Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Film: Unstoppable

I recently saw a film, maybe you've heard of it.. UNSTOPPABLE!
I was so excited to watch this film, since the first time i ever saw the trailer, for a number of reasons. One, Denzel Washington stars and he is one of Hollywood's best leading men, and one of my favourite actors EVER. Two, Chris Pine also stars, and that means there is some more man candy to dribble over, (not saying Denzel, ain't enough to dribble over..). Three, the plot seems so intense and the kinda thing that would have you jumping out of your seat and screaming at the screen. I was not disappointed, this film was pretty good, did make me smile (Denzel's smile alone does that..) but some of the heart touching moments made me smile, i also cried (even though, Danny took the mick out of me, and yes I'm a sap and cry at everything.. but towards the end, its very sweet.) I screamed at the screen in certain parts, and i hoped it would all work out in the end.

Theres also a sorta villain character that you get to hate more and more as the film goes on.
This film is intense, fast paced, and simply a must watch. For any fans of the main actors or any fans of fast paced, on the edge of your seat type films..then this is for you! Also if your a fan of the film "The taking of Pelhem 123" then you will like this, same director, same main man (Denzel) and sorta same theme (trains).
I'd give it between 7-8 stars! :D

What have you guys been watching lately?


Sunny & Star said...

Although I'm usually a romantic comedy kind of girl I will add this to my must watch list.

*L.E.S* said...

Olá querida :D
EStou bem e tu?
Ainda nao vi este filme! Tenho de ver :)
Já não falamos há muito tempo!

V said...

Loving this review, I love Denzel movies, he is just too good at capturing the viewer right? When I watch this, I will think of your review :)

..R May A.. said...

definately want to watch this!! x

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