Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Look Of The Day

Olaaa, hows your evening going? i got in from Lily's a little while ago and I'm in bed ready for sleep. This morning the weather was beautiful, but by this afternoon.. typical British weather had to come back and rain which meant one thing for me.. FRIZZY HAIR.. Greatt! :| At Lil's today she did a lot of her work for the course shes going to start and we chilled all about, it was fun. We took no pictures as my hair looked a mess, and therefore i looked like a homeless person. haha Anywayss..

haha and that is basically it, back at work from now on, Total and utter crappness, feel free to save me at any point from this hell hole, And oh i felt rejection again today, in a different form .. all i gotta say is, "your right, i don't know you, so why should you, it's for the best, i don't need you anyway!" haha
All Better;

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