Monday, 17 January 2011

Portsmouth, Night Out.

So Saturday evening, i spent time in Portsmouth..Do you want to see the photos we took, not that theres many, and we mostly look silly!! ;D
So here we go..

Me and Danny, on the beach in Portsmouth.. :D I Love this picture.

Monica and Sylvia, even though you can hardly see their faces, thanks to all of Monica's hair.. LOL - Yes they were cold.

The tourist sign.. hahaa.

Portsmouth...!! i Shall visit again soon.

Andd, then comes probably the worst EVER outfit of the day,
but the flash rebounded off of me, giving me a ghostly white face, and the lighting was so bad, that you couldn't quite see what i was wearing so i had to "expose" a bit on the photo editor and the finished result is this.. :/
Soooo not impressed.
So, again, sorry for the quality..

Leather Jacket: Market Stall.
Dress/Top: Primark.
Jeans: Bardo.
Shoes: Primark Wedges. (my faves at the moment).
Bag: Primark.

Do you like my pictures like this, in this bigger size?


Anna said...

Haha, you replied so quick! I was gonna ask you on fb, I don't really know how that whole follow thing works? But I do try to post every day, sometimes I don't though so you could check every like 2-3 days :) <3

Anna said...

Haha, sorry :( I think I tried to do it ages ago but it was so confusing!

Jessi Haish said...

Cool pics, thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm looking at your "I Love" section and we have a lot in common! Dirty Dancing all the way!!

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