by the time i came back he had brought me it! I was very veryyy happy :D I'll also take pictures of that and upload them. In the evening i went with the girls and Danny to Tesco where we did some shopping .. yummy yummy food! Then we came back to mine and chilled while watching Lee Evans. Ah it's been a nice day, Sylvia and Monica have Louis's party to go to tomorrow evening in Southgate and then me and Danny are gonna pick them up, and I'm also going with Sylvia to get her nails done in the morning and then to Danny's to help with the garden, i might try and fit some more stuff in there too, i could try and fit a driving lesson i suppose! :) haha, We'll see.. Kayleigh also sleeps over tomorrow, always fun! ;)

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