Thursday, 18 March 2010

Nothing to Watch - New Layout

Hey bloggers, i have spent the best part of 4 hours sitting here and deciding what kind of header i wanted for my blog, to then realise i would need to change the whole template. OMG :| It's taken me forever and the header is still not how i would have fully liked it but it will do, it's simple enough for me. Today is the final "Skins" and i couldn't watch it from the start, daddy was watching his team Sporting lose, so i will have to watch it either on DEMAND or E4+1, either way i hope facebook doesn't become so full of status's that i know what happens before I've even seen it. I also can not start watching season 3 of "Lost" as Danny has not transferred it from his laptop onto a DVD Disk for me, and seeing as i finished season 2 last night, i have nothing to watch. Oh well i will have to make do with whatever i find ;)

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