Monday, 24 January 2011

Nails of the Day 24012011

Hello (:
Sorry i haven't blogged much over the last 2 days,i haven't been feeling 100% to be honest and i have had a very busy weekend, so blogging got put down on the list of things to do and it just kept moving further and further down the list. :/ Sorry.
Since my last post,things are still pretty shocking around here :(

Right, today I've got a nails of the day plus an outfit of the day for you!! :D
So i shall start with the nails, as this post is mainly about that.

"Barry M" #150 Red Glitter.

It looks very cute in the bottle, and as soon as i picked it up, it reminded me of Christmas. The red glitter just has that effect, i brought it at £2.99 from Superdrug to see if i was going to like.
To be fair this picture doesn't do it justice, its VERY sparkly once applied and dried, and is so noticeable because of how bright it is, but that's about all i like from it. Firstly i don't like the feel of it once its on, feels like glitter.. Obviously but sorta rough and scrappy?!. Second, the first coat i applied looked see through, like i had just dabbed some red glitter from nursery on a finger nail. It needs 2 coats for sure, to actually look anything like nail polish. Lastly, i had to use a topcoat of clear "Barry M" polish, because it felt too rough and like the glitter would actually fall off the nail. :/

Maybe it's because it's the first time I've tried a glitter polish, but i weren't too impressed with the whole application of it.
Now that its on my nails, it does look good and shiny, but i know its going to require a lot of nail polish remover to actually remove all the glitter from the nails (not to mention the hands, this glitter gets EVERYWHERE!)

Have you guys tried a glitter polish and liked it?

Next up, outfit of the day, nothing too special as i was at work and so had to be comfortable.

Ignore the crappy pose and face :/ oh god i still look ill, CRINGE CRINGE!

Jumper: Used to belong to my mother, has no label in and is a few sizes to big for me, which is the look i was going for. (have no clue where she purchased it or how long ago..).
Skirt: HnM.
Tights: Primark.
Shoes: Primark.
Necklace: Peacocks

I felt really comfortable and warm in my large jumper and tight skirt, this is such a cute look and i absolutely love my little skirt!

What have you guys been wearing lately?

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