Thursday, 20 January 2011

Maybelline - The eraser.


how are we all?

So i thought i would do a review on the foundation i purchased yesterday, bare with me as i have never really done one of these. (I kinda feel like, who wants to listen to MY opinion when they can go out there and buy their own and try it for themselves.) Either way i shall try to do one!
I brought "Maybelline - The Eraser" (It says its for anti aging :| i wasn't impressed, but it also says it's the perfect cover foundation, so that made me feel LESS old!) It retails for £9.99 and i personally LIKE it.

It has this little roller brush at the top. You twist the top tip to the left a few times until you hear a few clicks, then you apply to face and start to blend it in a circular movement around the face. You will instantly see the colour start to appear on your face as well as feel it.

I used the shade 040 Fawn.
When i applied it, it felt fresh yet the more i applied the more i felt like it was going to be to heavy on my face, or it was going to make my face feel clumpy and look very Orange.

I was however wrong, once i had applied, i used a blending brush i had (just because i felt like i needed to, and I'm used to it now) to blend it all in, by the time i had fully finished all my make up, the foundation felt light less, and like nothing was there. This little roller brush is quite good at blending it in too, once you've used up all the foundation that has come out from the twists you did in the first place.

I would recommend this foundation to you guys, its not the usual one i go for, but now that i have tried it, i do like it. I feel like you should try it just to see if its your thing though!

I hope i did OK, as a be perfectly honest, its not really my strong point, writing reviews, and i don't know if I'm going to do more, for the simply fact that i think everyone should try the products themselves and not just take on broad my opinions.. i mean (who am i to say weather its good enough for you or not??) - I mean i know it's just an opinion, it's my opinion.. but depending on what i write here, it could put you off from going out there and actually buying it to try it for yourselves..
(Which isn't the plan..)

Let me know if you guys actually buy it and try it?
and sorry for my rambling on abit on this "review".

P.s - i used my sisters camera, as hers is clearly BETTER then mine, as you can see by the pictures.


Amiee Whitney said...

Lol it looks so funny... *mature*

Amiee Whitney said...


Anonymous said...

This looks so cool!
P.s. I LOVE your nails!!

-Sriya xx

V said...

I love love love Maybelline! I am loving your nail polish even more! Great post. ps. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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