Monday, 22 March 2010


Helloo, Helloo, How is everybody and everything today..? I've got to go to work very soon, and I'm not too excited about it, back to reality. I really really hate work at the moment, i have now come to see this. The day today is so very sunny, I'm very excited the clocks are going to change soon which means at 8pm it will still be day! :) i love that .. summer time is coming, and spring is officially here, it looks beautiful that even Sylvia and Monica didn't take their coats to school today. There is no need, the weather it hotting up, One thing though, that all this weather is making me miss, PORTUGAL! i really miss my beautiful home more and more now.

Ah i don't even know if I'm going there on holiday or not, i need to make my mind up and fast..ahh have my heart! ♥ ;)

P.S - Show NO Love Feel No Pain, KINDNESS IS WEAKNESS!
That is also the last time i try and do something nice, now i feel like I'm not welcome and i don't want to go back with any of my family or stay there past a certin hour. :|

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