Friday, 19 March 2010

Busy Busy

Hi, today has been a busy day where i have not been at home much to be able to blog, and the beautiful sunshine from 9am didn't last very long, by 11am it was raining, and i had to change outfits. grr. Typical British weather! I met up with Danny and spent the whole day with him, we went to buy my sister Sylvia's birthday cake for her party tomorrow, we went to the Portuguese cafe and then back to his to watch some movies. We came back to mine after and started season 3 of "Lost" and yeah so far i don't understand why "The Others" are doing what they are doing. :| I got a little angry at my dad today, for NOT ordering the cake like I've been asking him to do for this whole past week, trust me I'm starting to learn to depend on myself and no one else even more now. If i had just done it instead we'd have the cake i wanted, but oh well i tried to find the nicest one for her, and i hope she likes it. So disappointed in my mum for not even txting Sylvia to say Happy Birthday, but seriously what was i expecting..?

P.S - Jealously happens to us all, and if it happens it shows you care. It happened to me literally 15 minutes ago :(

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