Thursday, 13 January 2011

Face Of The Day 13012011

I'm super tired, and i had a little list of some posts i wanted to do, but work killed me today, so I'm gonna do this post quickly, which wasn't even written down to be done..but here goes anyway. (and just so you know i have finally managed to book time off work, that was the best thing about today from work.. so from the 12th of February till the 20th i don't have any work..!! oh yeah - Do you think i said the word "WORK" in that sentence too much, hahaa, i do!).
It's a "face of the day" post, nothing too interesting, and may even be a bit boring to you all. Earlier today while waiting for Danny to decided weather he really did want to go and get a big mac or not, i was busy taking pictures of myself for this, now, my camera batteries ran out so i used my phone camera, therefore..bare with me about the quality and terrible lighting of these images. I tried to expose the picture more so it became clearer for you to see, but then i looked ghostly.. Don't ask!? nice! :/

Click the images to see them in bigger!!
  • Foundation: Collection 2000 perfect Finish, Number 5 Honey.
  • Concealer: Beauty UK blemish perfect, shade NUDE.
  • Bronzer: Beauty UK Bronzing Pearls.
  • Eye Shadow: Make Up Academy Eye Shadow, shade 11 Pearl.
  • Mascara: A mixture of - Collection 2000 EXTREME LENGTHENING Mascara & Natural Collection, Shades black.
  • Lipstick: Sleek True Collection, shade 843 Vixen.
  • Lip gloss: Just a touch of ColourWorks to the pout to make lips look shiner.
  • P.S - Today i totally didn't wear blusher :/ or eye liner :/ hm.
I have to say i REALLY hate the second image, i don't know why, on my phone it looked better then it does once uploaded, but I was so tired i refused to stand there taking more pictures, and ignore the background effect, i just think the room i was in, looked messy! haha.
As you can see by the pictures, my eyebrows clearly need to be threaded and shaped, poor them, they need some TLC, and quickly..hopefully before Saturday Evening, as I'm off out! :)

Have you tired any of the make up i used today?


Ula said...

You look gorgeous xx

Amaris said...

Your lip color looks beautiful! :)

"this fashion lark." said...

That lip colour is fantastic x

Stacey Sargent said...

LOVE! That lipstick is amazing!

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