Friday, 21 January 2011

Knife Crime, when will it stop?!

Hola my lovelies,
Today's post is gonna be a little different, and i feel like a few of you might not like it so much, if not, then feel free not to read tonight! I'm going to explain as best as i can without mentioning names out of respect for the people i love.

I work with this amazing girl, shes been a friend for almost 2 years, she helps me whenever I'm down, gives me cuddles, she tries to understand points from everyone who is involved in situations, makes you smile when you need it and stands up for you when you deserve it. She is an inspiration, even though she wouldn't say as much. Right now shes suffering, and i don't know how to make it better for her, you see, someone very close to her passed away yesterday while she was working, and i don't think it has sunk in yet for her. Her little brother of 15 is now gone from this world, taken from her and the rest of the family, in what has grown to become almost acceptable in our society a stabbing. Whenever i am sad, down or feeling like i need someone to talk to, she knows exactly what words to say to brighten my day and lift my spirits, and yet here she is with this tragedy and i have nothing to say to her because nothing seems enough to say. She came into work today, i couldn't believe it, and yet she never once showed what she was feeling, or thinking, and for that i commend her and think she is a very strong person. I know this weekend is going to be hard for her and her family, and the best thing i can offer her and do for her, is let her know i am here if she ever needs to talk or ever needs anyone, but even that doesn't seem enough. Her little brother had an amazing smile, was not yet a man, and was in the middle of his GCSE's. He stood up for one of his friends and this thus ended his life. Left for dead, stabbed in broad day light, in front of tons of witnesses by what has been described by the media as a man with mental health issues. I of course, don't know the ins and outs of the story as i was not there, i can only say what has been detailed in the media and what she herself knows. As far as we are aware a 33 year old man has been arrested and is being questioned. Meanwhile one mans actions have caused so much heart ache and pain to a family, she went to the crime scene this morning before work and left flowers for him, yellow ones i think. I kinda feel like i want too as well, in a way this might give me closure as to say, I'm here to help your sister get through this! I don't know!? Don't wanna seem like I'm imposing.
I hope she knows how special she is, and how her little brother loves her and is watching over her from up above. He was obviously needed in heaven for something.

Things like this, make you realise how lucky you are to have what you do, i know when i got home today i gave both my sisters cuddles, as tomorrow is NEVER promised..!
Make sure you tell your loved ones how much they mean to you, and remember to remind them every day!

I'm so sorry for your loss :(

Sorry this post was very emotional and totally different from my usual ones, but this is my personal blog and i feel like i had to write something about it, to make me understand it a bit better! Thank you for reading, if you did!

Have any of you known or had someone close to you die because of knife crime!?


Do you think knife Crime has become almost something which isn't as shocking anymore in our society and maybe not so much "acceptable", but maybe people are very used to it now and so turn a blind eye!?


bebe bird beck said...

How sad. :[ My thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family.

Joanne said...

I've been questioning life fairness for quite a long time. It's incredible how it seems to throw us down like this every once in a while. Last year, on 18th February, I lost my grandfather. This past 31st December my cousin’s grandfather passed away as well. And two days ago, one of my dad’s best friends passed away. It all happened it the worst times, bringing us all down. And all this situations weren’t expected at all. So when we look back and start questioning things, how ca we feel at ease with life when the ones that we love are taken away from us like this?
The only thing that you can do is let her know that you’ll be there, no matter what because there aren’t enough words to ease someone’s pain. Be strong too!

MiniDiva said...

Just so awful :( thoughts with her and her family!! It seems it every day we hear of a stabbing nowdays and it just not right, so many people are scared of walking down their own street, whats fair about that? Nothing and sooo many innocent peoples lives r taken :( it just heartbreaking! xxxx

Jess said...

Knife crime is an awful awful thing. I'm lucky to have never experienced anything first hand, but alot of friends have lost friends, and it's horrible to think that someone would have the guts to put a knife into someone else. All forms of violence need to stop, it doesn't solve anything. It just breaks hearts and ruins lives. I'm so sorry for your friend and her family and I'm sure many people's thoughts are with her and her family.


Anne said...

it's soo awful. outside my uni halls, a kid not older than 14 was stabbed to death and it's just too sad :(
kids these days can be so barbaric and i blame no one but their parents. harsh but true, they might have done everything they could but must have skipped the whole life is precious talk. Harsh but true.

Anna said...

That's so horrible :( my love goes out to her and her family :(
it's true, it seems like stabbings are becoming so ... i can't even think of a word! hope she will be ok, and she's lucky to have people like you there for her through it:) <3

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