Sunday, 28 March 2010

A Quick Post

Sorry to not have blogged yesterday, i have a good excuse though..! hahaa i spent the whole day at Danny´s, and even though he has a laptop i could of used, there really was nothing to blog about. I spent the day with his family, Sabrina and my dad. The garden was getting fixed up and my daddy was there to help. I also met Jose´s girlfriend Rebecca. She has a beauty salon, which me and Sabrina both plan on visiting soonish! :) I have a picture of the garden, but i caught it while trying to be sneaky so none of the men who were working know it was taken, therefore it may be a little blurry. I´m on Danny´s laptop at the moment so i can not upload it, when i get in a little later tonight i will do. I also have the pictures to upload of the new bag and watch i got. I have not forgotten!
Clocks have gone forward one hour, which means we now lose an hour´s sleep .. greatt! Anyway i will do more blogging as soon as i get in, Much love till then.

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