Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Too much Bloody Rain

Hi people, i promise to upload pictures tomorrow of my Zoo outing. Today work was work,then in the afternoon it proper pissed down, i mean i haven't seen rain/hailstones like this is yearsss!! The ceiling in our bathroom was affected of course, proper started to fall on us, dad cleaned the guttering outside a bit to help the water move along, but that did nothing. I mean our bathroom is sooo old its probably 100 years if not older. its disgusting..we try to keep it as neat and clean as possible but the ceiling and the walls have to go, there damp and mould is now there. there really thin too, as you can literally punch it and you will have the biggest hole ever. I called the council and they said they couldn't do anything about it today, even though it was an emergency and the ceiling could fall on us at anytime. dad was trying to move the ceiling up a bit with the end of the broom, when suddenly the broom went right through the thin ceiling and now we have a hole in the ceiling as well. Dad stuck a bag there to stop any little mice we might have in the loft escaping, but its gross and disgusting. The council man said they may come tomorrow and they will be taking the ceiling down. GREAT!! so i end up with a nice big hole to stare up at while having a bath!! :/ i don't know. we'll see what happens tomorrow and if the problem gets sorted! :( i really hope so. i don't want a big hole where mice, foxes and other woodland creatures may come traveling down from. I'll be here alone fixing it up.. Grrr..!
Let me leave you with a nice video to cheer ourselves up, :D

The Contestants of The X-Factor 2008 being the judges;;

Look out for Aston Pretending to be Louis, How AMAZING is his accent?? lol
2:18 - Its a yes from me......SHREDDIES!! LoooooooooL
♥I lovee himm ♥

Till tomorrow.


Anaa said...

Acabei hoje de ler. È lindo *.*

Joana Machado said...

Gosh, such bad luck. That will be fixed soon, don't worry.
Oh, but I'm the expert in acidents involving my house. Last December, I had a fire at home. It burnt all the kitchen and my house was impossible to live in for almost 4 months. So..
It was such a nightmare, the worst day of my life.
Rape them all :'D LOOL!
Well, I bought the shoes in a huge Store, called El Cort Ingles, I don't know If you ever heard about it.

Joana Machado said...

Oh, and the video was amazing :'D
I almost cry seeing it.
And the guy that pretends to be Simon, actually sounds a lot like him.

Anaa said...

o video está mesmo cómico :d
andas viciada no x factor não andas? xD

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