Thursday, 18 March 2010

Mr Tim Burton In New 3D Film.

Ok, as a huge Tim Burton fan..i have pretty much tried to see as many of his films as possible. I love the unique-ness he brings to life in his films, and i love the way you feel like its total magic in the lands he creates. Its no surprise that's my favourite actor happens to start in many of Tim's films. Johnny Depp is astounding in my eyes, not just for his looks, his charm and his way, but as an actor this man totally involves his whole soul into a character. He is now known and will be forever known as a character actor and i think he blows everyone away in every film he's in. The latest from these two geniuses was "Alice in wonderland", i was never a fan of the story growing up, you know, young girl falls down a rabbit hole and goes to tea with some weird characters, none the less i went with Danny to watch this film.. it was just as i expected, story was not the best but the way the film was done was beautiful. Other films that i have enjoyed from Tim are:

*Corpse Bride,
*Charlie and the chocolate factory,
*Sleepy hallow,
*Ed Ward,
*Edward Scissorhands..
*Big Fish,
*Sweeney Todd,
*Pee-Wee' big adventure,
*beetle juice,
*Batman returns.

So imagine to my surprise while flicking through gossip sites what i read.. Tim Burton is thinking of doing another 3D film, just like the "Alice in wonderland" and the film is none other then,
"The Addams Family."
I don't know about you, but it seems like the perfect thing for Tim, and i can see johnny in the role of "Gomez".. now this is all speculation but if there turns out to be a little truth to this story, i want tickets and fast! Looks like it could be an amazingg film. :)

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