Friday, 28 January 2011

A Thursday Update.

Holaa my lovelies,
Today is going to be a quick blog post, because i haven't really got any sort of plan for this one, I'm going with the flow and to see how it turns out.

Today's News:
  • Urm, it's payday today, finallyy.. and I'm planning on paying off one bill tomorrow for good and starting a new one (not so excited about that..) I'm also going to be doing something VERY VERY important, but i don't want to talk to much about it, at least not yet.
  • I have a new camera, and i still haven't taken a picture of "it" to actually show you guys, so i must do that, I'm also still trying to adjust to it, focusing it can be such a bitch pain. Grr, FuckSake.
  • I have a new Mascara which i tried and tested and have a little review to write about it but i haven't got round to it yet, sorry..(Also as I've said before, I'm terrible at reviews so this may be one of the reasons why i haven't done it yet, trying to put it off maybe?).
  • I have other posts in mind, which i have started and just saved as a draft to continue, hopefully they will be done soon,
  • On Saturday, i am planning a trip to an important tree to lay some flowers for an important boy! :(
  • My nails are starting to bug me a little.
  • Work is bugging me a little, OK.. OK A LOT!
  • The new season of "Skins" is crap, in my opinion!! Bummed out! :(
  • Oh, and while shopping in Ikea with Danny today, i happened to bump into Tulisa and Fazer from Ndubz.. randomly doing some shopping too! :) good times.
And that is it, sorry, nothing too new!! :( life is just passing by, no real new excitement!!
I'll leave you with a recent picture of me,

A faceshot.


Amiee Whitney said...


minnja said...

Beautiful photo

Anna said...

You're so gorgeous! and u should have taken a pic with ndubz :P <3

bebe bird beck said...

Pretty girl! :]]

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