Saturday, 20 March 2010

Ana Needs To Go Shopping!

Heyy, I'm blogging while i have a moments peace, I've had Sylvia´s friends here all day. They have been playing X-Factor, dancing about like maddo's and now their playing Wii. haha it has been a fun afternoon though, I'm going over to Danny's for a bit now i think, but will be home shortly, to watch the Newcastle game with him and i think Danny´s cousin Michael and his girlfriend Sabrina are also coming over. I know that i have party pictures because Louis has been taking them all afternoon so they shall be uploaded maybe later tonight or tomorrow. I have been looking at my accounts and money wise i have not got enough for the new make up that i need to get nor all the clothes i´d like to get. Spring is on the way and i hate that prices are going up for everything, food, bills, fact the only thing that is NOT going up is the wages we get paid, so unfair :( payday is this Friday coming and i can not wait.

wait let me repeat this, i can NOT wait to be paid and go shoppinggg...!! :)

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