Monday, 17 January 2011

First Time Vlogger.

hello my beauts!
i know I've been a tad lame for 2 days straight with no update, but the weekend kinda took over and so i haven't really had a lot of time!
So i figured the best way to explain what I've been up to these past 2 days was to do a VLOG. This is a big deal to me, as i hate the sound of my own voice, and just the thought of you guys actually sitting there watching and listening to it, makes me shudder! o.O but i feel as i have been a little bit of a bad blogger, then i guess punishment has come..!

Sorry for the quality, although i have to say, its a lot better then my last laptop..LOL
So what do you guys think of vlogs?
was mine annoying, and maybe "NEVER do it ever again" type of thing!!?
If you watched till the end, then thanks for putting up with it for 7 minutes, haha.
Although it was very weird to me to film a vlog, (being the first time i have properly done one) i think if i could think of a different kind of format to do..then i may try some more.. lol
Let me know what you guys think..

Also, i have made a few changes to the blog, i have made the actual post section bigger, as I'm hoping that my pictures will be uploading in a bigger size, instead to the size they have been at the moment. More changes will be coming soon, but as i haven't been on blogger a lot this weekend i haven't had the chance to do it all.
If your a new follower, feel free too come and say Hii to me, i love talking to you guys and finding out a bit more about you..!

So what did you guys get up to this weekend?

1 comment:

MiniDiva said...

Arr love ya vlog babe!! I'm same as u i hate sound of my own voice so take me hat off to ya dont think id have the confidence to do a vlog even tho i do want to xxx

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