Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Nails of the Day 180111

Helloo (:

How is everyone so far this week?
I have been so tired, i don't know if its lack of sleep or just feeling weak. Either way, i think an early night is needed for sure..!
Right, so time for a "Nails of the Day"

I used "Barry M" #306 Pale Blue, I've had this shade for ages, i brought it last summer and overly used it at the time, and i thought with all this horrible and miserable weather we've been having here in London lately, i thought i would make my nails a little more cheery and colourful, so this blue is perfect for my mood right now. As always "Barry M" have made another gorgeous shade that needs only one coat and lasts for ages without chips! :D Oh, "Barry M", you do make me happy!!

What shade have you guys been wearing lately?


Amiee Whitney said...

Ah I love that colour and Barry M is amazing nail varnish!!

Pink Flower said...

Love Barry M, says on for ages. I'm currently stuck on purpley-red nail varnish. Reminds me I must see to mine - its currently all clipped.

Amiee Whitney said...

AHHHHH I sure have missed your comments on my blog haha <33333

Adrienne said...

i cant believe this is only one coat! Looks so pretty :) I need to get this shade I seem to have overlooked it haha! x


QuiteQuaint said...

i love this colour - your totally right about the horrid weather, ive got purple nails to cheer me up! x

The Beauty-Addict said...

lovely nail polish! great post!
following you!

Jessica said...

That looks really good after one coat, Barry M's my go-to nail varnish! I'm wearing Raspberry from Barry M atm, it's a gorgeous deep red :)


Stacey Sargent said...

Wow that color is amazing!

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