Thursday, 13 January 2011

Nothing To Wear

Yo Yo,
Today was grim, the weather, work and even the people, only good thing about today was my friend Monique came to visit us at work, and that only lasted an hour. I'm really starting to hate work right miserable and moany. Nothing ever changes. The weather was horrible too.. all grey and damp and rainy..! :(
January depresses me!!

This is how it looked on the way to work this Morning in London, at 8:45am, so cold and lame!!

Moving onn.
I'm having one of them moments right now, where you have self loathe, i hate my body, at this moment in time, why am i so slim! urgh.. seriously having one of them moments where no dresses are looking good on me, therefore i hate myself. By tomorrow i should be better, and this may just be because its 1am and I'm still awake, (WHYY am i still awake?) therefore i am tired.
I am going out this Saturday night, and i haven't been out in a while, so i intend to look beautiful..! *sighs, dreams on* but at the same time, remain comfy and semi warm in this British weather. I have no cash to spare for a new outfit as i have rent to pay for the next 2 weeks, therefore the only option is scrummage around my wardrobe and find an outfit or manage to put a little something together. NOT EASY.

Attempt One;
Open wardrobe doors, looked inside, shut door and walked away with an empty feeling of knowing.."i have nothing to wear"!!

Attempt Two ;
5 minutes later and 2 tweets later, open wardrobe doors, look inside, sigh and start searching.. pull out a tight white dress, look at it and think "Maybeee?!" try it on, look in mirror, look for negatives and things i don't like about it.
  • quite short.
  • ew, are those my arms :/
  • makes my legs look thinner.
  • can you see my bra straps?.
Gets sister to take picture of her in dress to see how it looks later (when this mood of "i hate my body and all the little kooks it has" has gone.) Puts dress back in wardrobe, closes doors and walks away thinking.. "not sure, still not right!"

Attempt Three;
5 minutes later, and another tweet later, opens wardrobe doors, looks inside, has the attitude "I MUST FIND SOMETHING!!" pulls out a pink dress, goes to the mirror and tries it on. Does a spin and automatically decides "this dress is NEVER leaving this house.." gets sister to take picture of her in it, for later just in case. Takes dress off puts it back and mutters "makes me look horrible, why did i ever buy this?" Closes doors, walks away and thinks "maybe the dress i brought for New Years Eve".

Last and Final Attempt.
Attempt Four;
Goes to sisters wardrobe and looks through her dresses, (desperation has now set in..) looks at a greeny dress and decides straight away "no, i don't want boob tube or nothing like that." Closes doors, walks back to bed and says "maybe a high waisted skirt and a top?"

Sitting on bed, and still has nothing to wear for Saturday Night. Disaster has struck!!

P.S i have a twitchy eye at the moment, and its been here all day, so annoying, what does it mean when your eye can't stop twitching!?

Andd a big HELLOOOO to all my new followers! :D Welcome.. X

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Sunny & Star said...

The weather here has been cold and snowy. And I've just been feeling blah lately myself.

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