Thursday, 25 March 2010

AVON Body Moisturizer

Hi, I got a new AVON book today, as i have brought from Avon before i decided to see if there was any new products, and besides that, some of my old tried and tested products are close to finishing so i need to replace them, but when i got the book home and flipped through the pages i was shocked to see a lot of the stuff was the same as before, except maybe some of the packaging had changed a little bit, although the one thing i wanted there to be so i could top up on was not available. GREATT! :| I Love the product "Skin So Soft, Fusions Dual Softening Body Moisturizer" .. I've had it for a while now and use it daily as i come out of the bath/shower, it's non greasy and leaves my legs, arms and pretty much my whole body as soft as ever with an amazing long lasting smell too. It truly is gorgeous, but this Avon book that i have now is not stocked up on it, that means i have to find another Body Moisturizer when this one finishes. Bad Times, I'm not looking forward to that.

What will i do when you finish on me, what can replace such an amazing body Moisturizer..?

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