Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Whats In My Bag? (image heavy)

Hows everybody today?..its been one of those really wasteful days, you know the kind right? i mean i can't be the only human who experiences them. The days in which nothing remotely interesting or funny or even cute happens so it seems like a waste of such a beautiful day. It's my own fault for not making something out of it i guess, but i had a 9 hour shift of looking after little kids..urgh can't blame me, and YES i am exhausted today.. i can't wait till my head touches my pillow in a bit..*Sighh* The one thing that happened today that is still imprinted in my head is that i want or need to take 2 weeks off in the summer, and someone else in my room also needs to take 2 weeks off around the same time because of their child! I know the boss wont let us both be off, but it was the same for me last year and that's unfair, 2 years in a row.. that takes the piss..! I'm going to book my tickets regardless and if i get fired, then so be it..my argument is fair, and the place i work at is very unfair, different rules for everybody..! The fact that everybody in my room was aware of the time i wanted to take off and said it was fine, then my boss changes things around and moves someone new into the room who had also spoken to her room about the time off and they said it was fine, but now as she's part of our room..its different and whats happened before does not count. BULLSHIT (pardon my French)..i follow the rules in that place like nobodies business and i get it in the neck all the time, also I've never gone to any union and complained about the unfairness of my work place or about the total lack of confidentiality but continue the way you are and i may think twice about it..(no threat, just "FRIENDLY" banter).
Anyways, enough rambling.. i thought i may as well do a post on "Whats in my bag".
So here we go.

Firstly the bag;
This bag may not be the prettiest, but its huge, when i say huge i mean HHUUGGEE! So its great because it fits everything i need on a day to day basis, plus.. some food for lunch time at work andd my hat, gloves and scarf if needed. It's from Primark, so very inexpensive about £6-£8 and theres also the colour black.

First thing in my bag, my purse. It's light pink, and quite spacious, you can fit about 8 cards and its got a place for coins and a place for notes. Again, Primark and I'd say it retails at around £4.

Four of my cards, rent and council tax, national insurance number and debit card.

Some of the other cards i had stored in there, my provisional licence (still having lessons here..), My oyster card, my Iceland bonus card, My NANDOS loyalty card, and a little sister card Lili gave me at Christmas.. :)

I got this little black notebook as i mostly love to write and wherever i am, if i ever need to jot something down, i need a little notebook with me at all times. I got it from Wilkinson's for about £3.

Inside i have already started to fill stuff in, i have made little lists ( I LOVE LISTS) about what posts i need to write and as i do them i highlight them off. Whenever i get an idea for a post or anything i jot it all down to remind me later.

The next thing in my bag is my 2011 Dairy, i need one of these bad boys, for work so i know when i have time off and when others have time off, i also like to write down whats happened during the day, make a little note to remind myself. I got this from the pound shop for, you guessed it.. £1 :D

As you can see inside the dairy, it's literally day by day of what i do and have done.

Next up is my iPod, Danny got me this for Christmas 2009, its blue and got a blue gel protector cover over it, it's engraved on the back with my name, date of birth and a little love message from Danny. The Case is my leopard print one i brought from Superdrug and it came in a pack of 3 for like a fiver. I put the iPod in the case and then into my bag just to protect it more.

Then we have my phone, now it looks fancy because it flips out and has a keyboard, but its really not that great and I'm even going to discourage you from buying it. This is my 3rd Nokia 97, the first got stolen and the second just stopped working on me, and wouldn't turn on..theres so many kooks with this phone, can't wait for my upgrade in may..So far away.

Then the only piece of make up i found in my bag today was this lipstick, i guess i took it to work and that was it, Its a Make Up Academy one which retails in Superdrug for £1 and the shade to this one is 11, i have to say its my favourite shade of lipstick at the moment. I can wear it all day.

I can not say enough words about how amazing this product is (to my hair anyways.) I brought it out of desperation as i could not find something that would keep my curls in without frizz and without making it sticky, oily or greasy. I saw this, brought it, tried it and fell in love. It makes my hair feel exactly the way i want it, and it keeps the frizz at bay. i cant remember how much it was but i will be buying another one when this one is finished for sure. "Curl Expertise Curl Definition Creme with anti static for killer curls and salon styled waves". From Superdrug's own range.

Next i have this little beauty with me, It's my Victoria Secret Perfume, smells sweet, which I'm not usually drawn too, but this little one was a gift all the way from America and i do love a few spritz of it before i leave the house, this one or my favourite Givenchy - Very Irresistible. (where would i be without that one)

I have some handy Highlighters in my bag, no real reason, i just use them on my little notepad these days, you can get them from any pound shop for, that's right.. £1.

Lastly i have my Glamour magazine, i love my magazines and I'm an avid reader of Glamour, and Cosmo. At £2 its so worth it! :D

And there you have it, my bag post..sorry for the image heavy post, but i guess i had a lot of things in my bag. I hope you enjoyed it, and i hope every ones having a good week so far.

What do you always carry in your bags with you??


..R May A.. said...

I need a big bag like that - I like to carry my life in my bag :)

Joanne said...

I love your bag content ^-^
well, this year was quite unlucky, so due to some problems i couldn't go. but anyway, i have the rest of my life to travel around the world, so why stress about it?
i had a beauty/fashion blog for quite a long time too, but then i ended up closing it just because i didn't have the time to update it.
just by looking at your name and picture i remembered instantly who you were :D

Bows and Butterflies said...

I had the n97 worst phone ever! so glad I have my BB now.
I love these sorts of posts think its because i'm nosey hehe x

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