Thursday, 18 March 2010

18th March - Happy Birthday BabyGirl.

Heyy Afternoon,
today is a great day, today is an amazing day, today my little sister turns sixteen! ;D I'm so proud of her, i could burst..still remembering when she was a tiny annoying thing and now shes a young adult! aahhh.. i got her an ipod and she has some amazing friends, they all got together for her and got the BIGGEST card i have ever seen and all of them signed it and then kept it hidden underneath their teachers desk at school. she got given it in Assembly today and apparently she was very embarrassed when her 2 best friends came in holding a huge envelope and then went straight up to her. hahaaa bless her.
the changing faces of my sister.

She's about 12/13 years old here.

about 14 years old here

and finally 15 years old here.. ♥

And from today onwards she's 16, she makes me feel old..! :|

i just want to wish her a very happy birthday and i really hope she enjoy herself on Saturday! I Love you BabyGirl. :)

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