Saturday, 20 March 2010

Look Of The Day

GoodNightttt.. i have not got much to say tonight, except Danny and his cousin Michael did come over to watch the Newcastle game and this gave Michael's girlfriend Sabrina and me a chance to talk too. She has a blog too if you would like to follow,
Her blog is a beauty blog which i follow and which she updates all the time, also please remember to FOLLOW either through blogger or bloglovin, she would love 1000 followers, so get clicking. haha
Anyways, i have asked her to test, if she can, i mean if it's at all possible, for her to test some of the "Models Prefer Make Up" that i have known about for a while but never been brave enough to actually buy. haha :)
Sylvia's party thing was "immense" as kayleigh put it, and i enjoyed meeting Sylvia's friends and hanging out with them, she said she loved it and it was the best birthday ever, therefore in my eyes i am truly TRULY happy. :)
Anyways I'm off the bed for the night, been a busy and long day. I shall leave you with today's outfit.

It was raining all day, but the weather was not cold at all, therefore this outfit was prefect just add my leather jacket.

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P.P.S - I don't really like people who use others, or only come to them when they need something, Today, i have to say.. i felt a bit useless, but also a bit used .. especially tonight. :(


sabrina said...

I had a look on the QVC website and they were out of all the 'models prefer makeup' will look again soon XX

Ana Cristina said...

aww ok, thank you my dear, it is very much appreciated!! :) x

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